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tokamak network  (TON)

Tokamak Network (TON)

$6,92 11.8%
0,00017990 BTC -1.2%
0,00294808 ETH 0.8%
746 persoane apreciază asta
24H Range
Capitalizare la bursă $259.224.373
Vol. tranzacționare pe 24 ore $91.493.969
Rezervă circulantă 37.456.280
Total Supply 50.000.000
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Tokamak Network (TON) Price Chart

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TON Price and Market Stats

Prețul pentru TON $6,92
Capitalizare la bursă $259.224.373
Dominanță capitalizare la bursă 0,02%
Volumul de tranzacționare $91.493.969
Volum/Capitalizare la bursă 0.353
Minim în 24 ore / Maxim în 24 ore $6,17 / $7,09
Minimum 7z / Maximum 7 z $4,10 / $6,94
Rang capitalizare la bursă #162
Maxim istoric $30,51 -77.3%
Apr 02, 2021 (4 luni)
Minim istoric $1,34 417.9%
Sep 11, 2020 (11 luni)

Despre Tokamak Network

Prețul Tokamak Network (TON) de astăzi este de $6,92 cu volum de tranzacționare în 24 de ore de $91.493.969. Prețul a crescut cu 11.8% în ultimele 24 de ore. Are o rezervă circulantă de 37 Milion monede și o rezervă maximă de 50 Milion monede.Upbit este în prezent cea mai activă piață pentru tranzacții cu acestea.

Tokamak Network is a platform that assures decentralized and secure property same as Ethereum Main chain while supporting high level of scalability and extendability. Each Dapp is built easily for specific purpose through Tokamak Network.

Tokamak Network has each Dapp to operate in its own chain. Plasma Chains are connected to Ethereum’s Main Chain via the Tokamak Protocol.

t is used as an incentive to correctly decentralize the Tokamak Plasma Chain. The service operator must deposit TON to open the Plasma Chain. If the chain properly runs, this deposit will gradually increase. However, if there is a technical issue in the chain and someone who finds problem raises an issue, and then, the deposit as a reward will go to that person (challenger).

Moreover, TON is also used to charge Stamina, which is the transaction fee in Plasma Chain. The stamina will be recharged after a certain period. It does not disappear until it is withdrawn.

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