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nuls  (NULS)

Nuls (NULS)

$1,27 2.3%
0,00002309 BTC 5.1%
Osoby, które to lubią: 7 699
Zakres 24 h
Kapitalizacja rynkowa $121 749 951
24 godz. wolumen handlu $1 438 642 452
Wycena w pełni rozwodniona $267 575 042
Całkowita wartość zablokowana (TVL) $0
Stosunek w pełni rozwodnionej wyceny/TVL Infinity
Stosunek kapitalizacji rynkowej/TVL Infinity
Zasoby w obiegu 95 552 595
Łącznie zapasy 116 736 773
Maksymalne zasoby 210 000 000
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Kurs i statystyki rynkowe waluty NULS

Kurs NULS $1,27
Kapitalizacja rynkowa $121 749 951
Dominacja w kapitalizacji rynku 0,00%
Wolumen $1 452 333 911
Wolumen / kapitalizacja rynkowa 11.9288
24 godz. – min. / 24 godz. – maks. $0,969297 / $1,72
7 dni – min. / 7 dni – maks. $0,499853 / $1,61
Ocena wg. kapitalizacji rynku #456
Maksimum historyczne $8,53 -85.0%
Jan 10, 2018 (prawie 4 lata)
Minimum historyczne $0,097177744466 1212.8%
Mar 13, 2020 (ponad rok)

Nuls – kurs i dane rynkowe

Dzisiejsza cena Nuls wynosi $1,27, a wolumen obrotu w ciągu 24 godzin to $1 438 642 452.Kurs wzrosła o 2.3% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin. W obiegu znajduje się 96 Milion tokenów, a ich całkowita liczba to 117 Milion. Binance to obecnie najbardziej aktywny rynek handlujący tą walutą.

Nuls (NULS) is a Singaporean based project is trying to develop a highly adaptable blockchain that can be used for enterprise solutions. They have regularly used the phrase “Nuls is nothing, Nuls is everything”. In other words, Nuls is not traditionally defined and can be melded into anything that the community sees fit.

Nuls is looking to solve the problems faced by blockchains by creating one that features modularity and sub-chain operability. The two part design of functional modules and microkernels will provide both an underlying network mechanism and compartmentalized features for the blockchain.Essentially this should provide scalability and security to the blockchain, while adhering to the programming practices of low coupling and high cohesion. And because the blockchain is designed to be modular, it becomes hot pluggable, allowing for the addition or removal of modules at any time.

There are several blockchain problems inhibiting growth and development of the industry that have been identified by the Nuls team. One such issue is the cost of development. Because there is a shortage of blockchain proficient developers, those with skills can command higher salaries.This is simply demand exceeding supply and will eventually level out as more IT professionals learn blockchain skills. That’s when businesses will see greater adoption of the technology, and only the most trustworthy blockchains will be of interest. Nuls is working to make trustworthy solutions to business problems.

Nuls is primarily focused on making blockchain more accessible for developers and businesses. It seeks to do this through its modularity and the use of sub-chains, and hopes to break the complexity associated with blockchain projects, while also solving the scalability issue that is hindering the growth of the industry. Nuls will make trust simpler, increasing the adoption rate of blockchain technology by businesses. They will also lower the cost of entry by removing complexity and increasing the supply of developers capable of programming blockchain applications. Taken all together, the Nuls ecosystem will benefit developers, businesses, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts by providing needed solutions and increasing usage and adoption of blockchain technology.

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Nuls – Wiadomości i przewodniki

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