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Top NFT Collection Prices Ranked by 24H Trading Volume

Explore all the top NFT collections by price floor, market cap, and total volume. We aggregate NFT from various blockchains such as Etheruem, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Klaytn, and more.

# NFT Floor Price 24h 7d Market Cap 24h Volume Owners 24h Owners
2501 ApexWolves NFT
0.01 ETH
0.4% apexwolves nft 7d floor price chart
50.53 ETH
0.0 ETH
3,014 0.0%
2502 NovaNauts Pass
0.0007 ETH
0.4% novanauts pass 7d floor price chart
0.3409 ETH
0.0 ETH
481 0.0%
2503 Bullrun Babes
0.039 ETH
0.7% bullrun babes 7d floor price chart
106.353 ETH
0.0 ETH
952 0.0%
2504 Bored Ape Comic
0.005 ETH
0.7% bored ape comic 7d floor price chart
49.95 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,689 0.0%
0.003 ETH
3.9% 7d floor price chart
29.961 ETH
0.0 ETH
3,018 0.0%
2506 Origamasks
0.056 ETH
1.6% origamasks 7d floor price chart
0.0 ETH
? 0.0%
2507 Daffy Panda Ganging Up
0.18887743 BNB
1.0% daffy panda ganging up 7d floor price chart
1,446.8011138 BNB
0.0 BNB
2,292 0.0%
2508 Allan Kingdom
0.18 ETH
0.4% allan kingdom 7d floor price chart
18.9 ETH
0.0 ETH
69 0.0%
2509 Alpha Prestige - Fusionist
3.23 ETH
2.0% alpha prestige - fusionist 7d floor price chart
1,615.0 ETH
0.0 ETH
329 0.6%
499094.153516876 KLAY
-0.1% meta kongz 7d floor price chart
140,744,551.291759 KLAY
0.0 KLAY
190 0.0%
2511 FounderPass
0.0049 ETH
0.4% founderpass 7d floor price chart
34.1285 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,050 0.0%
2512 CryptoDudes Brotherhood
0.0095 ETH
0.4% cryptodudes brotherhood 7d floor price chart
21.109 ETH
0.0 ETH
703 0.0%
2513 Grady
0.085 ETH
0.4% grady 7d floor price chart
30.09 ETH
0.0 ETH
157 0.0%
2514 Incognito
0.01 ETH
0.4% incognito 7d floor price chart
99.9 ETH
0.0 ETH
3,217 0.0%
2515 Being-There-Sound
0.028 ETH
0.4% being-there-sound 7d floor price chart
3.78 ETH
0.0 ETH
88 0.0%
2516 SYL - Dawn of East
1515.90043881308 KLAY
-0.8% syl - dawn of east 7d floor price chart
13,859,877.712068 KLAY
0.0 KLAY
2,500 0.0%
2517 Proud Lions Club-Official
0.045 ETH
0.4% proud lions club-official 7d floor price chart
90.63 ETH
0.0 ETH
354 0.0%
2518 The Family Mooks by Doodle Labs
0.028 ETH
0.4% the family mooks by doodle labs 7d floor price chart
0.0 ETH
? 0.0%
2519 Josie
3.49999999 ETH
0.4% josie 7d floor price chart
1,263.49999639 ETH
0.0 ETH
172 0.0%
2520 The GFT Shoppe: Atari 50th Anniversary Commemorative Collection
0.005969 ETH
0.1% the gft shoppe: atari 50th anniversary commemorative collection 7d floor price chart
59.57062 ETH
0.0 ETH
4,216 0.0%
2521 Waterbomb League
191.159423227175 KLAY
-2.1% waterbomb league 7d floor price chart
597,182.038161695 KLAY
0.0 KLAY
616 0.0%
2522 Arbi Rock
0.01 ETH
-3.3% arbi rock 7d floor price chart
10.0 ETH
0.0 ETH
153 0.0%
2523 Brotchain
0.65 ETH
0.4% brotchain 7d floor price chart
330.85 ETH
0.0 ETH
327 0.0%
2524 Noble Cards: Season One
0.117 ETH
0.4% noble cards: season one 7d floor price chart
3.627 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,180 0.0%
2525 RENGA Black Box
2.8 ETH
2.2% renga black box 7d floor price chart
4,300.8 ETH
0.0 ETH
778 -0.1%
2526 Genesis Bloodshed Bears
0.005 ETH
0.4% genesis bloodshed bears 7d floor price chart
35.0 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,191 0.0%
2527 Waifusion
0.0328 ETH
-2.8% waifusion 7d floor price chart
537.2312 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,211 0.0%
