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    CoinGecko Virtual Meetup Featured Guest: Alex Masmej ($ALEX)

    Jolene Tan September 21, 2020 - Posted by Jolene Tan on Coverage

    CoinGecko will be hosting our Virtual Meetup #6 this coming Tuesday, September 22 @ 10AM EST. Held monthly, CoinGecko Virtual Meetup is our live online community event where we explore different key topics in the crypto sphere and invite industry leaders to share their two satoshis.

    This month, we will be exploring the rise of social token and one of our featured guests is Alex Masmej, creator of his own token, $ALEX. To learn more about him, read on!

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself

    I’m Alex, founder in crypto, have been part of the Ethereum community for a year now, and built a few consumer applications on this blockchain.

    2. How did the idea of tokenizing yourself came about?

    When COVID hits, I got hit by a DeFi fat finger trade, and I have a mainstage talk about personal tokens. These 3 things happen in as little as a week, and I decide to fundraise $20,000 off my token $ALEX. (My token existed before, it wasn’t really used).

    3. What project(s) are you up to lately?

    I’m continuing to experiment with $ALEX, new website update (which will happen this week), new collaboration with WHALE, and social token leader. I am exploring opportunities on the side too.

    4. Can you briefly explain what are your thoughts on Social Tokens?

    Creating a community and monetization are key for all kinds of creators: politicians, artists, athletes, writers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, etc.

    Join us at CoinGecko Virtual Meetup Tuesday (22 September 2020) to learn more about the rise of Social Token. 

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