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Solana Price Analysis: After SOL Rejected Below $100, This is The Support Level to Watch

CryptoPotato (1 hour ago)

Over the weekend, SOL lost the $100 support level, which turned it into resistance. Unsurprisingly, following the negative sentiment, the SOL price dropped today to $80. Key Support levels: $79, $56 Key Resistance level: $100, $130 On Sunday, SOL rejected attempting to break above $100 and, by do... (Read More...)

Uniswap founder's bank account shut down by JP Morgan Chase, shadow-debanking allegations surface

Cointelegraph (1 hour ago)

Banks do not need to provide an explanation when shut down accounts owned by clients deemed "too risky," according to former CFTC commissioner Brian Quintenz. (Read More...)

Beyond the Hype:  Three Areas Web3 is Making a Difference

Bitcoinist (1 hour ago)

In December 2021, Elon Musk tweeted that “Web3 sounds like bs”. This is frustrating for a few reasons. First: because of all the massive hype and grand claims that Web3 will revolutionize the world, it is building a reputation that it will change the very fabric of our lives and make all the curr... (Read More...)

Russia’s tech founder voices discontent about proposed crypto ban

CryptoSlate (1 hour ago)

Russia’s apex bank plan to impose a blanket ban on crypto activities like trading and mining has been met with stiff resistance from opposition members and the country’s tech community. (Read More...)

2022 Will Be the Year When NFTs Explode Into Hyperspace. Here Are Some Projects To Look Out For

Bitcoinist (1 hour ago)

Back in 2020 if somebody were to claim that the nonfungible token (NFT) market would scale up to the heights it currently sits atop today, it would not be an unreasonable reaction to completely brush aside the notion. However, fast forward to 2022, and over the course of the last 12 odd months, c... (Read More...)

OpenSea Exploit: Bored Ape 8924 Scooped at 92% Discount of Floor Value

CryptoPotato (1 hour ago)

A user saw his Bored Ape NFT sell for 92% less than the current floor price because of a reported glitch in OpenSea's front-end. (Read More...)

White House To Release New Crypto Policy Through Executive Order

Crypto Daily (1 hour ago)

The Biden administration is currently working on an executive order which might be issued next month, to establish an initial government-wide approach towards digital assets. Biden’s Executive Order For Crypto The news is yet to be confirmed by any official government sources. However, Bloomberg ... (Read More...)

Chamber of Digital Commerce CEO suggests fundamentals show Bitcoin is undervalued

Finbold (1 hour ago)

Perianne Boring, the Digital Chamber of Commerce CEO, has said fundamentals show that Bitcoin is undervalued despite the asset undergoing... Continue reading (Read More...)

Fearing revolution, Myanmar’s military gov’t wants to ban crypto and VPNs (1 hour ago)

Myanmar's military council is pushing to ban crypto one month after the country's exiled government floated Tether as official tender. (Read More...)

BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, ADA, and SOL Price Analysis for January 24

U.Today (1 hour ago)

Have the main cryptocurrencies already found their support levels? (Read More...)

Timechain DEX Introduces Liquidity Pools & Farming Features on Its Automated Market Maker (AMM)

NewsBTC (1 hour ago)

Decentralized financial ecosystem, Timechain announced the launch of new features to its decentralized exchange (DEX), this Monday, bringing the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) to its users. The new DeFi features include staking, liquidity pools, yield farming, and permissionless lending an... (Read More...)

Russian Stocks Crash, Bitcoin Dives, Global Stocks Red

Trustnodes (2 hours ago)

Russia’s RTS Index has crashed 10% today while Nasdaq dropped 3.16% at one point in one of the worst day for global stocks. Germany’s Dax index is down 3.86%. Europe’s... (Read More...)

Binance CEO Weighs In On Crypto Regulation, Dubai, And Crypto Ad-Ban

Bitcoinist (2 hours ago)

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as “CZ,” stated that the increasing ban on cryptocurrency advertising will have no effect on demand. In a recent interview, he discussed regulatory changes concerning crypto-advertisements on platforms such as Google and Facebook, Binance’s progress in ... (Read More...)

Polkadot Could Become FC Barcelona’s Official Jersey Sponsor

CryptoPotato (2 hours ago)

FC Barcelona will choose between Polkadot and Spotify for its new official jersey sponsor. (Read More...) (KAVA) Struggles to Hold on Above $3 Support

BeInCrypto (2 hours ago) (KAVA) has broken down from a long-term pattern and is at risk of breaking down below a crucial horizontal support area. This would have bearish ramifications for the future movement. The post (KAVA) Struggles to Hold on Above $3 Support appeared first on BeInCrypto. (Read More...)

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Undeterred by Cryptocurrency Sell-Off

U.Today (2 hours ago)

Former Goldman Sachs boss Lloyd Blankfein believes that crypto is still happening despite the massive drawdown in prices (Read More...)

Macro ‘contagion’ sends bitcoin to lowest level in six months

The Block (2 hours ago)

Even crypto bull Su Zhu said the macro environment is more problematic for crypto than he originally anticipated. (Read More...)

ICOWAs Now Exist in Crypto

Crypto Daily (2 hours ago)

From a single crypto to over fifteen thousand, the cryptocurrency space has expanded exponentially, dizzying financial regulatory institutions. A reliable fund-raising solution is needed for its growth to continue, but new projects find themselves wading through fumbled regulations. So what’s nex... (Read More...)

Crypto investor resolve tested to the max

Crypto Daily (2 hours ago)

Markets are awash with red. They have been for the last few weeks. Bitcoin is down 52% from its high in early November, and the rest of the crypto market is down a similar amount. The average retail investor is looking into the abyss. If you are a recent investor in crypto then you are probably a... (Read More...)

Next Earth Brings The Real World Into The Metaverse

Decrypt (2 hours ago)

Decentralized metaverse platform Next Earth is a digital twin of the globe, where users can buy up plots of virtual land that represent real places. (Read More...)

First-Ever NFT Collection of 2CrazyNFT: Mario Chalmers Now Available on Binance NFT Marketplace

Crypto Daily (2 hours ago)

With aims to give players rampant excitement, 2CrazyNFT partners with Mario Chalmers, an American professional basketball player for its debut NFT collection. The exclusive NFT collection will be released on the Binance NFT Marketplace on the 4th of February 2022. The NFT drop will also constitut... (Read More...)

Blockchain-enabled digital fashion creates new business models for brands

CoinTelegraph (2 hours ago)

A “digital-first” model is disrupting the fashion sector, as blockchain technology shows advanced capabilities in Web3 e-commerce and sustainability. (Read More...)

Timechain Launches Liquidity Pools and Farming on Its DEX: Details

U.Today (2 hours ago)

Timechain, an aggregator of decentralized exchanges on Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Ethereum, unveils new liquidity programs (Read More...)

Pets in the Metaverse

Cryptomode (2 hours ago)

There’s no doubt that you have heard some level of buzzwords in your day to day activities when it comes to NFTs and the Metaverse. But what does it all mean, and how can you best show up – be it for a creative outlet, building, investing, and collecting? Digital collectibles are far more impactf... (Read More...)

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