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steam exchange  (STEAMX)

Steam Exchange (STEAMX)

$0,000361077247123 0.1%
0,0000000062943506 BTC -5.3%
0,00000058834507 BNB -4.8%
9 774 személy kedveli ezt
24 órás tartomány
Piaci kapitalizáció $36107725
24 órás forgalom $216231
Forgalomban lévő kínálat 100 000 000 000
Teljes kínálat 100 000 000 000
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Steam Exchange (STEAMX) Árfolyamdiagram

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STEAMX árfolyam- és piaci statisztika

STEAMX árfolyam $0,000361077247123
Piaci kapitalizáció $36107725
Kapitalizációs dominancia 0,0013%
Forgalom $216231
Forgalom / kapitalizáció 0.006
24 órás minimum / 24 órás maximum $0,000354253179904 / $0,000371173778533
7 napos minimum / 7 napos maximum $0,000241725116554 / $0,000459086953628
Kapitalizációs rang #811
Mindenkori maximum $0,000503849203481 -28.3%
Oct 24, 2021 (kb. 1 hónapja)
Mindenkori minimum $0,00000862866586678 4085.9%
Sep 26, 2021 (2 hónapja)

Steam Exchange Árfolyam és piaci adatok

Steam Exchange árfolyam ma: $0,000361077247123, 24 órás kereskedési volumene pedig $216231.A(z) STEAMX ára ennyit növekedett az elmúlt 24 órában: 0.1%.Forgalomban lévő kínálat: 100 milliárd érme, max. kínálat: 100 milliárd érme. PancakeSwap (v2): jelenleg a legaktívabb piac, amely kereskedik vele.

A revolutionary approach in the Crypto Industry. A first of its kind Exchange Solution, building new foundations in Crypto Security. Made in Canada, by Canadians, to deliver to the World!

Steam Exchange is a Centralized Exchange based in Ontario, Canada.

SteamX Token will serve two purposes:
1) Provide initial holders to Steam Exchange when launched
2) Make the market for Steam Exchange when launched

Steam Exchange is a revolution. Canada has had the short end of the stick when it comes to Centralized Exchanges and regulations. With major CEX exiting key provinces in Ontario, Canada is left with few options, and quite frankly, those options do not offer the solution Canada deserves. Steam Exchange strives to do what the best exchanges do, and do it better!

Starting with Canada, walk into any Steam Exchange location to open and manage your Steam Exchange account. Steam Exchange will offer best in class courses and training for new investors in the Crypto Space!

This project is not optional for Canada... it is mandatory! Canada deserves greatness, and Steam Exchange aims to deliver!

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