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aave [old]  (LEND)

Aave [OLD] (LEND)

$3.23 -8.7%
0.00007173 BTC -2.1%
0.00102400 ETH -0.3%
24H Range
市值 $171,476,688
24小时交易量 $1,292.88
全稀释的估值 $4,201,332,033
流通供应量 53,059,287
Total Supply 1,299,999,941
最大供给 1,299,999,941
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Aave [OLD] (LEND) Price Chart

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LEND Price and Market Stats

LEND 价格 $3.23
Aave [OLD]投资回报率(ROI) 16059.0%
总市值 $171,476,688
市值优势 0.01%
成交量 $1,292.88
流通量/总市值 0.0
24 小时最低 / 24 小时最高 $3.28 / $3.54
7天最低 / 7天最高 $3.15 / $4.11
总市值排名 #287
历史最高 $23.59 -86.1%
Sep 03, 2021 (16 days)
历史最低 $0.003297592593 99496.8%
Aug 18, 2019 (about 2 years)

关于Aave [OLD]

Aave [OLD](LEND)今天的价格是$3.23,24 小时的交易量是$1,292.88。价格在过去 24 小时内降低-8.7%。它有流通的53 Million货币供应和最大的1.3 Billion货币供应。Sushiswap 是当前交易最活跃的市场。

Aave is a decentralized lending platform that runs on Ethereum Network which offers secure, peer-to-peer lending Smart Contracts. Aave strives to break through the traditional bank loans system with a more efficient solution. Aave also uniquely allows a borrower and a lender to decide on important loan details that can eliminate the need of a middle man. Due to the elimination of middlemen, process fee for a loan does not exist on this platform. This provide convenience to any lender and borrower to create loans on their agreed terms. Decentralized lending has fixed many issues and one of the reasons why is the transparency of loan.

The Ethereum network provides a transparent ledger where all transactions are available to be inspected. Secondly, it isn’t necessary to find a trusted loan provider because all collateral which is the digital asset for loans are stored and locked in a smart contract and broadcasted on the public ethereum blockchain. It is also flexible for borrower to manage the collateral by refilling or withdrawing part of it. Borrower may make such changes when the lender is notified and aware of such movement. If the lender finds out that the action is not communicated, the lender is allowed to initiate a margin call.

This year, Aave has made a major upgrades in its Q1 2018. They have deployed the new development for their peer-to-peer lending application named Alpha 0.3. The development process of Alpha 0.3 has started since the early of 2017. The new release also includes a completely new user interface which targets to lower the learning curve of user experience on the app. Furthermore, the new user interface has new sections to make lending process simpler such as including a ‘My Loan’ section, collectible badges and more. Other than that, the team is also in the process of developing more updates for the smart contracts. Hence, the team has decided to provide zero-fee lending with the use of LEND token as a medium of exchange, as an alternative to borrowing in Ethereum. The purpose of this is to provide a cross-blockchain lending currency which will prompt users to use LEND as the medium of exchange.

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