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10 Best NFT Games to Play in 2022 [Part 2]

Dillon Yap -

Note: This is a follow-up piece of the first article, 10 Best NFT Games to Play in 2022

As it turns out, 10 spots were not enough to fit in all the best NFT games that 2022 has to offer! It’s no longer a monopoly or oligopoly within the play-to-earn games. High-quality and innovative games are on the rise, with many slated to launch in 2022.

Strap in your gaming chair buckle because we’re in for another ride of ANOTHER 10 Best NFT Games to Play in 2022.

Note: Games covered in this article are relatively newer NFT games that came out in late 2021, or are geared for a 2022 release. As such, older games such as Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained are not covered here.


1. Crypto Raiders

Genre: RPG / Dungeon Crawler
Ecosystem: Polygon
Launch: August 2021
Token(s): AURUM (utility), RAIDER (governance)
Cost to start: 1 Character (~0.009 ETH)
Play this if: You have an iron will to stomach hardcore, old-school dungeon crawlers

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on an NFT character, one which you’ll be sending on raid missions into dark dungeons crawling with monsters in the hopes of finding valuable treasures. In one stroke of misfortune, your character dies and you think “okay no biggie, let’s restart”, only to find out later that the NFT character is now dead - PERMANENTLY. That’s Crypto Raiders for you.

Granted, not every mission is a perma-death-trap (there are dungeons that are death-free) but these are the ones with the juiciest loot! High risk, high reward. Successful dungeon raids and quest runs by characters will let the owners earn AURUM, on top of any potential loot they discover in the process. If you fancy the idea of thwarting other players instead, you can choose to buy and stake MOBS which will spawn in dungeons and battle questing characters. If a MOBS successfully defeats a character, the owner will earn some AURUM and a portion of the character’s loot. Like other games, the success rate of a dungeon raid depends heavily on the stats of the character and its gear. 

Crypto Raiders steals a page out of the old-school hardcore RPGs book and has managed to repackage it into an innovative play-to-earn, on-chain game. It is still early in its development and promises plenty more features to come - including guilds, multiplayer raids and more. Do you have what it takes to stomach a perma-loss of your precious NFTs?


2. Treeverse

Ecosystem: Polygon / Immutable X (TBC)
Launch: Q4 2022
Token(s): SEED (utility), ROOT (governance)
Cost to start: Free
Play this if: You enjoy roaming the vast worlds of Runescape sprinkled with the tranquil setting of Stardew Valley

Treeverse has come a long way from selling trees. What was planned to be a 2D social MMO is now a sprawling play-and-earn, open-world, isometric MMORPG that is reminiscent of Runescape. Like most MMORPGs, players will have the option to train their characters up in different skills, ranging from combat-oriented ones like Melee, Magic or Range, to crafts such as Mining and Fishing. The choice is yours.

And those trees mentioned in the beginning? Thosecan be planted within the world of Treeverse which will bear fruits that can be sold or traded. Players can also purchase a Founder’s Private Plot which are land parcels where an in-game home can be built - basically a sanctuary that you can teleport to in the world of Treeverse. If rocking a 1/1 unique skin within the game tickles your fancy, you can also have a gander at their Timeless character NFTs.

The art style of Treeverse is vibrant and uplifting, one that instills a sense of tranquility and invites exploration, much like the award-winning game of Stardew Valley. Other than little sneak peeks of the game here and there, not much else about Treeverse has been revealed yet. It’ll be exciting to see what they have in store for us when they launch by the end of 2022.


3. Aavegotchi

Genre: RPG / Collectibles
Ecosystem: Polygon
Launch: Mar 2022 (Gotchiverse)
Token(s): GHST
Cost to start: 1 Gotchi (~450 GHST)
Play this if: You’ve always wanted to do more than just feeding and petting your resource-leeching Tamagotchi
Guide: How to Play Aavegotchi: A Beginner's Guide

Ever wondered how mixing DeFi with NFTs / gaming would look like? In its most literal form, that would be Aavegotchi (Aave + Tamagotchi). Gotchis, unlike certain handheld digital pets, aren’t just for show either. These are financial NFTs that are embedded with incremental, intrinsic value, thanks to the yield-bearing aTokens that are staked within every Gotchi (see how they got the name now?). 

And just like every other NFT, Gotchis also have values derived from their aesthetics and rarity but here’s where things get interesting - the rarities of Gotchis are not fixed. Rarity farming, that is to cultivate the traits and wearables of Gotchis to influence their rarity, is just one of the many ways to earn in Aavegotchi. Like Tamagotchis, players will also have to spend time bonding with their Gotchis, such as petting them on a daily basis to level up your Kinship. 

Aavegotchi has been live for quite some time now as a collectible / pet rearing game. With The Gotchiverse Realm slated to launch on March 31, Aavegotchi will then evolve to become a “DeFi MMORPG” that takes place in a vast metaverse, including land parcels (NFTs) that players can purchase to own a piece of the Gotchiverse. Other gameplay expansions include guilds, quests, crafting and more. 


