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Neon District x CoinGecko NFT
Valid until 30 May 2021
3000 Candies / 317 Left
How To Use
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Get Neon and begin your journey into Neon District by purchasing characters, weapons, armor, and other in-game resources. All characters, weapons, and armor are NFTs that are transferable and can also be leveled up. Each NFT is uniquely different and are subject to having their own price/value, created by the player-driven economy. Sign up here:

Terms and Conditions
  • Once you redeem your candies, you will be given a custom url that is charged with 300 Neon.
  • Create a Neon District account to begin or if you have one, the Neon will be added to your account (through the url).
  • Claiming and using Neon is free in Neon District (
  • No Cap on Candies/Neon Redeeming (3,000 Candies : 300 Neon per claim)
  • Candies used for redemption are non-refundable.

Neon District is a free-to-play, cyberpunk, role-playing game created by Blockade Games. It features collectible NFTs on the Ethereum and Matic/Polygon networks. Players can compete in several forms of competitive, multiplayer modes: PvP, Neon Pizza (Delivery, Ambushing, Fencing). Neon Pizza is the play-to-earn model that allows players to be able to directly earn Neon through 3 different avenues, including different tiers for more experienced players. Neon is the in-game resource within Neon District that can be used to upgrade weapons, armor, and characters.

Learn more by visiting the official channels:

3000 Candies
317 Left