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$0,210319 4.7%
0,0000036750677 BTC 1.3%
144 017 személy kedveli ezt
24 órás forgalom
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$0,199462 / $0,21682
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VeChain Price and Market Stats

VeChain árfolyam
VET árfolyam $0,210483
VeChain ROI 2022.3%
Kapitalizáció $13674918344
Kapitalizációs dominancia 0,56%
Forgalom $2420605043
Forgalom / kapitalizáció 0.1779
24 órás minimum / 24 órás maximum $0,199462 / $0,21682
7 napos minimum / 7 napos maximum $0,191784 / $0,218802
Kapitalizációs rang #15
Mindenkori maximum $0,280991 -25.1%
Apr 19, 2021 (17 napja)
Mindenkori minimum $0,0019171333 10879.1%
Mar 13, 2020 (kb. 1 éve)
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# Tőzsde Devizapár Árfolyam Különbözet +2% mélység -2% mélység 24 órás forgalom Forgalom % Legutóbbi kereskedelem Megbízhatósági pontszám
0 $
253 KRW
0.4% 2503238 $ 3193886 $
345002680 $
1500000000 VET
14% Legutóbbi
0 $
0,20784 USDT
0.07% 1161883 $ 1363183 $
368235499 $
1800000000 VET
15% Legutóbbi
0 $
0,20713 USDT
0.02% 1202511 $ 1336976 $
170169491 $
820000000 VET
7% Legutóbbi
0 $
0,000003633 BTC
0.06% 397174 $ 86683 $
283418660 $
1400000000 VET
12% Legutóbbi
0 $
0,207257 USDT
0.1% 1218778 $ 1313305 $
37433612 $
180000000 VET
1,6% Legutóbbi
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VeChain névjegye

A(z) VeChain ára mára $0,210319, 24 órás forgalma $2416596414. A(z) VET ára ennyit növekedett az elmúlt 24 órában: 4.7%.Forgalomban lévő kínálat: 65 milliárd érme, max. kínálat: 90 milliárd érme. Upbit: jelenleg a legaktívabb piac, amely kereskedik vele.

VeChain is a blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management processes. By utilizing tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology, VeChain provides retailers and consumers with the ability to determine the quality and authenticity of products that are bought. From product source materials, to servicing history, and spare part replacements, every single piece of information about the supply chain movement of a product can be recorded and verified to bring about a supply chain management ecosystem that is secure for all participants. VeChain plans to achieve this secure supply chain management ecosystem via the method of asset digitization. VeChain enables manufactures to assign products with unique identities to the platform. This will allow manufacturers, supply chain partners, and even consumers, to track the movement of products through their supply chain.

There is also the VeChain Foundation. The Vechain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore in July 2017 and is responsible for the construction of the network, and technological research and development. The Foundation also plays an important role in business development. The Foundation encourages and supports partnerships with enterprises that may be interested in utilizing blockchain technology as a service. This includes payment services, private key management, smart contract development, and wallet development. There is no doubt that blockchain technology can be an important innovation to supply chain management. With a growing list of business partnerships and technological developments, VeChain is positioning itself to be THE disruptive, and innovative force that reshapes the way we think about supply chain management.

The solution of "hard forking" has made people question the idea of "de-centering" of Ethereum and even Blockchain. This way of governance is not so much a "democracy" as an "anarchy." VeChain development team highly regards blockchain’s decentralizing nature, yet intends to adopt some traditional corporate governance and thus improve the efficient formulation and implementation of the VeChain development and strategy for the benefit of the community to prevent and avoid serious blockchain design philosophy differences and irreconcilability.

Sunny Lu is the CEO of the VeChain Foundation and has already become an important figure in the blockchain space. Before he established VeChain, he co-founded the Chinese Internet start-up which developed Qtum, a very important digital asset in the crypto space. He was previously the CIO and COO of Louis Vuitton China.The team behind VeChain consists of over 90+ employees, most of them being developers. Chief Technology Officer, Gu Jianliang, has over 18 years of experience in areas such as mobile devices and the IoT field, and has created over a 100 patents in several technological fields. Kevin Feng serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the VeChain Foundation. Feng has been actively involved in many technology projects in his 12 years working for VeChain’s partner, PWC, as a consultant and assurance advisor.

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