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metahero  (HERO)

Metahero (HERO)

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64 755 személy kedveli ezt
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HERO árfolyam- és piaci statisztika

HERO árfolyam $0,20462
Piaci kapitalizáció $1075454089
Kapitalizációs dominancia 0,039%
Forgalom $132797707
Forgalom / kapitalizáció 0.1268
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Kapitalizációs rang #127
Mindenkori maximum $0,234856 -12.0%
Nov 29, 2021 (23 óra)
Mindenkori minimum $0,00537030887995 3750.1%
Jul 13, 2021 (5 hónapja)

Metahero Árfolyam és piaci adatok

Metahero árfolyam ma: $0,20462, 24 órás kereskedési volumene pedig $132797707.A(z) HERO ára ennyit csökkent az elmúlt 24 órában: -8.1%.Forgalomban lévő kínálat: 5,2 milliárd érme, max. kínálat: 10 milliárd érme. PancakeSwap (v2): jelenleg a legaktívabb piac, amely kereskedik vele.

Have you ever wanted to ready-player one yourself? Soon you’ll be able to make an ultra-HD scan of yourself and your real-world assets and move everything into the metaverse.

Metahero brings to the market 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. The tech also allows for the creation of NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles.

We have partnered with the world leader in 3D scanning: Wolf Studio. Their cutting-edge technology was extensively tested and used by big industry names; Most recently, CD Projekt created characters for their hot new release, CyberPunk 2077.

We’re merging this powerful tech with a marketplace and a novel deflationary token-based ecosystem to offer users, gamers, artists, and entrepreneurs direct access to virtual opportunities of the future. Wolf Studios’ genius and next-generation technology coupled with our expertise in building tech startups from the bottom up will make Metahero one of the hottest projects of 2021/2022.

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