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    Changelog Speaker Spotlight - Toby Hoenisch, CEO & Co-founder of TenX

    Kristian Kho September 03, 2019 - Posted by Kristian Kho on Coverage

    CoinGecko will be hosting sixteen exciting crypto projects at the upcoming Changelog stage during Invest Asia 2019 happening on 11-12 September 2019. The Changelog stage offers projects the opportunity to share important updates and development roadmap with conference attendees.

    This edition's Changelog Speaker Spotlight brings you Toby Hoenisch, CEO and Co-founder of TenX. A serial entreprenerial with a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence, Toby has founded and led various tech startups in the Tech and Fintech industry. All of which culminated to the foundation of TenX, which brings him closer to his mission to bring the massive benefits of blockchain to the masses.

    TenX is a Singapore-based blockchain company that makes cryptocurrencies instantly spendable anytime, anywhere. Providing people with the opportunity to make everyday purchases and withdraw money using their TenX Card.

    1) What is the main thing you will be highlighting at TenX?

    At Invest:Asia, I will share my vision on transitioning the world from old money to programmable money. 

    2) What’s the biggest challenge TenX faced this year and how was it resolved?

    In 2017, we had a product that fit the crypto market perfectly. In the interim, we have faced challenges with our card partners as well as a switch in the market. We’ve learnt that at low points, the most important thing to do is build and ensure the people you work with believe in the same long-term vision as you do. The team is constantly reviewing user feedback to ensure our product experience lends towards what our customers and our community are looking for. We are still in build mode to ensure the products suit the fast-paced market we are in. 

    3) How would you describe TenX in one line?

    TenX is a Singapore-based blockchain company that makes cryptocurrencies spendable on-the-go. The TenX Product Suite consists of the TenX Card & TenX Wallet

    4) Describe your vision for the future of TenX.

    We believe that when blockchains power financial networks and all money becomes digital, everyone will have equal access to the global economy and money will be programmable. Our mission is to transition the world from old money to programmable money by providing global banking services built on top of crypto. Our crypto banking services give users access to banking services that they do not have access to today.

    5) What do you think is the biggest hindrance/roadblock to mainstream adoption of crypto in general?

    There is still a large number of people interested in crypto, but unsure about how to get into the space. Education and making crypto easy to use will have the biggest impact in our industry and will allow us to bring crypto mainstream.

    6) What mascot would you use for your project? If you already have one, what inspired you to pick said mascot?

    We don’t have a mascot, but our logo represents the infinite possibilities that programmable money will bring to the world. 

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