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MetaHero Identities are a collection of heroes, villains, and mutants native to the MetaHero Universe. The Core Collection consists of 146 fully-matched MetaHero concept characters, including two special mints, collaboratively designed by project creatives Chris Wahl and Odious. Generative MetaHero Identities (max supply of 9,678) can be minted at any time by redeeming MintPass #1, the signature NFT reservation system developed by Pixel Vault.

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Floor Price
3.0 ETH
Last 7 Days
$11,584.34 -13.0%
Market Cap
16,209.0 ETH
$62,590,164.18 -11.7%
24h Volume
27.89 ETH
Highest Sale Price
32.0 ETH
2,819 -0.0%
Last 7 Days
Total Assets

MetaHero NFT is trading at a floor price of $11,584.34. There is a total of 5403 NFTs minted held by 2819 unique owners with a total market cap of $62,590,164.18.

MetaHero Floor Price Chart

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