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odyssey  (OCN)

Odyssey (OCN)

$0,000785243810335 3.6%
0,00000001289121 BTC 6.1%
0,00000020283179 ETH 3.6%
1 847 személy kedveli ezt
24H Range
Piaci kapitalizáció $7852438
24 órás forgalom $583162
Forgalomban lévő kínálat 10 000 000 000
Teljes kínálat 10 000 000 000
Maximum kínálat ?
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Odyssey (OCN) Price Chart

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1 óra
24 ó
7 n
14 n
30 n
1 é

OCN árfolyam- és piaci statisztika

OCN árfolyam $0,000785243810335
Odyssey ROI -98.4%
Piaci kapitalizáció $7852438
Kapitalizációs dominancia 0,0003%
Forgalom $583162
Forgalom / kapitalizáció 0.0743
24 órás minimum / 24 órás maximum $0,000721735336324 / $0,000847200105938
7 napos minimum / 7 napos maximum $0,000674615680185 / $0,000778319041388
Kapitalizációs rang #1244
Mindenkori maximum $0,075536089714 -99.0%
Jan 28, 2018 (több, mint 3 éve)
Mindenkori minimum $0,000145588365118 443.3%
Mar 13, 2020 (több, mint 1 éve)

Odyssey Price & Market Data

Odyssey árfolyam ma: $0,000785243810335, 24 órás kereskedési volumene pedig $583162.A(z) OCN ára ennyit növekedett az elmúlt 24 órában: 3.6%.Forgalomban lévő kínálat: 10 milliárd érme, max. kínálat: 10 milliárd érme. Gate.io: jelenleg a legaktívabb piac, amely kereskedik vele.

Odyssey is primarily a decentralized sharing economy and peer-to-peer ecosystem, aiming to compete with and replace the likes of Airbnb and Uber. Odyssey dreams big - aiming to completely replace the concept of private ownership with an economy in which everything is shared and little is owned. It’s a long way from its goals, of course, but making peer-to-peer sharing more efficient with smart contracts is certainly a step in the right direction.

The Odyssey website lists 9 advisors, with its primary two being Yi Shi, the CEO of Shanghai’s Avazu Holding, a leading global advertising platform, and Justin Sun, the backbone of the TRON cryptocurrency. The advisory team also includes Goh Jian Kai, founder and CEO of Southeast Asia’s cross-border payment solution system RateX.

Odyssey has lofty goals, aiming to create a world where sharing is the norm and ownership or sharing monopoly doesn’t come in the way of people’s lives. A decentralized sharing platform where all service providers and customers are connected definitely sounds attractive. It’s a new currency, so it needs development to reach its goals. Of course, the fact that buying a large number of OCN tokens will not put a major dent in your pocket is a definite point in its favour.

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