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  1. Coin Price, Market Capitalization, Volume - What are they?
  2. Coin Price refers to the current global volume-weighted average price of a cryptoasset traded on an active cryptoasset exchange as tracked by CoinGecko.

    Market Capitalization is one of the metrics used to measure the relative size of a cryptoasset. Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying Coin Price with Available Supply.

    Volume is the total trading volume of a cryptoasset across all active cryptoasset exchanges tracked by CoinGecko.

    For a detailed explanation, read more about it on our Methodology page.

  3. How does CoinGecko come up with all the different charts/data?
  4. It’s a team effort! The CoinGecko team has been working hard to gather data for many cryptoassets from various sources since 2014. From the raw data that is gathered, CoinGecko stores and charts them across time-series for you to get a better overview of the growth of a particular project. We hope the work that we do enable you to get a comprehensive 360-degree view of your favorite projects!

  5. Why are some of the exchange rows greyed out on a coin’s page?
  6. We have an internal formula which is used to detect outliers and inaccurate data. This is sometimes caused when the exchange’s API goes down or when there are funny bugs crawling about causing information to be inaccurate or outdated. See illustration below for more information.

    #1, 2 and 3 represents regular values and has no grey shades. (a) and (b) are values excluded by our calculation algorithm.

    Essentially, our algorithm stops taking stale information into account to ensure that only up-to-date information are used in aggregation and presented to you. For a detailed explanation on the formula we use, read more about it in our Methodology page.

  7. Why is the market capitalization a question mark (?) for certain projects?
  8. An accurate market capitalization takes into account the available supply of a cryptoasset and CoinGecko works closely with project teams or coin developers to obtain such information. If there is a question mark, it means that we have insufficient information regarding the available supply or we have reasons to doubt the accuracy of such information. The market capitalization metric is a continuous work in progress for us.

  9. How is the available supply calculated on CoinGecko?
  10. To calculate the available supply, we pull information directly from API endpoints provided by respective project teams. You may check out the API we use by clicking on the button beside “Available Supply”. A couple of examples illustrated below:

    Available supply breakdown for Litecoin, a Proof-of-Work coin.
    For coins with locked Foundation/Company/Founder reserved holdings, we account for them by subtracting them out from the available supply. Available Supply breakdown for 0x, an ERC-20 token.

  11. Hur ofta uppdateras rankningen?
  12. Våra robotar uppdaterar våra data baserat på ett varierande schema. Vissa tidskänsliga mätvärden uppdateras var 5:e minut medan de ‎‎‎ ‎mindre tidskänsliga värdena uppdateras en gång om dagen. ‎‎

  13. Do you provide any API?
  14. Yes we do! We are proud to say that our API is completely free of charge with very generous rate-limits and is used by many popular crypto services. Read more about our API here!

  15. Can your API be used for commercial purposes?
  16. Absolutely! Our free API can be used for your commercial website/application. All we ask is for a link back to our site mentioning that the data is "Powered by CoinGecko API" and we would really appreciate that! If you are looking for our branding guide, *you* can find it here! While we're at it - please note that we do not provide any warranty for our API, for more information, please refer to our Term of Service.

  17. How to get listed on CoinGecko?
  18. We have several listing criteria on our Methodology page that you should take a look. If your project fulfills all the listing criteria, send in an application to us here!

  19. My coin/project’s information is inaccurate. How do I get it updated?
  20. We’re here to help! There are two ways to go about this:

    1. For major changes, kindly submit a request via our Application Form.


    2. For minor changes, simply send us an email over at hello@coingecko.com and let us know in detail what you need updated.

    In both cases, it is recommended that you use an official correspondence (eg. johndoe@cryptoproject.xyz) to help us filter out official requests from spam. Also, we would appreciate it if you could give the team at least 3 working days before following up with your request to avoid creating extra overhead that will slow the team down!

  21. Why are there not more coins listed?
  22. We are always actively adding more coins to CoinGecko. If a coin is not on our site, it is either already on our backlog to be added, or a request for it has not been submitted yet. Our plan is to have as much information on our site as possible, and to provide a 360-degree view of them. We do not have everything in the space, but we are working hard to complete this list! Send us an email at hello@coingecko.com if you have any questions! :)

  23. How to deposit money into CoinGecko?
  24. We get this a lot! CoinGecko is NOT a wallet, exchange or escrow service of any form. Please do not accept any offers from anyone claiming to provide you with a way to deposit anything onto the CoinGecko website or Mobile App.

    The only deposit we will accept and wholeheartedly appreciate would be a kind donation from you to buy us a cup of coffee! You can find our donation addresses at the footer of our website.

  25. Hur ser framtidsplanerna ut för CoinGecko?
  26. ‎Vi planerar att lista fler kryptovalutor på CoinGecko och också fler mått och funktioner. Skicka oss ett mejl med dina förslag!‎