2528 VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead
0.2682 ETH
10.7% vox collectibles: the walking dead 7d floor price chart
2,168.397 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,940 0.0%
2529 Riot Racers Gas Stations
17.77 ETH
0.4% riot racers gas stations 7d floor price chart
355.4 ETH
0.0 ETH
19 0.0%
2530 TinyNinjas
0.014 ETH
0.4% tinyninjas 7d floor price chart
7.028 ETH
0.0 ETH
356 0.0%
2531 JungleKing Official
0.0026 ETH
0.7% jungleking official 7d floor price chart
12.7088 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,096 0.0%
2532 Castaways - The Raft
17.0 ETH
-6.1% castaways - the raft 7d floor price chart
1,700.0 ETH
0.0 ETH
67 0.0%
2533 Gaia Kronos
4479.6444533812 KLAY
15.0% gaia kronos 7d floor price chart
9,752,185.97501087 KLAY
0.0 KLAY
651 0.0%
2534 Poolside Music
0.188 ETH
0.4% poolside music 7d floor price chart
17.296 ETH
0.0 ETH
71 0.0%
2535 Scion Sphynx Council
0.08905178352 BNB
0.8% scion sphynx council 7d floor price chart
180.7751205456 BNB
0.0 BNB
252 0.0%
2536 imToken & ECN Community AMA
0.0007 ETH
0.6% imtoken & ecn community ama 7d floor price chart
8.0899 ETH
0.0 ETH
11,463 0.0%
2537 Grailers
2.48 ETH
0.4% grailers 7d floor price chart
1,641.76 ETH
0.0 ETH
434 0.0%
2538 Tennis Champs Genesis
0.0909 ETH
0.4% tennis champs genesis 7d floor price chart
302.8788 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,154 0.0%
0.002 ETH
0.6% super man 7d floor price chart
19.896 ETH
0.0 ETH
310 0.0%
2540 slenderbodies
0.3 ETH
0.4% slenderbodies 7d floor price chart
7.5 ETH
0.0 ETH
21 0.0%
2541 Blokpax Razz
0.05 ETH
0.7% blokpax razz 7d floor price chart
2.85 ETH
0.0 ETH
20 0.0%
0.000059 ETH
-1.9% lego pirate captain 7d floor price chart
0.2065 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,530 0.0%
2543 Goblin Land NFT
0.0059 ETH
0.4% goblin land nft 7d floor price chart
11.7941 ETH
0.0 ETH
906 -0.1%
2544 Ben Mezrich Project - Meme Stock Collection
0.0098 ETH
0.4% ben mezrich project - meme stock collection 7d floor price chart
58.7902 ETH
0.0 ETH
3,269 0.0%
2545 lobster
0.002 ETH
0.6% lobster 7d floor price chart
0.032 ETH
0.0 ETH
33 0.0%
2546 Stupid Daddy
0.00254 ETH
0.4% stupid daddy 7d floor price chart
4.23164 ETH
0.0 ETH
62 0.0%
2547 Scolla
0.1 ETH
7.7% scolla 7d floor price chart
2.5 ETH
0.0 ETH
23 0.0%
0.0022 ETH
-3.5% pirate treasure  7d floor price chart
0.11 ETH
0.0 ETH
37 0.0%
2549 Mongen
0.01544089416 BNB
0.6% mongen 7d floor price chart
323.19335566296 BNB
0.0 BNB
561 0.4%
2550 Rebel Seals Club | RSC
0.1 ETH
0.6% rebel seals club | rsc 7d floor price chart
999.7 ETH
0.0 ETH
2,404 0.0%
2551 Sassy Walrus
0.0032 ETH
0.4% sassy walrus 7d floor price chart
2.5856 ETH
0.0 ETH
356 0.0%
2552 STB_PFP
308.504940260005 KLAY
0.6% stb_pfp 7d floor price chart
85,147.3635117614 KLAY
0.0 KLAY
112 0.0%
2553 GGoose NFT
0.514131996 BNB
0.8% ggoose nft 7d floor price chart
2,813.330282112 BNB
0.0 BNB
846 0.0%
2554 Farmers Marketverse Patrons
0.002 ETH
0.5% farmers marketverse patrons 7d floor price chart
9.996 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,536 0.0%
2555 grimbogs by bedbugs
0.0005 ETH
0.4% grimbogs by bedbugs 7d floor price chart
4.976 ETH
0.0 ETH
3,096 0.0%
2556 Cheers UP Official
0.5189 ETH
0.2% cheers up official 7d floor price chart
2,024.2289 ETH
0.0 ETH
1,502 0.2%
2557 Bit Bears by Berachain
1.2 ETH
-3.3% bit bears by berachain 7d floor price chart
2,608.8 ETH
0.0 ETH
538 0.2%

