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MediBlocX (MEDX)

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MediBlocX: informacje

Kurs MediBlocX (MEDX) z dnia dzisiejszego to z 24-godznnym wolumenem obrotu . W obiegu znajduje się 0 tokenów, a ich całkowita liczba to 10 Miliard.

MediBloc is a decentralized app platform that uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It looks to give patients control over their medical history and data and choose who gets access to it. Currently, people have to undergo the same check-ups and provide all the details when visiting a new doctor. With MediBloc, all that information could be provided directly and save on precious time and resources and allow for better patient care and treatment. It also complies with HIPAA and prevents unauthorized access to the use of blockchain technology.

MediBloc uses two different tokens: the MEDI token (MED) and the MEDI point (MP). The former is a crypto token that is used for giving access and making purchases, while the latter is a token that is only for the MediBloc network. MP is a points-based system to give users and organizations a better standing in the MediBloc platform. The only ways of earning MP is to either contribute to the network for its betterment or by buying them through MED tokens. Once you have MP, you can convert them to MED after keeping them frozen for three months. Users can use MED for payments outside the platform like insurance payments. However, MP is solely for the MediBloc platform and cannot leave it. You can only use them for intra- MediBloc purposes like verification.

MediBloc has had a crowded sale in which 10 billion coins were available. However, the team had decided to burn all the coins that were left unsold after the auction; something that is almost unheard of in the crypto world. The team behind MediBloc explained that they wanted to protect the value of MED tokens and ensure that they had enough tokens to keep improving and developing the service further.

MediBloc is a revolutionary project and one that was in the making for a few years. People have always said how the blockchain industry can benefit the healthcare sector. While there are other projects that look to do the same, not all of them are as promising as MediBloc. It gives control of the medical data back to the patients; also, they can choose whom to give access to their personal healthcare data and medical history.

Thus, sharing this data prevents going through unnecessary procedures and smoothens the treatment procedure. Security is achieved with the use of blockchain technology, which also provides immutability. MED tokens allow you to make payments for services like medical insurance, while MP allows users to contribute to the framework better.

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