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grin  (GRIN)

Grin (GRIN)

$0,301009 -5.3%
0,00000710 BTC 0.0%
A 6.055 personas les gusta esto
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Capitalización de mercado $25.859.224
Volumen de comercio en 24 horas $4.562.576
Cantidad circulante 84.610.440
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GRIN Price and Market Stats

Precio del GRIN $0,301009
Capitalización de mercado $25.859.224
Dominio de capitalización de mercado 0,00 %
Volumen de comercio $4.562.576
Volumen / Cap. de mercado 0.1791
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h $0,292563 / $0,321607
Mínimo en 7 días / Máximo en 7 días $0,294613 / $0,344940
Clasificación de capitalización de mercado #752
Máximo histórico $261,65 -99.9%
Jan 16, 2019 (más de 2 años)
Mínimo histórico $0,220919 36.8%
Nov 04, 2020 (11 meses)

Información sobre Grin

El precio de Grin (GRIN) hoy es de $0,301009 con un volumen de comercio de $4.562.576 en 24 horas. El precio ha bajado a -5.3% en las últimas 24 horas. Tiene una cantidad en circulación de 85 millones monedas y una cantidad máxima de ∞ monedas. TradeOgre es el mercado más activo que está realizando operaciones con esta divisa.

Grin coin is a private & lightweight open source project based on the mimblewimble blockchain implementation. MimbleWimble is a lightweight blockchain protocol proposed by anonymous author that goes by the name Tom Elvis Jedusor (inspired by Harry Potter) in July 2016. Since then, the proposal has gained a huge following among Bitcoin and privacy advocates.

Unlike bitcoin or ethereum, there are no addresses in Grin. In order to transact using Grin, both wallets must communicate with each other online with the results broadcasted to the network. Another key different is that transaction history (sender, receiver, amount) will not be recorded on the blockchain.

Due to the removal of these information from the transaction, the data size remains small and that keeps the blockchain lightweight. New nodes can easily join the network without having to download a large blockchain.

Grin coin was launched without an ICO, fundraising, or pre-mine. Developers around the world contribute openly with the goal to ensure the coin distribution remains as fair as possible.

There are 2 popular wallets widely available to interact with the Grin network.
Grin core wallet: https://www.coingecko.com/buzz/how-to-use-grin-wallet-to-send-receive-grin-coins
Wallet713: https://www.coingecko.com/buzz/how-to-use-grin-wallet713-to-send-and-receive-grin-coin-step-by-step-guide

The consensus algorithm used by Grin is the Cuckoo Cycle proof-of-work based. There are 2 hashing algorithms involved with Grin. Cuckoo-29 is meant for GPU mining while Cuckoo-31 is meant fo ASIC mining. This is a deliberate design to encourage miners to eventually move into ASIC mining for efficiency while keeping it fair at the beginning of the launch.

Grin coin has launched its mainnet on 15th January 2019 and is now available for mining and trading.

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