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The Vogu Collective (VGT)

VGT Floor Price
0.03000000 ETH
$54.86 2.4%
Market Cap
233.310 ETH
$426,609 2.4%
24h Volume
0.06560000 ETH
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What is The Vogu Collective?

The Vogu Collective (VGT) is an NFT collection. The Vogu Collective (VGT) price floor today is $54.86, with a 24 hour sales volume of 0.06560000 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 7,777 NFTs minted, held by 2,737 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $426,609.

The Vogu NFT collection marks the beginning of an immersive, multimedia art and storytelling initiative. Our randomized NFT collection contains 7,777 unique robot avatars—these designs have narrative significance within our project’s lore. This lore introduces an expansive fictional universe which will serve as the basis for future stories, characters, and art, all woven across different forms of media. Your robot avatar is your ticket into the greater Vogu Metaverse—giving you exclusive access to stories, assets, and collabs.

Where to buy The Vogu Collective NFT?

You can buy and sell The Vogu Collective (VGT) on OpenSea and LooksRare.

How many The Vogu Collective NFTs are there?

There is a total of 7,777 unique NFTs in the The Vogu Collective collection.

How many holders are collecting the The Vogu Collective NFT?

There is a total 2,737 unique addresses that are holding the VGT NFT.

VGT Market Statistics

The Vogu Collective Floor Price Today
VGT Floor Price 0.03000000 ETH
Market Cap 233.310 ETH
24h Volume 0.06560000 ETH
Owners 2,737 0.0%
Total Assets 7,777
# Marketplace 24h Volume VGT Floor Price Last Updated
1 OpenSea 0.06560000 ETH 0.03000000 ETH less than a minute Buy/Sell
2 LooksRare 0.000000000000000000 ETH 0.06900000 ETH less than a minute Buy/Sell

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