4. Frontier

Genre: PvP Strategy / MOBA
Ecosystem: NFTs are on Ethereum, gameplay TBC
Launch: 2022
Token(s): DATA
Cost to start: Free
Play this if: You enjoy outwitting and outplaying opponents in competitive games such as XCOM

Compared to the other games on the list, Frontier has flown relatively under the radar despite backing from a gaming industry giant. At its core, Frontier is a sci-fi PVP strategy game that centers around using its NFT items and characters. The game is free to play but the guide highly recommends owning a complete Set of Blocks, which consists of 2 Flash Blocks (in-game abilities) and 1 Glitch Block (ultimate weapon). You can still play without any of these but winning matches against better-equipped players armed with missiles and laser guns etc. would be a Herculean, if not impossible, task.

What sets Frontier apart is its polished artwork which has produced some stunning aesthetics in its line of NFTs, especially the Watchers which are essentially character skins. If all these translate well into gameplay, we’ll be getting one sleek-looking, AAA standard play-to-earn game.

Oh and that gaming industry giant that decided to swing in as a key investor? Ubisoft.



5. Nyan Heroes

Genre: Third Person Shooter
Ecosystem: Solana
Launch: 2022
Token(s): CTNP (utility), NYN (governance)
Cost to start: Free
Play this if: You like the idea of cosplaying as a cat piloting Gundam robots in Overwatch

Nyan Heroes is an ambitious NFT project that tackles a game genre that demands absolute precision and flawless feedback - shooter. Like Overwatch and Counter Strike, Nyan Heroes will be a skill-based game that rewards the most dextrous players, allowing them to directly monetize their superior skills in this upcoming play-to-earn game. In Nyan Heroes, free players will still be able to progress in the game and even have their chance of minting a Guardian NFT later on (i.e. Nyan Heroes Gundam), but their CTNP earnings will be less than those who bought and own Genesis Guardians. 

Nyan Heroes is more of a shooter stylized with certain RPG elements, more similar to Overwatch rather than Counter Strike. Players will have access to a variety of Guardian classes that fit different playstyles, including Assassins, Medics, Brawlers and more. Land in Nekovia is also subdivided into different parcels - they essentially function like real estate in real life where players can own to set up a Nyan Heroes Guild. If you prefer to fly solo instead, there would still be chances for you to lend your skills as a mercenary to Guilds struggling with certain challenges or missions.

Quintessential to Nyan Heroes is of course cats! On top of building a competitive PVP, P2E NFT game, they are also aiming to save 1 billion of sheltered cats from euthanization in the United States. If all of these sound appealing to you, definitely give Nyan Heroes a try! 


6. Phantom Galaxies

Genre: Action RPG
Ecosystem: Polygon + Multichain
Launch: Dec 2021 (Early Alpha)
Token(s): TBC
Cost to start: Starfighter + Avatar NFTs
Play this if: Guns and cats are not your thing, but Transformers are

Another mechanized robot game! But this time, you’ll be piloting Starfighters that are capable of transforming into starship mode or classic mecha robot mode. Your moment-to-moment decision to use either mode will be a core component of Phantom Galaxies’ gameplay. To start out, each player will need to purchase a Starfighter and an Avatar NFT. 

Decking out your ride, which in this case is a sleek mechanized humanoid robot, will also have large implications for your playstyle. Frame choice, weapon loadouts, crafting, and skill point assignment are all key decisions when strategizing for combat scenarios. If that’s not already badass enough, lands in Phantom Galaxies aren’t a meager plot of land tucked in the corner of an expansive world. No, these are planets in their entirety, which are incidentally the only way for you to acquire their unnamed governance token. 

Unlike Nyan Heroes above, Phantom Galaxies is more of an ARPG instead of a shooter, introducing an open universe filled with a variety of planets for the player to explore and challenge. From what has been revealed, Phantom Galaxies looks poised to be a fast-paced, battle-focus sci-fi ARPG armed with gorgeous graphics and stunning effects


7. Big Time

Genre: Multiplayer Action RPG
Ecosystem: TBC
Launch: 2022
Token(s): Big Time Token
Cost to start: Free
Play this if: Controlling a time-traveling Kratos with your friends sounds like a good way to spend your time

Yes, it’s here. One of the most anticipated games to grace the cryptoverse this year, Big Time is an upcoming blockbuster, multiplayer, play-and-earn ARPG. The premise is simple - you team up with your friends to traverse across time and space, equipped with an arsenal of weaponry (e.g. Dual Blades, Quantum Staff) to battle through hordes of monsters. Along your journey, you will encounter a swathe of historical figures ranging from Genghis Khan to Albert Einstein. Like I said - time traveling Kratos. Unlike most games on the list, Big Time also boasts a procedurally-generated environment that can keep the gameplay fresh even for veteran players. 

