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Monero (XMR)


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Monero-Kurs €39,34
Marktkapitalisierung €658.905.924
Market Cap Dominance 0,62 %
Handelsvolumen €196.132.699
24-Stunden-Tief / 24-Stunden-Hoch €38,50 / €40,23
Marktkapitalisierungsrang #14
Allzeithöchstwert €454,53
Seit Allzeithöchstwert -92%
Datum Allzeithöchstwert Jan 09, 2018 (etwa ein Jahr)
1 Stunde -0,090%
24 Stunden 1,5%
7 Tage 0,14%
14 Tage -15%
30 Tage -15%
60 Tage -34%
1 Jahr -86%
Monero / Bitcoin-Quote 1 BTC = 79.82 XMR
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Entstehungsdatum April 18, 2014 (fast 5 Jahre)
Hash-Algorithmus Cryptonight
Hash-Rate N/A
Blockzeit 2.0 Minuten
Verfügbare/Gesamtanzahl Währungen 16,7 Millionen / 18,4 Millionen How is this calculated?
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What is Monero?
Monero (XMR) is the top privacy-centric cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol, a secure, private and untraceable currency system. Monero uses a special kind of cryptography to ensure that all of its transactions are remain 100% unlinkable and untraceable. In an increasingly transparent world, you can see why something like Monero can become so desirable.

Origins of Monero
In July of 2012, Bytecoin, the first real life implementation of CryptoNote, was launched. While Bytecoin had promise, people noticed that 80% of the coins were already published. So, it was decided that the bytecoin blockchain will be forked and the new coins in the new chain will be called Bitmonero, which is was then renamed Monero, meaning “coin” in Esperanto language. In this new blockchain, a block will be mined and added every two minutes.

Why Monero?

#1: Unlinkability - Your identity is completely private

You have complete control over your transactions. You are responsible for your money. Because your identity is private no one will be able to see what you are spending your money on. When you send funds to someone’s public address, what happens is that you actually send the funds to a randomly created brand new one-time destination address.

This means that the public record does not contain any mention that funds were received to the recipient’s public address. In Monero, your public address will never appear in the public record of transactions. Instead, a 'stealth address' is recorded in a way that only you, the recipient, can recognize the incoming funds.

#2: Fungibility

Fungibility is interchangeability between one asset and another asset of the same type.

Suppose you borrowed $50 from your friend, you can even return the money in the form of 1 $50 bill or 5 $10 bill, It is still fine. This shows that the dollar has fungible properties. However, if you were to borrow someone’s car for the weekend and come back and give them some other car in return, then that person will probably punch on the face. Cars, in this example, are a nonfungible asset.

What is CryptoNote?
CryptoNote is the application layer protocol that fuels various decentralized currencies. While it is similar to the application layer which runs bitcoin in many aspects, there a lot of areas where the two differ from each other. CryptoNote features an entirely new code base and is not a fork of Bitcoin. More info about CryptoNote can be found at their website.

CryptoNote uses Ring Signatures to conceal sender identities via mixing and it also has unlinkable transactions that is achieved using 1-time keys for each individual payments. Ring signatures enable ‘transaction mixing’ to occur. Transaction mixing means that when funds are sent, the sender randomly chooses several other users’ funds to also appear in the transaction as a possible source of the funds being sent.

The cryptographical nature of the ring signature means that no one can tell which of the funds were really the source of the transaction – not even the person that gave the funds to the sender in the first place. A system of ‘key images’ associated with each ring signature ensures that although no one can tell the true source of the funds, it can be easily detected if the sender attempts to anonymously send their funds twice.


Watch Breaking Monero Episode 4: Chain Splits and the Key Image Reuse Attack. This is a pretty sweet episode that discusses some major concerns when users claim airdrop coins. Featuring Sarang, Surae, and Justin! Let us know your comments in the video!

MyMonero's website has been redesigned to prominently display its desktop and iOS mobile applications. Access MyMonero more securely with its dedicated apps, or through its redesigned web app!

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Watch the second episode of Breaking Monero on Ring Signatures! This episode is a bit long as we cover a lot of initial ground. Let us know what you think in the video comments!

Monero is now the ONLY accepted cryptocurrency at the official Fortnite merchandise store! Select the "GloBee" payment option with the Monero logo at checkout. Happy new year!

Mastering Monero is now available as a paperback on Amazon! This resource was crowdfunded by the community and represents a year of work. Grab a copy today! All proceeds are donated to the Monero project. Digital versions available next month.

The first episode of Breaking Monero premieres in just a few minutes! It's a series that covers Monero's privacy and security limitations so we can make Monero better. More episodes to come over the next few weeks!

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