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"What is is an upcoming marketplace for extraordinary or premium domain names and blockchain-based NFT domains to be bought and sold via blockchain transactions. will highlight as a decentralized marketplace to tap into the soon-to-be $1000 billion domain name industry. We are proud to present the first P2P blockchain-based domain name marketplace. All transactions on Quik com will be based on protocols such as Ethereum, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721, BEP-1155 to build a completely decentralized and safe environment; open for anyone who wishes to create a listing.

What makes the project outstanding?
The primary feature of the concept that distinguishes it as unique and unexplored is the fact that the blockchain sector has not yet delved into domain names. The golden opportunity here is the domain name market, which is seeing huge growth and is expected to reach a total value of $1 trillion by 2027. will be the first of its kind to innovate a system to facilitate the sale and purchase of both - domain names and NFT domains over blockchain transactions. With a dedicated and passionate team, will provide an all-in-one marketplace solution and fulfill a large fraction of the market demands soon.

What is the target for
Our primary goal is to achieve the top spot as an open listing marketplace for domain names and blockchain-based NFT domains. Our team will work towards making a showcase of the largest collection of the aforementioned digital assets. Our target is simple, to be a: world-renowned pioneer in the niche of blockchain-based P2P marketplace platforms and provide users with a decentralized method of buying domain names and NFT domains via blockchain with all the perks that it provides. With the team striving towards the goal every day, the target doesn't seem too far to be taken down.

What is the vision for
Quik's team strives towards the vision of creating a simple platform for a marketplace that will decentralize the sale of domain names for the first time. A P2P marketplace that facilitates the listing and selling of domain names on the blockchain. Additionally, we work towards becoming facilitators of the progress of Web3 by soon introducing blockchain domains on the market. We look forward to a decentralized web for all.

What is the technical framework of the project? will run on transactions via Ethereum as well as Binance smart chain on the basis of ETH-721, ETH-1155, BEP-721, and BEP-1155 protocols. All transaction data will be collected, compiled, and recorded based on these protocols. On a similar note, with the continuous expansion of the crypto world and the addition of newer protocols frequently, will keep up with the pace and add more protocols to its system base in the long run.

How is innovating technologically?
Quik is developing novel methods for integrating blockchain transactions into the domain name market. The domain name industry has massive potential and since it hasn't been tapped into by blockchain, there exists a gap to be filled. This gap will be filled by that will allow its users to buy and sell domain names using blockchain transactions. Along with the sale and purchase of conventional and premium domain names over blockchain, will also have a listing for blockchain domain names as an innovative measure towards the normalization of Web3.

What are the current challenges in the industry?
Since there has not been much innovation in the domain name industry since its advent, there are a lot of issues that decelerate the pace of improvement, development, and growth of the industry. The big names in the industry control most of the supply and keep the entry of the novice in check. This creates hindrances for new ventures trying to climb up the chain of the domain industry. This, in the long run also curbs innovation. The payment methods have been the same for too long a time now. The problems with the delays in the verification of payments, which may sometimes go up to 15 business days, still exist but are ignored. Additionally, the risk of loss of data and the little to the non-existent guarantee of security does not help much with the way the domain name industry runs these days.

What is the solution proposed by Quik?
Blockchains provide a comprehensive answer to the challenges that the domain name market is now experiencing. This is exactly what Quik plans to implement in its upcoming open market platform. Ethereum and the Binance smart chain will be used in all transactions on the platform, which will use protocols such as eth-721, 1155, and Bep-721, 1155 to complete the transaction. These transactions will make the procedure hassle-free, fast, and far more secure than anything we could imagine. Aside from that, the decentralized system ensures complete transparency throughout the entire process while also providing a sense of anonymity to both the seller and the buyer involved in the transaction. By merging all of the benefits that come with blockchain transactions with the thriving domain name sector, a large number of problems that have existed for some time can be eradicated from their source.

Who are the main competitors for's top rivals in the industry will most certainly be and in the domain name industry niche. These are well-established names in the industry and competing with them will be the main focus of Although both of these are markets for domain names, the blockchain transactions on Quik will set it aside from them when it launches. With regard to NFT domains, Unstoppabledomains which is one of the largest NFT domains marketplaces as of now will be the top competitor that Quik will face in the NFT domains niche once it launches for the market.

What makes the project superior to its peers?
The domain name Industry has many well-established names that will be the top rivals for after its launch. Although some competitors do accept payment in bitcoin on request, there isn't any platform that acts as a dedicated blockchain-based market for domain names. Hence, the integration of blockchain transactions via ETH and BEP on the platform will give a major upper hand over its competitors. Since, the domain name industry doesn't have a blockchain dedicated platform that enables people to purchase domain names over blockchains, Quik will be the first of its kind to bring this kind of innovation to the industry. Secondly, NFT domains are constantly growing with demands growing everyday. Here quik will arrive as a major competitor showcasing a large number of NFT domains which will only grow in number as Quik progresses. It will also help other established names in the market develop the ecosystem and provide a necessary push towards the future of digital assets."


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