Monedas: 5874
Intercambios: 389
Capitalización de mercado: 224.465.106.105 $ 0,090%
Volumen en 24 h: 45.833.809.581 $
BTC 66,4%
ETH 8,78%
XRP 5,41%
ion  (ION)
$0,04522527 2,8%
0,00000546 BTC 3,5%
A 789 personas les gusta esto
Capitalización de mercado
Volumen de comercio en 24 horas
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h
$0,03920494 / $0,04745372
Circulating Supply
25.090.291 / 32.850.824


ION (ION) es una criptomoneda o una forma de activo digital.El precio de ION (ION) hoy es de $0,04522527 con un volumen de comercio de $182.860 en 24 horas.El precio ha subido a 2,8% en las últimas 24 horas.Tiene una cantidad en circulación de 30 millones monedas y una cantidad máxima de 30 millones monedas.El intercambio más activo de ION es Upbit.Explore la dirección y las transacciones de ION en exploradores de bloques y Para más información sobre la moneda ION, visite
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Estadísticas rápidas
Precio del ION $0,04522527
Capitalización de mercado $1.135.008
Dominio de capitalización de mercado 0,00 %
Volumen de comercio $182.860
Volumen / Cap. de mercado 0.1612
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h $0,03920494 / $0,04745372
Mínimo en 7 días / Máximo en 7 días $0,03305211 / $0,06619379
Clasificación de capitalización de mercado #664
Máximo histórico $6,55
Desde el máximo histórico -99%
Fecha del máximo histórico Jan 21, 2018 (más de 1 año)
ION/ratio de Bitcoin 1 BTC = 183298.39 ION

ION Volumen por intercambio

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# Intercambios Par Precio Spread Liquidez de +2 % Liquidez de -2 % Volumen de 24 h Volumen en % Último cambio Trust Score
0,05 $
0,00000549 BTC
1.5% 398 $ 0 $
31.166,75 $
684655,431 ION
17,03 % Recientemente
0,04 $
0,00000528 BTC
1.5% 28 $ 92 $
29.974,58 $
684655,431 ION
16,38 % Recientemente
0,05 $
0,00000549 BTC
- - -
121.705,03 $
2676347,495 ION
66,58 % Recientemente -
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Anomaly BTC/USD Stale
Chain Info Beta (CryptoID)
Difficulty 205.403,90416084
Total Blocks 1.352.818
Misc Info
Genesis Date May 16, 2015 (más de 4 años)
Hashing Algorithm -
Hashrate N/A
Block Time 1.0 minutos
Available Supply 30 millones / 30 millones Supply Breakdown

Actualizaciones de Beam

GameGrid will be here soon, and with it a brand new drag race game with #crypto tournaments! Gets ready for #QuickShift from ionomyStudios #indiegame 🏎🚦🏎🚦

Excited to announce that IIP6 has passed ☑️! New deflationary ⏬ #tokenomics and the POTX (Proof of Transaction) protocol are coming to the $ION #blockchain! 😎 🤩😎 Click below to get details about the IIP.

Now that tokens are live on the ION blockchain, that means DarkMatter (XDM) has arrived. XDM is the 👑 of scarcity. Maximum supply capped at just 71,000! XDM has a deflationary protocol, so that number only goes ⬇️. Plus, to get the deflation started with a 💥, over 14k XDM have now been burned! Find out more at

Very excited to announce that tokens are live on the ION blockchain. The Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is now available for use in a command line interface and the upcoming Electron wallet will make it even easier to make any token you can imagine! Read all about it at:

For anyone holding xION, support for that asset is scheduled to be discontinued on November 30, 2019. It had been in maintenance mode, but now is spendable after the recent ION fork. All holders are advised to spend their xION before that date.

We're just a few days away from the hard fork that will fully establish the transition to ION 4.0! Make sure to review the news article make sure your QT and/or Daemon are up-to-date. More importantly, get ready for tokens, $XDM and $ATOM!

ION 4.0 is here! New daemon and QT released in anticipation of upcoming fork (Sept. 16). Make sure to download new wallets early for seamless functionality after fork day. ATP (Atomic Token Protocol) also now live and ready for use, so let token making begin!

VOTE on IIP6 - Deflationary Drivers! All masternode owners can now vote on the IIP. More info: