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808 شخص أعجبهم هذا
bismuth  (BIS)

Bismuth (BIS)

$0.097243860896 0.6%
0.00000227 BTC -1.8%
808 شخص أعجبهم هذا
24H Range
القيمة السوقية $2,349,494
حجم التداول على مدار 24 ساعة $674.73
المعروض المتداول 24,160,847
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Bismuth (BIS) Price Chart

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1 س
24 ساعة
7 أيام
30 يومًا

BIS Price and Market Stats

سعر BIS $0.097243860896
القيمة السوقية $2,349,494
سيطرة رسملة السوق 0.00%
حجم التداول $674.73
الحجم / القيمة السوقية 0.0003
24 ساعة منخفضة / 24 ساعة عالية $0.094987100353 / $0.188189
7d منخفض / 7d مرتفع $0.092291165800 / $0.335536
تصنيف القيمة السوقية #1647
رقم قياسي $8.94 -98.9%
Jan 12, 2018 (أكثر من 3 سنوات)
انخفاض قياسي $0.001182305227 8124.9%
Jul 06, 2020 (حوالي سنة)

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حول Bismuth

سعر Bismuth (BIS)اليوم هو $0.097243860896 بحجم تداول على مدى 24 ساعة قدره $674.73.ارتفع السعر بمقدار 0.6% في آخر 24 ساعة.لها معروض متداول قدره 24 مليون عملة وأقصى معروض قدره ∞ عملة.qTrade هو أكثر الأسواق نشاطًا من حيث التداول في الوقت الحالي.

Bismuth, a digital distributed self-regulating database system whose primary application is currency, and its first application is mining. It comes with a set of DAPPs out-of-the-box. Bismuth is not based on the code of BTC or any of its derivates, it is only inspired by some ideas laid down by Satoshi Nakamoto (BitCoin), Sunny King (Peercoin), NXT and ETH developers. Bismuth does not draw any code from other repositories, instead, it reformulates the cryptocurrency code in its own terms to be easily readable, compatible across all platforms, integrated into business solutions with utmost ease and most importantly open for development to a wide public through its simplicity while minimizing the security risk for custom code implementations.

Bismuth is a decentralized transaction platform focused on modularity and open source approach. It comes with default decentralized applications and tools out of the box, not only to be used by everyone but also to be hosted by anyone. These applications are supplied as interpretation engines, which prevents blockchain bloat. Inspired by Satoshi’s whitepaper, Bismuth also offers optional hyperblocks as a pruning mechanism, a system which greatly reduces disk space usage and increases execution speed.

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