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Grin Hard Fork

Grin First Hard Fork in approximately

Current Block at #
Hard Fork at Block #262,080
blocks to go...

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Important: Grin v2.0.0 is a network wide upgrade.
Users are NOT REQUIRED to do anything, but MUST UPGRADE to v2.0.0 to transact!
Stored grins will not be affected.
Beware of scams telling you to move your coins anywhere.

Miners, wallets, and exchanges are required to update their Grin software in order to transact after the upgrade.

When is it happening?

Block #262,080 (estimated around July 17th, 2019)

What are the upgrades?

New Secondary Proof of Work Algorithm

Secondary proof of work algorithm will transition from Cuckaroo29 to Cuckarood29 in order to retain the ASICs resistance of the secondary algorithm. The other proof of work algorithm, Cuckatoo31+ will continue to exist for ASIC miners. Due to incompatibility, all mining softwares will need to be upgraded.

Bulletproof Rewind Scheme for Grin Wallets

The new scheme will increase wallet flexibility and add the possibility to hide information into the bulletproof. Possible outcomes from this would be "watch-only" wallets and multisig. In order to transact after the hard fork, chain wallets must upgrade to v2.0.0 or greater.

What do I have to do?

If you are only using Grin to transact and as a store of value. You do not need to do anything.
Mining pool operators, miners, exchanges, wallets, and all Grin protocol participants will have to upgrade to v2.0.0 or greater. Unupgraded nodes will not accept new blocks past the hard fork point and unupgraded wallets will not be able to build and publish transactions past the hard fork point.