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quadrant protocol  (EQUAD)

Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD)

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1.135 pessoas gostam disto
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Capitalização de mercado $4.942.728
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EQUAD Estatísticas de Preços e Mercado

Preço de EQUAD $0,009099565282
ROI Quadrant Protocol -97.7%
Capitalização de mercado $4.942.728
Domínio da capitalização de mercado 0,00%
Volume de Negócios $0,000000000000
Volume/Capitalização de Mercado 0.0
Baixa de 24 h / Alta de 24 h $0,007914288228 / $0,009619319062
Baixa de 7 dias / Alta de 7 dias $0,007380215035 / $0,009447184073
Classificação da capitalização de mercado #1570
Valor máximo $0,053012140634 -82.8%
May 16, 2021 (7 meses)
Valor mínimo $0,000142144809 6301.6%
Nov 26, 2019 (aproximadamente 2 anos)

Quadrant Protocol Preço e dados de mercado

O preço de Quadrant Protocol de hoje é de $0,009099565282 com um volume de negociação de 24 horas de $0,000000000000 .O preço de EQUAD aumentou 9.0% nas últimas 24 horas.Tem um fornecimento circulante de 540 milhões EQUAD moedas e um fornecimento total de 1 mil milhões. Se procura comprar ou vender Quadrant Protocol, o Hotbit é atualmente o câmbio mais ativo.

Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core. Quadrant aims to provide a blueprint for mapping disparate data sources. It will support proof of data authenticity and provenance via data stamping, the creation of “Constellations” (data smart contracts) for disparate data sources, and fair remuneration and incentive sharing. Data Consumers can trust the authenticity of the data they purchase, “Nurseries” (Data Producers) are compensated fairly every time their data is used, and “Pioneers” (Data Vendors) have the incentive to create innovative Constellations. This new transparent ecosystem ensures that companies get the authentic data they need.

Where Quadrant has major potential for impact is the ability it provides “Elons” (the brightest data minds) to find linkages between different constellations and, in turn, create mega Constellations that can be used by Data Consumers to solve real-world problems. This is where Quadrant differentiates itself from its competitors.

Quadrant is designed to work with both centralised and decentralised services. The architecture consists of the core Quadrant blockchain, clients (Data Producer, Data Consumer and Anchor), and Guardian Nodes. Quadrant will operate on a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism so that it can handle more transactions, operate at a lower gas price, achieve faster transactions, and restrict malicious nodes from entering data into the network. An external Proof of Work chain will be used as an anchor for security purposes. For the time being, the Ethereum blockchain will be used for anchoring but it can be replaced by any public chain in the future if needed.

Quadrant will utilise two different currencies for its network: eQuad and QUAD. QUAD, a utility token, is designed to be used solely on the network. It will be used to stamp data, support simple and complex access structures, simple and complex subscription payments, and for staking by Elons. eQuad is an ERC-20-compliant token that will be sold during the Token Generation Event (TGE). It may be converted into QUAD via a gateway when the Quadrant mainnet is launched.

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