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    CoinGecko Virtual Meetup Featured Guest: Jason Choi (Head of Research at Spartan Capital)

    Stephanie Goh November 23, 2020 - Posted by Stephanie Goh on Coverage

    CoinGecko will be hosting our Virtual Meetup #8 on November 25 @ 8AM EST. Held monthly, CoinGecko Virtual Meetup is our live online community event where we explore different key topics in the crypto sphere and invite industry leaders to share their two satoshis.

    This month, we will be discussing the state of the crypto market and one of our featured guests is Jason Choi, head of research at Spartan Capital. Spartan Capital Securities, LLC is a full-service, integrated financial services firm that provides sound investment guidance for high net worth individuals and institutions.

    Read on to get to know Jason better!

    1. Can you share a bit about yourself with us?

    I’m an investor that focuses primarily on DeFi token value accrual and currently leading investment research at Spartan Capital. I also host a weekly podcast called The Blockcrunch where I talk to industry leaders in crypto weekly.

    2. What is your experience like working in The Spartan Group?

    Spartan is unique in that we technically have 3 businesses: an advisory side where we work with founders on large fundraises or M&A, and an investment side (where I spend all of my time) that runs a long-biased hedge fund and a venture fund.

    3. Currently, are there any projects that you are carrying out and can share with us?

    I’m excited about a new project we invested in called Alpha Finance - they’re a group of extremely capable people in Thailand building products for DeFi users. Their first product is a clever way to get levered yield in crypto in a time when yields are suppressed. In general people overlook Southeast Asia in crypto, but there are many strong teams here. 

    4. What are your thoughts on the crypto market this quarter? Can you briefly explain it to us?

    So far we saw narratives around DeFi being dead and then a resurgence in interest in DeFi. Within these few months, significant attention and capital have poured into the space, which financed the development of many new primitives and projects. Soon we will see the fruits of these investments come to market - from more efficient ways of trading, to better option designs and novel financial products that open DeFi up to more users.

    Join us at CoinGecko Virtual Meetup this Wednesday (25 November 2020) to learn more about the state of the crypto market.

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