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block-chain.com  (BC)

Block-chain.com (BC)

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Это нравится: 83 чел.
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Статистика цены и рынков BC

Цена BC $0,007493599331
Доходность Block-chain.com -92.5%
Рыночная капитализация ?
Доминирование по рыночной капитализации 0,00%
Объем торгов $0,007493599331
Объем/капитализация. 0.0001
Минимальный курс за 24 часа / Максимальный курс за 24 часа $0,007204014936 / $0,007504472198
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Позиция в рейтинге по рыночной капитализации N/A
Абсолютный максимум $0,856674 -99.1%
Sep 02, 2020 (11 месяцев)
Абсолютный минимум $0,000872839010 758.5%
Jul 17, 2019 (около 2 лет)

О Block-chain.com

Цена Block-chain.com сегодня $0,007493599331 при суточном объеме торгов $0,007493599331. Цена BC за последние 24 часа выросла на 3.8%. В обращении сейчас находится 0,00 BC при максимальном предложении 247,0 миллионов. Самая активная биржа, на которой идет обмен этой криптовалюты, – CREX24.

It’s a cliché that the cryptomarket is volatile, but it’s absolutely true. Being a viable part of the crypto community means constantly keeping an eye on the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Entrepreneurs, investors and developers have to work with the data that changes literally every minute. A huge amount of events take place at the same time, the rates fluctuate and every day brings an enormous number of news - these are the results of the crypto boom. Undoubtedly, it is easy to get lost in this ocean of information. To help you navigate this ocean, we created Block-chain.com - a unique project gathering the most important information in one place. And it’s not the whole story, as the website has certain features that will certainly intrigue you.Block-chain.com is an independent project aimed at keeping its users informed about the most significant and interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain events. The website offers to its users regulated and validated flows of information which is quite convenient due to the accessibility and independence. Every post the user generates shall have proof of news, as the source link, video, or screenshot - the more proves are attached, the faster does the Block-chain.com redaction post it on the website and trigger the payment for the author.Blockchain.com allows you to hold your finger on the crypto industry’s pulse, being informed of all the latest trends, changes and innovations. It is helpful for both developers, who can meet the main people in the world of cryptocurrency and build there.

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