Admit One (ADMIT)

On 14 watchlists
0.89900 ETH -17.9%
Floor Price ($1,505.49)
899.00 ETH -17.9%
Market Cap ($1,505,494)
0 ETH 0%
24h Volume ($0.00)
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What is Admit One?

Admit One (ADMIT) is an NFT collection. Admit One (ADMIT) price floor today is $1,505.49, with a 24 hour sales volume of 0 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 1,000 NFTs minted, held by 773 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $1,505,494.

Admit One is a 1,000 member private group of Web3 enthusiasts, builders, and thought leaders. The NFT acts as the entry ticket to this diverse and dynamic community. Do dope shit with dope people. To learn more please read the manifesto.

Where to buy Admit One NFT?

You can buy and sell Admit One (ADMIT) on X2Y2, OpenSea, Blur, and LooksRare.

How many Admit One NFTs are there?

There is a total of 1,000 unique NFTs in the Admit One collection.

How many holders are collecting the Admit One NFT?

There is a total 773 unique addresses that are holding the ADMIT NFT.

ADMIT Market Statistics
ADMIT Floor Price
0.89900 ETH
Market Cap
899.00 ETH
24h Volume
24h Sales
0 0.0%
24h Average Sale Price
- 0.0%
773 0.1%
Total Assets
All-Time High
24.75 ETH -96.4%
Jul 06, 2022 (about 1 year)
All-Time Low
0.899 ETH 0.0%
Oct 01, 2023 (about 3 hours)


Affiliate disclosures
# Marketplace 24h Volume ADMIT Floor Price Creator's Fee Last Updated
1 X2Y2 0 ETH 15.00000 ETH 10.0% 29 minutes Buy/Sell
2 OpenSea 0 ETH 1.02400 ETH 0.5% 29 minutes Buy/Sell
3 Blur 0 ETH 0.89900 ETH 0.5% 29 minutes Buy/Sell
4 LooksRare 0 ETH 1.34725 ETH 0.5% about 2 months Buy/Sell

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