Monedas: 5887
Intercambios: 388
Capitalización de mercado: 217.175.415.683 $ -2,3%
Volumen en 24 h: 51.888.118.900 $
BTC 66,1%
ETH 8,68%
XRP 5,63%
mcashchain  (MCASH)
Mcashchain (MCASH)
$0,01232435 -7,2%
0,00000155 BTC -5,0%
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Capitalización de mercado
Volumen de comercio en 24 horas
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h
$0,01177685 / $0,01338118
Circulating Supply
179.229.662 / 900.000.000

Mcashchain (MCASH)

Mcashchain (MCASH) es una criptomoneda o una forma de activo digital.El precio de Mcashchain (MCASH) hoy es de $0,01232435 con un volumen de comercio de $3.511,37 en 24 horas.El precio ha bajado a -7,2% en las últimas 24 horas.Tiene una cantidad en circulación de 200 millones monedas y una cantidad máxima de 900 millones monedas.El intercambio más activo de Mcashchain es Vinex.Explore la dirección y las transacciones de Mcashchain en exploradores de bloques Para más información sobre la moneda Mcashchain, visite
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Estadísticas rápidas
Precio del Mcashchain $0,01232435
Capitalización de mercado $2.208.889
Dominio de capitalización de mercado 0,00 %
Volumen de comercio $3.511,37
Volumen / Cap. de mercado 0.0016
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h $0,01177685 / $0,01338118
Mínimo en 7 días / Máximo en 7 días $0,01242575 / $0,01438801
Clasificación de capitalización de mercado #515
Máximo histórico $0,137832
Desde el máximo histórico -91%
Fecha del máximo histórico Aug 04, 2019 (2 meses)
Mcashchain/ratio de Bitcoin 1 BTC = 646917.56 MCASH

Mcashchain Volumen por intercambio

Spot * Los pares se muestran de forma predeterminada de acuerdo con la puntuación "Trust Score". Lea la metodología o envíenos sus comentarios.
# Intercambios Par Precio Spread Liquidez de +2 % Liquidez de -2 % Volumen de 24 h Volumen en % Último cambio Trust Score
0,01 $
3,370844 MAS
2.34% 303 $ 212 $
2.519,82 $
205408,736 MCASH
71,76 % Recientemente
0,01 $
0,00007161 ETH
4.72% 0 $ 0 $
991,55 $
79519,903 MCASH
28,24 % Recientemente
0,01 $
0,000001725 BTC
48.03% 0 $ 0 $
0,00 $
0,000 MCASH
Hace 5 días -
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Anomaly BTC/USD Stale
Misc Info
Genesis Date -
Hashing Algorithm -
Hashrate N/A
Block Time 2.0 minutos
Available Supply 200 millones / 900 millones Supply Breakdown

Actualizaciones de Beam

On October 4th, Bigbom have issued BBOM, a BigBom’s token, on Mcashchain. And now, we are excited to announce that you can swap BBO (ERC20) for BBOM (M1) at a ratio of 1:1 on UniDex both ways. So when users need to use BBO ERC20 for dApp on Ethereum or BBOM M1 for dApp on McashChain, they can just simply swap. Freedom of choice at its best.

On July 23, BigBom has started the process to migrate to MCashChain. Today we are excited to announce another important milestone: BigBom’s token has been issued on Mcashchain. The BBO token that issued on Mcashain will have BBOM ticker ⭐️

Midas & Mcaschain has been awarded and recognized for Sustainable Development in Digital Age by Vietnam CEO Forum 2019, hosted by Vietnam national television (VTV - Vietnam's largest TV network), supported by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the most prestigious and recognized Business Forum in the country ⭐️

Mcashchain hosted a group of 30 entrepreneurs & private investors, jointly organized by SMU & Regulus, in Ho Chi Minh City. Midas team shared their vision and advance blockchain solutions. Potential collaboration on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for SMU certifications has also been discussed. Both will continue to explore various areas for collaboration & investments that mutually benefits all ⭐️

Mcash-B will be 1-to-1 swappable with Mcash on UniDex both ways 🔥Without any locking, you can choose when you want Mcash (for staking or playing games on Mcashchain or for shopping on Midashimaya) and when you want Mcash-B for trading on Binance Dex. It’s up to you, freedom of choice at its best.⭐️

We are happy to announce that the development of Beta and Midas Voucher dApp Beta has been completed ✅
Now anyone can issue vouchers and top-up/gift cards. Users can top up easily using a voucher, scratch card, etc.

📢 Catch us on Laptop Radio

💫 Get to know more about Midas Protocol, Mcashchain, Vinex Network & other cool stuff under our ecosystem