dragonchain  (DRGN)

Dragonchain (DRGN)

$0,04346111 -5.5%
0,00000139 BTC -2.7%
0,00003405 ETH -1.7%
3.184 mensen vinden dit leuk
24 uur handelsvolume
24 uur laag / 24 uur hoog
$0,04334983 / $0,04744597
Voorraad in omloop
266.932.722 / 433.494.437

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Dragonchain Price and Market Stats

DRGN koers $0,04346111
Marktkapitalisatie $11.624.910
Dominantie marktkapitalisatie 0,00%
Handelsvolume $163.416
Volume/Marktkapitalisatie 0.0141
24 uur laag / 24 uur hoog $0,04334983 / $0,04744597
7 dagen laag / 7 dagen hoog $0,04128180 / $0,04881145
Rangorde marktkapitalisatie #498
Recordhoogte $5,46 -99.2%
Jan 09, 2018 (ongeveer 3 jaar)
Historisch dieptepunt $0,02048850 112.3%
Apr 16, 2020 (10 maanden)
Meldingen van gelieerde bedrijven
# Beurs Paar Koers Spread +2% diepte -2% diepte 24 uur volume Volume % Laatst verhandeld Trust Score
$ 0,04
0,00000138 BTC
0.72% $ 14.152 $ 585
$ 70.017,24
1620814,97 DRGN
42,85% Recent
2 DRGN/ETH Info 0x419c4db4b9e25d6db2ad9691ccb832c8d9fda05e
$ 0,04
0,0000334046774031 ETH
0.61% $ 921 $ 919
$ 13.924,48
330336,07 0X419
8,60% Recent
$ 0,04
0,000034 ETH
1.17% $ 509 $ 458
$ 17.582,58
406138,54 DRGN
10,77% Recent
$ 0,04
0,001999 NEO
0.8% $ 1 $ 291
$ 923,41
21190,11 DRGN
0,57% Recent
$ 0,04
0,00003522 ETH
8.66% $ 0 $ 0
$ 35.253,01
786369,34 DRGN
21,57% Recent
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Over Dragonchain

De koers van Dragonchain (DRGN) voor vandaag is $0,04346111 met een 24-uurs handelsvolume van $163.416.De koers is in de afgelopen 24 uur met -5.5% gedaald.Er zijn 270 miljoen munten in omloop en er is een maximale voorraad van 433 miljoen munten.KuCoin is momenteel de meest actieve markt die hierin handelt.

Dragonchain is one of the newly launched cryptocurrencies that is attracting crypto enthusiasts following its relaunch. The coin seems to be leading on the technology front irrespective of its market capitalisation trends, which is why it's also being anticipated to be Ethereum’s competitor. Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain platform, where sensitive business logic and smart contract functionality is held by the owner. Its cryptocurrency is denoted by the symbol DGRN & has a total supply of 433,494,437 coins. Dragonchain uses serverless smart contracts from its pre-built library. This feature is unique to this cryptocurrency, as it can create smart contracts, with or without cryptocurrencies.

Dragonchain was developed by Joe Roets who is its CEO and Chief Architect with a team of 4 core developers. The team is backed by a strong advisory board with Jeff Garzik on board who is established icon in the Bitcoin network. It was developed after exploration of 20 use cases and applications. It was released under the Apache 2 license in October 2016 to integrate real business applications onto a blockchain, protect business data and operations, currency agnosticism and multi-currency support. The launch of Dragonchain Foundation, a non profit corporation, in January’17 maintains the ownership and responsibility of Dragonchain’s open source code.

Enterprises can easily design smart contracts in a variety of languages like Python, Node, C# & Java. The contracts can be specific to their business needs to include both private internal and public blockchain interactions. The Currency Smart Contracts help organizations to retrieve and transfer specified currency amounts between wallet addresses and check balances which can be run on schemas like ERC20, ERC223, etc. Dragonchain helps enterprises to leverage their models using blockchain by allowing development and integration before the economic model is known. Monetization can be applied after sufficient real data is available & system is functioning.

DragonChain’s platform is establishing a niche in the crypto world with its layered security feature. The 5-layer security model adds great credibility to their overall goal of facilitating business integration into the blockchain. Additionally, DragonChain is seen as a strong rival to Ethereum because of the platform’s ability to scale; an issue that Ethereum has been notorious for. As of January 2018, the DragonChain team is raising funds and finishing development of the platform. Although the exact date is currently unannounced, the DRGN platform is expected to fully launch sometime this year.

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