Koin: 4371
Pertukaran: 306
Kapitalisasi Pasar: $181.672.801.369 2,2%
Volume 24j: $35.680.549.788
BTC 51,4%
ETH 10,1%
XRP 7,81%
maidsafecoin  (MAID)
MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
$0,142572 2,4%
0,04060226 OMNI
Kapitalisasi Pasar
Volume Transaksi 24 Jam
24j Rendah / 24j Tinggi
$0,138686 / $0,142319
Suplai Tersedia
452.552.412 / 452.552.412

MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) adalah token cryptocurrency yang diterbitkan di platform Omni. Harga MaidSafeCoin (MAID) untuk hari ini adalah $0,142572 dengan volume transaksi 24 jam sebesar $387.412. Harga naik 2,4% dalam 24 jam terakhir. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 453 Juta koin dan suplai maksimum sebesar 453 Juta koin. Tempat yang paling banyak terjadi pertukaran MaidSafeCoin adalah HitBTC. Telusuri alamat dan transaksi MaidSafeCoin penelusur block seperti Informasi tambahan tentang koin MaidSafeCoin dapat ditemukan di situs web


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Volume MaidSafeCoin Berdasarkan Pertukaran

# Pusat Perdagangan Pasangan Harga Volume 24 jam Volume % Terakhir Ditukar
0,000026978 BTC
1198525,900 MAID
44,14% Barusan
0,141586 USD
710197,400 MAID
26,01% Barusan
0,00081884 ETH
558849,700 MAID
20,56% Barusan
0,00002736 BTC
244098,873 MAID
9,12% Barusan
1,643329502472688 BTS
4343,992 MAID
0,12% Barusan
0,1062166666666667 BITUSD
1291,816 MAID
0,04% Barusan
0,00215035 XMR
448,822 MAID
0,02% Barusan
0,1452676300471889 AGRS
31,866 MAID
0,00% sekitar 2 jam lalu
0,0000250599999048 BTC
0,000 MAID
sekitar 11 jam lalu
0,6010121043837823 BITCNY
0,166 MAID
sekitar 3 jam lalu
0,000 MAID
sekitar 5 jam lalu
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Statistik Ringkas
Harga MaidSafeCoin $0,142572
ROI MaidSafeCoin Beta 380%
Kapitalisasi Pasar $64.493.396
Dominasi Kapitalisasi Pasar 0,04%
Volume Transaksi $387.412
Volume / Market Cap 0.006
24j Rendah / 24j Tinggi $0,138686 / $0,142319
7h Rendah / 7h Tinggi $0.13 / $0.14
Nilai Kapitalisasi Pasar #80
Tinggi Sepanjang Waktu $1,17
Sejak Tinggi Sepanjang Waktu -88%
Tanggal Tinggi Sepanjang Waktu Jan 07, 2018 (lebih dari 1 tahun)
1 Jam 0,95%
24 Jam 2,4%
7 Hari -2,6%
14 Hari -2,7%
30 Hari 9,7%
60 Hari 23%
1 Tahun -58%
MaidSafeCoin/Rasio Bitcoin 1 BTC = 37091.14 MAID
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Info Lainnya
Tanggal permulaan April 22, 2014 (hampir 5 tahun)
Algoritme Hash -
Kecepatan Hash N/A
Waktu Blok menit
Suplai Tersedia/Total 453 Juta / 453 Juta Bagaimana penghitungannya?

Pembaruan Beam

SAFE Network Dev Update (11.04.19): an improved updated version of the SAFE Network Primer launched, a new SAFE Buzz video live together with a .NET development tutorial video. There's a beginner's guide to Self-Encryption on Medium, and PARSEC work for Fleming is nearly complete! Updated documentation for the safe_app_csharp package and SAFE Authenticator mobile more at

SAFE Network Dev Update (28.03.19): This week's news includes releases galore - including SAFEBrowser v0.12.0 and an updated POC of the SAFE Messages app v0.1.1) - which have been getting great feedback so far, plus a fascinating interview with community dev @oetyng. There's also an exciting update on the release plans for PARSEC V2 to share too. And don’t forget to check out our new DApps page on the SAFE DevHub!

SAFE Network Dev Update (22.03.19): This week, there's a new video, new releases, community API creation and documentation updates. Plus a h/t to community members for new python SAFE App API, testing the SAFE Authenticator Mobile App and providing feedback which leading to the patch release. Plus the latest in the Road to Fleming series is now live discussing Sybil resistance simulation. Read all about it at

SAFE Network Dev Update (14.3.19): The SAFE Client Libs team have released an RFC for RDF support on SAFE whilst also working at trying to make it easier for YOU to get involved with the project. We're looking forward to your comments on both. Designer Jim also make his debut in a new video series examining the roles and lives of the team. Check it out on YouTube now and read the full update at

SAFE Network Dev Update (21.2.19): Highlights this week include the release of a new version of the SAFE Mobile Authenticator, the next 'Road to Fleming' Series blog post on Sybil Resistance on the SAFE Network by the Routing team and the announcement of a SAFE Hackathon in London in the Autumn.
Read all about it - and so much more at:

SAFE Network Dev Update (28.2.19): Highlights this week include the release of a new version of the SAFE Browser: download v0.11.2 now and let us know what you think! Bart and Dug will be speaking at the SAFE Brighton Meetup on 14th March with some not-to-be-missed PARSEC content. And progress continues across all the teams, whilst we've also added the RDF stack to SAFE Client Libs.
Read it all now:

Another busy week in the SAFE Network! New Crust team members, UI/UX enhancements to the Safe Authenticator Mobile App, preparing the release of SAFE Browser V0.11.2 and safe_app_java milestone improvements, plans for the release of extensive documentation library by SAFE Client Libs, a new Routing post in the Fleming Forum series discussing the recent brainstorming sessions... Read more now at

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