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CoinGecko Branding Guide

Thank you for choosing to integrate CoinGecko with your app. We are extremely delighted!

Below are some branding guidelines that you can use as reference. We are continuously updating this documentation and would like to work closely with the community.

Feel free to submit a ticket at for questions and comments.


You may only use the official approved logos, available here.

Referencing CoinGecko in your App

1. Mention

If you are integrating with our API. Please mention our brand and link back to us.

For example, "Data provided by CoinGecko", "Data from CoinGecko" or "Powered by CoinGecko" (as long as it's true!).

You may mention us in text, "CoinGecko" or consider using our approved logo above.

2. Marketing

You may use the CoinGecko name and logo in marketing for your app as long as you follow the CoinGecko branding guidelines.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that CoinGecko endorses your app. For example, you can say "Powered by CoinGecko" or "Data provided by CoinGecko" but not "we partner with CoinGecko".
  • Don't use the CoinGecko brand repeatedly or as prominent brand in your marketing. It is your app after all.
  • If you will be doing significant marketing that includes the CoinGecko logo, do speak to us by writing to
Questions or Feedback?

We are continuously improving this documentation. Feel free to contact us at for questions and comments.