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Candy Jar
$50 Next Earth Metaverse Land Gift Card
Valid until 12 December 2023
1000 Candies / 0 Left
How To Use

Use the gift card to buy $50 worth of land on Next Earth, the largest web3 Metaverse with the most landowners. Collect and trade lands, link your website to them or build your business on the web3 platform. Join Next Earth, and be part of a better future!

Terms and Conditions

Metaverse Gift Card codes can be used for one transaction only, when the transaction is completed, the Metaverse Gift Card code expires immediately, regardless of the value of the transaction. Metaverse Gift Cards can be used to buy available tiles on the map of Next Earth and they cannot be used for Marketplace transactions. The purchase with the Metaverse Gift Card can not spread out on a larger territory than 1 square kilometer. One person is only entitled to buy 10, and use 1 gift card within a year.


With almost 300,000 registered users and nearly 50,000 landowners, Next Earth is one of the largest metaverses in the world, and the first one in web3 being on the exact copy of planet Earth.

1000 Candies
0 Left