What Are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset or a unique identifier that assigns, links, or proves ownership of unique physical and digital goods. These goods can be anything ranging from artwork, music, digital real estate, or videos.

In simple terms, NFTs are unique crypto tokens managed on a blockchain and they can be considered as modern-day collectibles.

Each NFT is coded with a unique ID and other metadata that are impossible to replicate on other tokens. The blockchain acts as a decentralized ledger that is used to track the transaction history and ownership of the NFT, and this makes it difficult to be counterfeited or altered.

Any digital object can become an NFT and anyone can make an NFT. To convert a digital object to an NFT, you just need to mint or put the object on the blockchain as a token and put the digital artwork for sale. NFT creators can choose to attach a commission to the file and get paid for every sale or resale of the file.

What is a NFT floor price?

Floor price refers to the lowest price for an NFT collection that someone can buy directly from the market.

How to Calculate NFT Floor Prices?

NFT floor price is the lowest price an individual is willing to sell an NFT for.

Alternatively, the NFT floor price can also be the lowest amount of ETH a person is able to spend to own an NFT or become a member of an NFT project.

NFT floor price is often determined and set by the owner of the NFT. The seller can decide to choose a floor price that is less than that of other similar NFTs within the NFT project.

Knowing how to calculate the floor price of an NFT will save you the trouble of making a bad investment.

In most cases, NFT investors use the floor price to determine the rarity of an NFT and find out if the NFT project has the chance of appreciating in value.

The major determinant of the value of NFT floor price is the demand. If the NFT is in high demand, the seller will not want to sell it at a price lower than the value of other NFTs in the project.

But if the reverse is the case and the demand for the NFT is low, the seller will most likely pick a low floor price in order to sell out the NFT quickly before it freezes out.

As stated above, the floor price of an NFT is determined by the demand for the NFT.

Below are factors that can affect the demand for an NFT and ultimately affect the floor price of NFTs:
- The utility of the NFT
- The uniqueness of the product
- Creator's popularity
- The product appeal to a wide range of buyers
- The diversity of the NFT creators

How Do NFTs Differ From Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are identical to each other and can serve as a medium of commercial exchange, NFTs on the other hand, cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency.

This is because they are not identical to each other.

Fungible items like cryptocurrency and fiat money can be exchanged with one another without losing value because their value is not tied to their uniqueness.

An example of a fungible item is a dollar bill. Every $1 bill has the same value, so exchanging one bill with another bill that has a different serial number will in no way reduce the value of the $1 bill.

The reverse is the case with NFTs. Each token is unique and is not always worth the same amount as other similar tokens.

Why Do NFTs Have Value?

The primary reason for NFT value is that each token is unique and cannot be interchanged.

NFTs are also valuable because they help verify the authenticity and ownership of a non-fungible asset.

Even though these digital assets may be duplicated, the original is unique and irreplaceable. Plainly put, the value of NFTs is tied to the non-fungibility of the tokens.

Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs cannot be broken down into smaller units. Fungible tokens such as bitcoin are divisible into smaller units. For instance, bitcoin can be split into Satoshi.

The implication of this is that even though an NFT asset can be copied, the digital certificate of ownership that can be bought or sold along with the artwork can't be duplicated.

Only the original asset has the ownership certificate. So while other people may have access to the asset, none of them can claim ownership of it. Even though the NFTs are virtual, the fact that their ownership and authenticity can be verified makes them valuable.

