zilliqa  (ZIL)

Zilliqa (ZIL)

$0,097623420261 0.8%
0,00000272 BTC 1.7%
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Cap. di mercato
Volume scambi 24 h
Minimo su 24 ore / Massimo su 24 ore
$0,087669562419 / $0,097759279244
Offerta in circolazione
12.152.909.828 /

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Zilliqa Price and Market Stats

Prezzo Zilliqa
Prezzo ZIL $0,097623420261
ROI di Zilliqa 410.2%
Cap. di mercato $1.186.992.173
Dominanza cap. di mercato 0,08%
Volume degli scambi $85.643.773
Volume / Capitalizzazione di mercato 0.0722
Minimo in 24 ore / Massimo in 24 ore $0,087669562419 / $0,097759279244
Minimo in 7 giorni / Massimo in 7 giorni $0,094188749682 / $0,110900
Classifica cap. di mercato #75
Massimo storico (ATH) $0,255376 -61.7%
May 06, 2021 (circa 2 mesi)
Minimo storico $0,002396159831 3979.8%
Mar 13, 2020 (oltre un anno)
Informativa per gli affiliati
# Exchange Coppia Prezzo Spread +2% profondità -2% profondità Volume in 24 ore Volume % Ultimo scambio Punteggio di fiducia
0,10 $
0,096659 USDT
0.19% 152.486 $ 390.338 $
96648494,71 ZIL
10,90% Di recente
0,10 $
0,00000271 BTC
0.37% 290.643 $ 270.906 $
3508987,00 ZIL
0,40% Di recente
0,10 $
0,0000027051 BTC
0.15% 330.903 $ 98.598 $
20996744,00 ZIL
2,38% Di recente
0,10 $
0,0969591 USD
0.06% 269.579 $ 68.826 $
76566026,00 ZIL
8,65% Di recente
0,11 $
120 KRW
0.83% 186.106 $ 425.274 $
80920974,68 ZIL
9,98% Di recente
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Informazioni su Zilliqa

Zilliqa (ZIL): il prezzo odierno è di $0,097623420261 con un volume di scambi di $85.643.773 nell’arco delle 24 ore. Prezzo in aumento di 0.8% nelle ultime 24 ore. La quantità di monete circolanti è pari a 12 Miliardi, mentre l’offerta massima è di 21 Miliardi. Digifinex è il mercato al momento più attivo nel trading di questa criptovaluta.

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a token developed in the year 2017. Zilliqa is mainly based on the concept of Sharding and primarily aims at improving the scalability of the cryptocurrency networks as in case of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The white paper mentions that the transactions speed would be approximately a thousand times more than that of Ethereum network. Ziliqa is fast, secured and decentralized. Zilliqa’s high throughput means that you can focus on developing your ideas without worrying about network congestion, high transaction fees or security which are the key issues with legacy blockchain platforms.

Zilliqa network uses a concept called Sharding where the transactions are grouped into smaller groups and divided among the miners for the parallel transactional verification. Developing smaller groups for transactional verification means the Consensus can be reached faster and hence a higher number of transactions can be processed in a given time frame. The capacity of the network linearly increases in other cryptocurrencies as the number of people joins the network, but in this case, the capacity is increased at a higher variable rate than the number of members joining the network. By incorporating the Sharding Technology, it can completely revolutionize the smart contract functionality too.

Ziliqa has few pros as it has a great new technology. Zilliqa is the first platform to use sharding technology. This puts it ahead of the rest of the market. It’s a completely new kind of blockchain designed to solve the problem of scalability. Third-generation platforms like Zilliqa could be the big winners in the future of cryptocurrency. Ziliqa has a strong community. The platform has a lot of fans. The Zilliqa ICO only happened because there was so much demand for it. The Zilliqa ICO also shows that the crypto community is ready to see blockchain technology move to the next phase of its development.

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