quantum resistant ledger  (QRL)

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)

$0,220826 4.5%
0,00000670 BTC 3.1%
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$0,195165 / $0,222529
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74.252.602 / 105.000.000

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Quantum Resistant Ledger Price and Market Stats

Preço de Quantum Resistant Ledger
Preço de QRL $0,220826
Capitalização de mercado $16.396.931
Domínio da capitalização de mercado 0,00%
Volume de Negócios $51.326
Volume/Capitalização de Mercado 0.0031
Baixa de 24h / Alta de 24h $0,195165 / $0,222529
Baixa de 7 dias / Alta de 7 dias $0,208706 / $0,264668
Posição da capitalização no mercado #655
Valor máximo $3,87 -94.3%
Jan 09, 2018 (mais de 3 anos)
Valor mínimo $0,041610557187 430.7%
Mar 16, 2020 (mais de 1 ano)
Divulgações de afiliados
# Troca Par Preço Spread +2% profundidade -2% profundidade Volume 24h Volume % Última negociação Pontuação de Liquidez
$ 0,22
0,00000673 BTC
11.18% $ 0 $ 0
222886,620 QRL
96,31% Recentemente
$ 0,20
0,00000594 BTC
6.73% $ 0 $ 0
9667,234 QRL
3,69% Recentemente
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Sobre Quantum Resistant Ledger

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) preço hoje é de $0,220826 com um volume de negociação de 24 horas $51.326. O preço aumentou 4.5% nas últimas 24 horas.Tem um fornecimento a circular de 74 milhões moedas e uma fornecimento máximo de 100 milhões moedas.CoinTiger é o câmbio mais ativo.

Quantum Resistant Ledger is a cryptocurrency based on the Python programming language, aimed at combating future attacks by quantum computers. This cryptocurrency is the brainchild of Peter Waterland who realised that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other such cryptocurrencies have no protection against future technology. It claims to be a “future-proof” cryptocurrency which enables transactions and decentralized communication while providing protection against classical as well as quantum computer attacks.

The Quantum Resistant Ledger company was founded by Peter Waterland, who found that Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum signatures are susceptible to attacks by powerful quantum computers. His research on quantum computers and signature programs let to the development of this new cryptocurrency, designed to be resistant to the present classical attacks as well as any future quantum computer attacks. Their team is made up of a diverse range of members spread out across the world, including developers (core, blockchain, mobile developers, etc.), analysts, advisors, marketing managers, designers and more.

Quantum Resistant Ledger is the first ever cryptocurrency and the only one in existence as of August 2018, to consider the threat that the future technology of quantum computing poses to cryptocurrencies and their working. It uses a technology specifically designed for post-quantum security, called XMSS, which makes it secure against powerful quantum computers even while using a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Security against cyber-attacks is a very serious concern in this digital age, especially when you have digital assets whose loss is likely to lead you to bankruptcy.

QRL is the first blockchain technology that provides durability and stability through resistance to quantum computer attacks. The encryption methods used by modern blockchains can become vulnerable to quantum computers over the next ten years. QRL tries to create a blockchain with long-term stability. By using blockchain technology, the QRL platform creates a “ledger” that generates hashes in such a way that it is virtually impenetrable to any type of computer attack.

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