What are NFTs Used For?

NFT buyers can choose to do whatever they like with their NFT after purchase. In most cases, the use of the NFT is dependent on what type of NFT it is.

Some may choose to hold NFTs that they believe will have long-term value, while others may sell their NFTs after buying just to make some profit. Savvy NFT traders take advantage of price fluctuations and actively trade NFTs to generate profit.

On the other hand, some NFT buyers like art collectors are not interested in reselling the NFT. They buy NFTs because they like collecting them. This group of buyers derive joy from knowing that they are the sole owners of certain digital assets.

Also, the importance and uses of NFTs keeps increasing as more categories are being discovered.

Below are some things you can use NFTs for:

1. Verifying the Authenticity of Products

NFTs are used to store information regarding the manufacturing process and ownership of a product on the blockchain.

This information cannot be tampered with or duplicated.

The fact that all this information about a product can be accessed easily helps to solve the problem of the circulation of fake copies of a product.

2. Gaming Industry

The uses of NFTs in the gaming industry cannot be overemphasized. Game developers use NFTs to create a constant stream of revenue by having gamers buy and trade in-game NFT items.

The use of NFTs in the gaming industry also enables gamers to make easier and safer transactions devoid of middlemen within the blockchain.

3. Intellectual Property and Patents

You can use NFTs to protect intellectual property and patents and also prove your ownership of any piece of digital content.

The traditional IP right tools like trademarks and copyrights are not as efficient as NFTs when it comes to protecting and proving the real ownership of a piece of content.

With NFTs, the creator of content can prove that he is the original creator of a digital asset at any given time.

4. Utility in the Metaverse

NFTs play a leading role in shaping the virtual reality future like the metaverse.

Literally, every item sold in the metaverse is an NFT. Transactions are already being made in the metaverse using NFT coins.

The future avatar of every metaverse user is also an NFT.

How to Mint NFTs

Anyone can mint NFTs. This minting can be done on many of the available NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible.

Because many of these marketplaces are only available on the Ethereum network, you must have Ethereum's native currency Ether, and a wallet compatible with the Ethereum network to be able to mint NFTs.

The process of minting NFTs in each marketplace may be slightly different, but they are similar. The major difference in the minting process is the fees charged by each marketplace.

The minting steps below are applicable to most marketplaces:

Step 1: Create a Crypto Exchange Account.

You will need Ether in your wallet to pay the minting fee.

Step 2: Create a Crypto Wallet

To get started with the minting process you need to open a crypto wallet and connect it to the NFT Marketplace.

If you are using a wallet like Coinbase or MetaMask, you may be asked to connect your wallet through a QR code scanner on your smartphone or download the wallet to your computer.

Step 3: Send Ether to your Wallet

After setting up your wallet, the next thing to do is to send Ether from your exchange to your wallet.

In most cases, you will be able to send crypto to a wallet with a public address.

Your wallet's public address will always be visible when you open your wallet plugin on the browser or on your smartphone.

Step 4: Connect Your Wallet

After opening your wallet, go to the website of the platform you are using and click on the profile option.

When you do this, you will see an option for connecting your wallet to the marketplace.

Select the option.

Once the wallet is connected and your marketplace profile has been created, you will need to complete your profile by entering a username and your email address to verify your account.

Your profile can include information such as what type of crypto you accept as payment, your website, and social media link, and some information about yourself.

Step 5: Mint Your NFT

To mint your NFT, click on the "Create" button. When you do this you will be redirected to a page where you will upload your NFT.

Ensure that your NFT is in a format that is allowed by the marketplace.

Name your NFT and upload it, then scroll down and click on "Create".

Once you do this your NFT will be on the marketplace.

Step 6: Sell Your NFT

After creating your NFT, you will need to list it for sale.

To do this, click on the "Sell" option on your NFT page. You will be redirected to a new page where you can choose to sell your NFT for a fixed price or auction it.

If you are selling at a fixed price, set the price you want to sell at, then complete the listing.

Before finally listing your NFT for sale, your platform may ask you to initialize your wallet. You will also need to confirm the selling price through your wallet.

Once this is done, your NFT has been minted and is ready for sale.