Although it’s free-to-play, Big Time does require players to hold SPACE, a virtual land NFT, in order to earn its token, aptly named Big Time Token for now. Perhaps one of the most compelling features of Big Time is its team, which is composed of all-star video game veterans hailing from Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, Riot Games and more. Needless to say, these are battle-proven heavyweights capable of delivering a high-quality game, which is one of the main reasons why Big Time is often touted as the game to watch within the play-to-earn section. If its name is of any indication, the release of the game should be quite the event to watch for. 


8. Mobland (Formerly Syn City)

Genre: RPG
Ecosystem: Ethereum, with cross-chain in the future
Launch: 2022
Token(s): SYNR
Cost to start: Free
Play this if: You’ve always wanted to be paid for cosplaying as Tony Soprano or Tony Montano

Mobsters, gangsters, ruffians, mafia… Society as a whole has always had a fixation on outlaws, perhaps a culmination of our intrigue for forbidden taboos. You’ve seen it in the cinemas, in games, on TV, and now it’s coming to us in the cryptoverse.

Mobland is a mafia-themed RPG where players fight, steal, kill and loot, all in the hopes of building the ultimate criminal empire. Just as in the real world, you start your delinquent journey from the bottom, grinding your way up to the top of the underworld through completing missions, participating in syndicate events, dominating battles and more. Players will also have the option of owning Turf and establishing businesses to enhance your in-game abilities and earnings. 

Mobland, or Syn City back then, managed to secure investments from some of the biggest names in gaming and crypto, including Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, Animoca Brands, Kieran Warwick (Illuvium) and more. If roleplaying as Tony Soprano or Al Capone in crypto Grand Theft Auto strikes your fancy, then definitely give Mobland a look.

9. Parallel

Genre: CCG
Ecosystem: Cards are on Ethereum, TBC on gameplay
Launch: TBC
Token(s): PRIME
Cost to start: A complete deck (40 cards)
Play this if: You are an avid card-collector with an intense passion for CCG like Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone

Parallel is a true sci-fi NFT card collection game (CCG), granting players ownership of their cards and all in-game assets. A natural parallel (forgive the pun) would be classic card games like Magic The Gathering, where players have the freedom to assemble based on preferred strategies.

As expected, there are Holo Charizard-equivalents in Parallel in the form of Legendary and Prime cards, as well as cards of lesser rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare). On top of these, there are also Special Edition (SE), Perfect Loop (PL), and Masterpiece cards, each with its own unique perks and advantages. Masterpiece cards for instance are the Holy Grail of Parallel, where each holder of the card is entitled to receive 10% of the royalty income from every sale of the same card type. 

Aside from utilizing blockchain technology, what makes Parallel stand out even more from other card games is its innovative use of AR technology. All of the NFT cards can be exchanged for physical cards that can be used as AR reality markers in real life. Parallel cards can be acquired from OpenSea or during a pack drop on their website. So far, they have had 3 pack drops, with the 4th one planned for sometime later this year. It is worth noting that although several cards are already circulating on the market, most of the cards have not had their functions revealed yet.

It’s obvious that Parallel is one of the most ambitious games on the list. Although there isn’t an official release date yet, there are rumors brewing that they are slated for 2022. Let’s hope that it will only come sooner rather than later.  


10. MixMob

Genre: Strategy Card Game
Ecosystem: Solana
Launch: Apr 2022
Token(s): MXM
Cost to start: 1 Mask (2.4 SOL)
Play this if: A Harajuku-style metaverse filled with various games including a Clash Royale x Mario Kart game appeals to you

MixMob is not just a game - it’s a dystopian metaverse inspired by urban Japanese fashion suffused with vibrant neon colors. It’s also home to multiple simulations and games to cater to its hosts of denizens. To play, players must acquire a MixMob mask, an important disguise needed to traverse The Surface, the dominion of Big Brother-like master A.I., codenamed A-1. The goal? To free the people enslaved and regain the culture that A-1 deleted.

Initially, MixMob will start small as a strategy card game, with various modes such as racing, mining, and looting in the pipeline, before blossoming into a full-blown Fortnite-style universe. MixMob: Uprising, which is a unique card battle game that can only be described as Mario Kart meets Clash Royale, is the first game scheduled to be released in April this year. MixMob boasts an impressive lineup of partners, with household crypto names such as Arthur Hayes, Alex Svanevik and the Lau brothers gracing the list. Time will tell if the game can meet its lofty ambitions but if the team is of any indication, it will be in good hands. 


And that’s it for ANOTHER 10 NFT games to play in 2022. Most of these are still not live yet, but should progressively become available throughout 2022. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 of this mini series which features 10 other games you can jump into this year.

The NFT games of today and tomorrow are diverse and unique, offering a sprawling selection of various genres and gameplay to cater to a wide range of users. Whether you’re a crypto native or not, these are games that are worth keeping an eye out for.

So which of the 20 games is your favorite? Did we miss any other great NFT games of 2022? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram

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Dillon Yap
Dillon Yap
Dillon is an Operations Associate at CoinGecko with a weakness for 3-digit APYs. As an ex-consultant, he now finds joy in laughing at consulting memes unironically.

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