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    Ethereum Classic Price at All-Time High

    CoinGecko May 01, 2017 - Posted by CoinGecko on Coverage

    Ethereum Classic price is currently trading at an all-time high of $6.55 equivalent to about ฿0.0048.

    What is Ethereum Classic?

    Ethereum Classic can be dated back to the hard fork on Ethereum during the DAO token incident. Ethereum Classic is the result of the continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain. In the blockchain includes the history of the DAO token theft. It is important to keep in mind that Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are both separate entities with different blockchain, community, and software.

    Where does Ethereum Classic go from here?

    The price of Ethereum Classic has not really been exciting ever since the hard fork. Ethereum price has seen lots of market excitement due to the possibility of the US SEC's approval of an Ethereum ETF and the platform being used to issue tokens.

    It is not known exactly as to why there is an escalating interest in Ethereum Classic which drives the recent price increase. Traders are probably speculating that a new institutional investment vehicle is on its way and would include cryptocurrency into its investment portfolio; where Ethereum Classic would be a likely candidate.

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