enigma  (ENG)

Enigma (ENG)

$0,147961 19.2%
0,00000334 BTC 19.9%
0,00004321 ETH 18.1%
3.610 pessoas gostam disto
Capitalização de mercado
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$0,114384 / $0,216640
Fornecimento circulante
82.717.911 / 150.000.000

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Enigma Price and Market Stats

Preço de Enigma
Preço de ENG $0,147961
Capitalização de mercado $12.236.148
Domínio da capitalização de mercado 0,00%
Volume de Negócios $246.878
Volume/Capitalização de Mercado 0.0202
Baixa de 24h / Alta de 24h $0,114384 / $0,216640
Baixa de 7 dias / Alta de 7 dias $0,150916 / $0,251479
Posição da capitalização no mercado #968
Valor máximo $8,19 -98.2%
Jan 10, 2018 (mais de 3 anos)
Valor mínimo $0,02572136 473.0%
Feb 08, 2021 (3 meses)
Divulgações de afiliados
# Troca Par Preço Spread +2% profundidade -2% profundidade Volume 24h Volume % Última negociação Pontuação de Liquidez
$ 0,13
0,00000291 BTC
6.15% $ 0 $ 0
$ 89.437,17
697569,928 ENG
36,44% Recentemente
$ 0,14
0,00000307 BTC
4.23% $ 0 $ 0
$ 4.395,67
32312,770 ENG
1,78% Recentemente
$ 0,14
0,00004013 ETH
6.55% $ 0 $ 0
$ 2.676,39
19688,156 ENG
1,09% Recentemente
$ 0,15
170,236 KRW
6.08% $ 0 $ 0
$ 93,63
624,855 ENG
0,04% Recentemente
$ 0,14
0,00000316 BTC
7.33% $ 0 $ 0
$ 43,82
312,754 ENG
0,02% Recentemente
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Sobre Enigma

Enigma (ENG) preço hoje é de $0,147961 com um volume de negociação de 24 horas $246.878. O preço aumentou 19.2% nas últimas 24 horas.Tem um fornecimento a circular de 83 milhões moedas e uma fornecimento máximo de 200 milhões moedas.Mercatox é o câmbio mais ativo.

Enigma is a crypto platform that’s trying to solve the problem of privacy on the blockchain by giving them access to much-needed storage, privacy, and scalability. Enigma wants to extend Ethereum Smart Contracts by introducing secret contracts, a brand of smart contract that gives users an element of privacy that’s not intrinsic to current blockchain protocols. These contracts operate off-chain, meaning the execution of the Smart Contract doesn’t occur on the Ethereum blockchain itself. This is how the Enigma protocol works: it breaks up the Smart Contract and any related data into pieces, encrypts those pieces, and distributes them redundantly among Enigma nodes.

Enigma has a protocol level. The Enigma privacy protocol allows for decentralized computation of sensitive data. It has a platform layer too. On this protocol, dozens of platforms such as data marketplaces and AI exchanges can be built. In its application layer, it enables thousands of truly decentralized apps that require private computation and secure data.Its first application is catalyst. Catalyst is the first application to be built on the Enigma protocol, already active with tens of thousands of users. Catalyst is a revolutionary platform for data-driven cryptoasset investing and research, built for professional crypto traders.

Enigma has a team of MIT graduates, and they’ve been working diligently to ensure Enigma’s success. Guy Zyskind, Enigma’s CEO and cofounder, helped start the project while he was still a student at MIT. He has more than a decade of software development experience with an M.S. from MIT. Sandy Pentland, a well known MIT data scientist who gained fame for his work in data-mining social interactions, is Zyskind and Nathan’s adviser on Enigma. With other advisors such as Alex Pentland, who sits on the Advisory Boards for Google and Nissan, CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt and director of MIT media lab, Prof. Alex Pentland, it is hard to difficult a fault in the team.

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