16 Bitcoin Facebook Groups You Must Join Today

3.3 | by Kevin Cruz

Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a topic of discussion in finance, technology, and politics. At times, however, it can be difficult to come across information about Bitcoin that’s not from the same 4 or 5 Bitcoin websites that often publish articles on the same subjects. A good alternative information source for Bitcoin is Facebook groups. These groups allow for direct communication with interesting people around the planet who share your interests. 

In order to help guide users, we have listed a few Bitcoin groups that you might want to follow. The metrics we used to choose these groups are: content quality, lack of spam, number of members, variation of posters, frequency of posts, and interaction between users. All of the data about the group was collected on April 28, 2015.

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North America

Bitcoin - Public group (50,200 members)

This is the largest Bitcoin group on Facebook. You can see articles, new products, questions, and suggestions on many topics from the Bitcoin community here. There is a small likelihood of spamming because the content must be approved before being posted.

Bitcoin NYC (6000 members)

Image Source: Rishad Daroowala

It's no mystery that the financial capital of the world also hosts an engaging Facebook group. You will find upcoming events, thought-provoking articles, and information that will aid you if you are a Bitcoin trader. Additionally, you'll find posts from the famous NYC Bitcoin Center, announcing their latest speakers. Overall, the Bitcoin NYC group is an awesome place to go to meet new people with similar interests, in and out of The City That Never Sleeps. 

Miami International Bitcoin (3,900 members)

This fast-growing community of Bitcoin's consistently post interesting articles, not necessarily tied to Miami, although you might be able to catch up with what’s going on in the South Florida Bitcoin world.

Some names you might see are Bitcoin news reporter Chris Derose and Economics professor Charles Evans. The Miami International Bitcoin group is guaranteed to provide thought-provoking and informative content having to do with Bitcoin, financial technology, and all things decentralized.

Latin America

Bitcoin Argentina (79,000 members)

This group has a very high volume of posts and is another good source of information about cryptocurrency in Spanish. This impressive community is prepared to answer any of its member’s concerns, perfect example of the wisdom of the crowd. Their approach is definitely very grassroots.

Bitcoin Brasil (161,500 members)

This large group is very actively engaged in providing interesting topics of discussion related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Although most communications occur in Portuguese, most of the articles posted on the page are in English. You can see both international and national information related to cryptocurrencies--all relayed by a passionate group of Brasileiros.

Bitcoin Mexico (19,700 members)

This Spanish-speaking group has unparalleled community involvement, educational materials, and a good source of Bitcoin information for any Spanish-speaking bitcoiner, not just Mexicans.


BitCoin Thai Club (289,700 members)

The Bitcoin Thai club includes information mostly in Thai, but Facebook allows readers of any other language to understand the content.

Once you do see the translation, you’ll see that the discussions going on vary, but there is a focus on trading. There is also plenty of news articles shared that are hard to come across on most English-speaking Facebook groups.

Singapore Blockchain Club (22,900 members)

Image Source: Mike Behnken

It's no mystery that Singapore is an important place for Bitcoin. Some of the most innovative startups are based there. The Bitcoin Singapore group provides information about Bitcoin including upcoming conferences and the state of Bitcoin in Singapore. It may be a good idea to follow up with the innovation coming out of this region of the planet. 

Hong Kong Bitcoin (657 members)

Honk Kong is another Bitcoin beacon in Asia. Information on this website is mostly in English, and it has a great variety of content. You can go here to be informed on both global and local occurrences having to do with Bitcoin and information about conferences, Bitcoin parties, and the latest startup companies. Hong Kong is one of the most active Bitcoin groups in the world. 

Bitcoin Phillipines (27,400 members)

This large Facebook group was created in the Philippines and provides information about Bitcoin pertinent to that region, and to the whole world. You can be informed about how people are using Bitcoin in the Philippines and also automatically translate posts using Facebook.


Bitcoin South Africa (6,600 members)

This passionate Bitcoin group provides thoughtful articles and information in English. Additionally, It's a great place to go in order to discover the current state of cryptocurrencies in the continent of Africa. Additionally, you will find information about the latest blockchain-related ventures out of the continent. Overall, you can expect information about a region that is not very often reported in mainstream Bitcoin media. 


Bitcoin Germany (2,700 members)

This group is a tight-knit community of German Bitcoiners that provide information from about Bitcoin from various German news sources. In that aspect, it is different from many groups, whose articles refer to articles written in English. Additionally, Bitcoin related companies and services are presented on this site. Most of the posts are in German. A few are in English. this is the perfect place to go to find out what the current state of cryptocurrencies are in Germany. There's a lot going on there. 

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in UK and Ireland (5,300 members)


In this group, you can exclusively find information about Bitcoin and cryptocurerency in UK and, you guessed it, Ireland. The latest conferences of that region are posted, as well any news articles that will be of consequence to readers. You will also see open discussions, which will provide data as to how that region of the world views Bitcoin. The latest topic of discussion on this Facebook page is Coinbase's announcement that they will be opening an exchange in the UK. It seems to be getting mixed reviews within the community. 

Bitcoin Italia (27,600 members)

This is the perfect place to go if you are looking to read interesting articles about cryptocurrencies. Although most of the articles posted are in English, most posts are in Italian. Upon visiting this page, you will see that the Italian Bitcoin community is very well informed and inquisitive, as the Italian people are famous for. You'll be sure to learn something you didn't know before. 

Bitcoin Nederland (8,600 members) 

You only have to visit this page to see that Netherlands is an important Bitcoin capital. Most posts included on this page are in Dutch, as are the articles posted. A lot of the startup companies presented on this page are also native to the Netherlands. Additionally, you'll find information about the latest Bitcoin conferences also going on in the area. Upon visiting, you’ll see that there are many Bitcoin blogs and news sites based in the area. Indeed, this is the place to go for a broad idea of Bitcoin in Europe. Netherlands is definitely one of the leaders of the Bitcoin community. 

Bitcoin Valencia (10,900 members)

This group unites the people of Europe and provides thought-provoking information and articles in both English and Spanish to those interested in learning about cryptocurrencies. Upon visiting this group, you will notice that they are very in tune with what is going on with Bitcoin in the Americas.


To conclude, the next time you wish to read about Bitcoin from a different, more decentralized source, feel free to check out what these respective communities are doing.

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