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ion  (ION)
$0,04062039 ?
Senast uppdaterad: 2019-09-22 08:02:47 UTC (ungefär 6 timmar sedan)
787 personer gillar detta
$1 013 740
24 h handelsvolym
Lägst 24 h / Högst 24 h
? / ?
Circulating Supply
24 956 437 / 32 850 824


ION (ION) är en kryptovaluta eller en form av digital tillgång.ION-priset (ION) idag är $0,04062039 med en handelsvolym under 24 timmar på ?. Priset har sjunkit ? de senaste 24 timmarna.Det har en tillgång i cirkulation på 20 Miljon mynt och en maximal tillgång på 30 Miljon mynt.Den mest aktiva börsen som handlar med ION är Bittrex.Utforska adressen och transaktionerna av ION på blockutforskare och Ytterligare information om ION-mynt hittar du på
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Snabb statistik
ION Pris $0,04062039
Börsvärde $1 013 740
Börsvärdesdominans 0,00%
Handelsvolym ?
Volym/Börsvärde ?
Lägst 24 h / Högst 24 h ? / ?
Lägst 7 d / Högst 7 d ? / ?
Market Cap-rankning #754
All-time-high $6,55
Sedan all-time-high ?
Datum för all-time-high Jan 21, 2018 (mer än ett år)
ION/Bitcoin-kvot 1 BTC = ? ION

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# Handel Par Pris Spread +2 % djup -2% djup 24 h volym Volym % Senast handlade Trust Score
0,04 $
0,00000405 BTC
2.17% 0 $ 564 $
10,89 $
268,00 ION
ungefär 6 timmar sedan
0,04 $
0,00000405 BTC
2.17% 0 $ 564 $
10,89 $
268,00 ION
ungefär 6 timmar sedan
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Anomaly BTC/USD Stale
Chain Info Beta (CryptoID)
Difficulty 177 753,85180578
Total Blocks 1 325 884
Tps 0,01995
Median Transaction Fee 10 210,84417914 ION
Median Block Size 470 Bytes
Misc Info
Genesis Date May 16, 2015 (mer än 4 år)
Hashing Algorithm -
Hashrate N/A
Block Time 1.0 minuter
Available Supply 20 Miljon / 30 Miljon Supply Breakdown


For anyone holding xION, support for that asset is scheduled to be discontinued on November 30, 2019. It had been in maintenance mode, but now is spendable after the recent ION fork. All holders are advised to spend their xION before that date.

We're just a few days away from the hard fork that will fully establish the transition to ION 4.0! Make sure to review the news article make sure your QT and/or Daemon are up-to-date. More importantly, get ready for tokens, $XDM and $ATOM!

ION 4.0 is here! New daemon and QT released in anticipation of upcoming fork (Sept. 16). Make sure to download new wallets early for seamless functionality after fork day. ATP (Atomic Token Protocol) also now live and ready for use, so let token making begin!

VOTE on IIP6 - Deflationary Drivers! All masternode owners can now vote on the IIP. More info:

IIP#6 is ready for your review! If adopted, this improvement will implement deflationary drivers to the $ION #blockchain that will concentrate value. This IIP also includes adoption of POTX verification protocol for further #burn. #transparency #crypto #altcoins #tokens #deflation

PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT: Please join us TODAY at 4:30pm Eastern for a special YouTube live event. Chief Strategist Adam Matlack will be discussing IIP#6, including the deflationary economic model and Proof of Transaction (POTX) transparency.

Want to see how easy it is to make tokens? The Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) from ionomy is now open for public beta, and everything on the testnet is working great, so of course we want to show off!

Come check out how fast and simple it is to make your unique asset on the ION Blockchain while contributing valuable data to the ATP's development. Find out more at:

ionomy introduces the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP), which allows creation of new tokens directly on the ION blockchain. No second layer! ION Core developer Fornax A has improved and implemented an idea from Andrew Stone, lead developer at Bitcoin Unlimited. These permissionless and censorship-proof tokens are ideal for in-game economies and will further advance the ION gaming ecosystem.

Find out more at: