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Ark (ARK)


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0,31 $
0,0000946 BTC
192 244,36 $
626570,720 ARK
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0,003614 ETH
44 525,11 $
145971,170 ARK
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0,00009452 BTC
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40 431,25 $
132091,639 ARK
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0,00009456 BTC
18 332,22 $
59889,927 ARK
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343 KRW
8 746,63 $
28884,017 ARK
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0,3065 USDT
5 161,18 $
16921,072 ARK
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Курс Ark $0,31
Окупаемость Ark Beta 3000%
Рыночная капитализация $42 291 545
Market Cap Dominance 0,04%
Объем торгов $356 293
Минимальный курс за 24 часа / Максимальный курс за 24 часа $0,30 / $0,31
Позиция в рейтинге Gecko #46
Позиция в рейтинге Market Cap #70
Абсолютный максимум $10,22
С момента достижения абсолютного максимума -97%
Дата абсолютного максимума Jan 10, 2018 (11 месяцев)
1  час -0,12%
24 часа -0,060%
7 дней -4,5%
14 дней -22%
30 дней -47%
60 дней -58%
1 год -93%
Соотношение Ark и Bitcoin 1 BTC = 10588.05 ARK
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Алгоритм хеширования Delegated Proof-of-Stake
Скорость хеширования N/A
Время между блоками 7.98 секунды
Доступный/общий объем 138,3 миллионов / 125,0 миллионов How is this calculated?
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ARK provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. They aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases that make ARK highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want and developers need. It is fast, decentralized, scalable, collaborative, bridging and open-source. The ARK Desktop Wallet is natively built for all major Operating Systems. ARK wallets connect to fully synced network peers removing the need to download the full blockchain.

ARK operates using a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. Unlike Bitcoin, in which miners with expensive rigs secure network transactions, the ARK network is secured by delegates. There are hundreds of potential delegates, but token holders in the ARK ecosystem continuously vote on who actually gets to be an active, forging delegate. Only 51 delegates make the cut. As a token holder, you’re only allowed to vote for one delegate at a time. The fee to vote/unvote is just 1 ARK, so it’s advantageous to at least vote once for a delegate you support. The more ARK tokens you own, the more powerful your vote.

ARK was launched in February of this year by 27 members spread across the world. With team members located everywhere from California to Bulgaria – the ARK Crew is truly decentralized. The team currently consists of 15 core members. The ARK infrastructure is modeled heavily on that of three older projects: Bitshares, Crypti, and Lisk. In fact, some of the ARK developers were previously developers on some of those projects. Francois-Xavier (FX) Thoorens, the CTO, was a core developer at Lisk in 2016.

Ark Community
A diverse group of people and skill sets, including Full Stack and Web Developers, Network Engineers, Hardware Experts, Money Managers, Musicians, Traders, Social Media Promoters, and Business Owners, uniting to realize a vision shared by 30 members of the ARK Crew. All passionately devoted to collaboration and the development of the ARK ecosystem and community.

Ark Token
Secured by a cryptographic blockchain network similar to Lisk and Crypti, running on a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm developed by Bitshares. ARK DPoS provides a newly adapted voting system and incorporates many improvements over previous DPoS implementations.

To increase the reach of the ARK platform, ARK bridges together useful and proprietary blockchains through the use of ARK SmartBridges. These SmartBridges allow for communication among validated bridged blockchains with the ability to perform tasks and advanced functions. Through the use of SmartBridges, the ARK Crew is able to connect many popular blockchains and finally create a unifying bond among different ecosystems. As examples, the first blockchains the ARK Crew will bridge are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, 3rd Party Anonymous Network Integration, one or more proprietary gaming economy tokens (Codename: A***** [Ticker: A***]), and numerous other bridges connecting new and already existing blockchains in the future.

Because we understand security is a major point of concern for everyone, cryptographic and security principals are incorporated throughout the entire Development Life Cycle to guarantee a secure core meeting the requirements and expectations of our users. Through continuous risk analysis and internal recurring penetration testing, we provide a system that fulfills the high standards required by this type of environment.

ARK Anonymous Network Integration provides ARK users with optional privacy when sending ARK transactions throughout all of the services developed for the ARK platform. Anonymization services could be potentially provided by a 3rd Party technology integration Partnership.

The ARK Crew has a mission to make blockchain technology easily accessible to consumers​, even to the point where consumers do not know that they are using it. We not only develop the tools bridging the virtual with reality, but also provide the unique services consumers want, understand, and are willing to purchase using ARK. The ARK Crew develops additional platforms and services benefiting from the ARK technology, providing online and offline revenue streams for the ARK Platform, and leading to faster research and development of new and exciting ways to encourage consumer participation, educating them about blockchain technology, while simultaneously adding value to the ARK coin. By incorporating revenue streams into our projects, the ARK Crew can provide even more unique services for user adoption as we grow.

Обновления BEAM

A new version of the ARK Desktop Wallet has been released, here is a list of some new features and fixes for version 2.1.0 https://blog.ark.io/ark-desktop-wallet-v2-1-0-released-fc950d9fa98a

The ARK Team is proud to announce our newest family member, Sam Harper-Pittam (AKA Pieface). Sam will fill the role of Community Engagement Manager for the ARK Ecosystem. https://blog.ark.io/meet-sam-harper-pittam-arks-new-community-engagement-manager-5cb8d9403772

ARK is pleased to announce the acquisition of security and penetration testing services from Bugcrowd - the planet's premier crowd sourced security platform! https://blog.ark.io/ark-and-bugcrowd-go-hunting-cda4025051d5

The new v2 mobile wallet for iOS is now available in the Apple AppStore. This release is v2 compatible, but does not yet have dynamic fees built in. The next update of the wallet will include this feature. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobile-ark/id1324625967

With November over with, it's time for another Community Spotlight Newsletter. https://blog.ark.io/community-spotlight-november-2018-edition-96f09ec4bdb1

You can now issue Smart Contracts by utilizing the new plugin functionality in ARK core v2 via Hyperledger Fabric. https://blog.ark.io/making-cross-chain-smart-contracts-on-ark-via-hyperledger-fabric-e69149b1e12c

ARK CTO Kristjan Kosic recently wrote about ARK's Dynamic Fee Structure, giving examples and calculation simulations. https://blog.ark.io/towards-flexible-marketplace-with-ark-dynamic-fees-running-on-new-core-31f1aaf1e867

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