IoTeX Mainnet GA (Machina)

IoTeX Mainnet GA (Machina) in approximately

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IoTeX will be launching an upgraded version of their main network called Mainnet GA "Machina" on June 1st (PDT)

Some of the highlights in this upgrade includes the following :-

  1. Pantheon - Blockchain platform primed for enterprise IOT
  2. IoTeX Platform 2.0 - Optimization improvements to the IoTeX network
  3. Halo - Grant programs for developers
  4. Hermes - Automated reward systems for delegates and voters
  5. Native Staking v2 - Scalable staking on the IoTeX mainnet


Pantheon is IoTeX’s enterprise-ready consortium blockchain designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Pantheon will allows enterprises to participate and form a consortium blockchain within IoTeX. This will allow the facilitation of IOT devices sharing data and governance within the blockchain itself.


Halo is a developer programme which provides funding and technical support to developers looking to build in the IoTeX ecosystem. Anyone can apply for the Halo grant by submitting an application. More information can be obtained from


In the past delegates have to either manually manage payouts or write their own third party scripts to handle reward distribution.
Hermes is a smart contract-based reward distribution system developed by the IoTeX foundation in order to streamline and optimized automated staking payouts for delegates to voters.

Native Staking v2

v2 upgrade to staking on IoTeX brings new features such as lower fees, high speed staking, and instead of relying on a smart contract, it is built natively into IoTeX. For more information, visit

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