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How to Play Axie Homeland: Beginner’s Guide

| by
Sarah P.

Key Takeaways

  • Axie Infinity: Homeland is the latest installation of the Axie Infinity universe by Sky Mavis.

  • As of now, Axie Homeland is only in its Phase 1 Alpha release and is exclusively playable by Landowners

  • Get started with Axie Homeland in this step-by-step guide filled with tips on how to maximize your resource gathering and more. 

Axie Homeland Beginner Guide CoinGecko

This article is based on Axie Homeland's Alpha Season 0, which has ended, and we'll be back for the next season to see how things have changed.

Sky Mavis, the team that brought you Axie Infinity has launched a new game titled Axie Infinity: Homeland (Axie Homeland). Axie Homeland's Phase 1 Alpha release was launched on 28 December 2022.

Over the next 3-4 years, Sky Mavis will be progressively releasing more features with each subsequent phase, as seen in the chart below. As of 13 January 2023, the Axie Homeland Phase 1 Alpha release is exclusively playable by Landowners via Mavis Hub, on Mac and PC. Currently, in this Phase 1 Alpha release, there are no tokens invovled in this game, such as SLP nor AXS

Axie Homeland phases

Image Source:                                                                                                        

What is Axie Homeland’s Gameplay Like? Is this the Right Game for Me?

Axie Homeland is an idle game where players use Axies to gather resources, to build and upgrade structures which are used to warehouse resources, produce, craft, equip, sell items and/or send adventurers out on adventures to earn points to compete in various leaderboards.

You will enjoy this game if you enjoy cute graphics, idle clicker games that involve gathering, crafting, sending NPCs on passive adventures, designing and organizing land aesthetics and competing on a leaderboard.

In order to start playing Axie Homeland, you will need to sign up for an account on Sky Mavis and to have a Ronin wallet. Players will have to own least one land parcel which you can buy from the Axie Marketplace. At this time of writing, the cheapest land is selling for 0.84 ETH ($1,346).

Axie Homeland Features

Image Source: 

Surprisingly,  as of time of writing, Axie Homeland does not have a built-in step-by-step onboarding tutorial to help players get started. The game boots up and leaves players to figure out the game mechanics themselves. 

Which is where this starter guide comes in. We hope that this guide will put you on a good starting base to begin managing your Axie land.

In this article, we will be helping you familiarize yourself with the basic game mechanics related to building structures, gathering resources, and the various things that you can do as you're starting out in the game.

According to Sky Mavis, as this game is still in the alpha stage, so expect the game mechanics to constantly evolve over time.

This Starter Guide will cover:

  • Getting started – Initial Starter Pack

  • Getting started – Resource Gathering

  • Getting started – Build up your land with new structures

  • Getting started – Completing quests

  • Leveling up your land and the next adventure

Getting Started Initial Starter Pack

When you start the game for the first time, you will begin with two structures – an Altar of Atria and a Post Portal – along with two Axies. 

Your land plot will look like this:

Axie Homeland how to play level 1

Tip: sometimes it is hard to scroll and to get to parts of your land map. To access those fringes,  ‘zoom in’ and then click on the location on the map at the top right. This tip will be more useful for getting to the quarries located in the deep corners of the map which can be tricky to reach. 

The arrow in the corner will show you the other buttons for other game features, most of which will not be relevant for gameplay at Level 1.

Axie Homeland how to play level 2

Note: This is a screenshot at Level 2

Tip: go to Settings and turn on ‘show hotkey’ to show the keyboard shortcuts on the screen; this can save you time while playing the game.


  • Axies can be instructed to gather resources, build strctures, craft and produce items, etc.

  • At the start of the game, you can instruct them to gather wood from trees, obtain stone from quarries and ore from mines.

  • Always remember to put your Axies to work and don’t leave them idle. Tip: If in doubt in the early stages of the game, gather wood until your storage is full, as wood is used to build and upgrade structures, as well as craft items, etc.

  • Resource gathering is important as it helps you complete quests which will reward you with coins.

  • These resources are also used to build/upgrade structures, as well as to produce and craft new items to equip adventurers in order to earn more coins and score points in the leaderboard (in the later part of the game).

  • In general, you can line up one additional task to be queued in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. The first free Axie will move on to the queued task.Allocating Axies

  • Tip: Do note, if the particular resource’s warehouse is full, the Axie would get stuck on that task. The Axie will not be able to move on to the next job on the Axie worker task list. You have to click on that task and cancel that current task to release the Axie otherwise it will remain perpetually stuck on its current task that it cannot complete.

Altar of Atria (Level 1)

  • The Level of your Altar of Atria shows which level your gameplay is at. Your first objective is to advance to Level 2 by upgrading the Altar of Atria to Level 2 in order to unlock more gameplay features.

  • The Altar of Atria is also the “Research and Development Center” to research new blueprints, for the Axies to build and/or upgrade structures. 

    • New structures will introduce more gameplay features such as producing and/or crafting new items, Adventurer Trading, get more Axies to work for you, etc.

    • Upgrading structures would increase the structure’s capacity to warehouse and/or produce and craft more items.

  • Research is free and does not ‘block’ up the Axies work in the Axies’ taskbar.

  • Tip: As long as there is something available to be researched, don’t let the Altar of Atria sit idle!

  • The Altar of Atria is also your first warehouse which can hold up to 100 items – you want to be strategic with this in Level 1 to build structures.

  • Tip: In Level 1, if you need more of a particular resource and you have no more space, you can clear some of the stores in the Altar of Atria, you can press on the “Storage Content” button (Keyboard Shortcut: “v”) on the bottom right hand corner to see your storage content.

Storage Content Guide Axie Homeland

Altar of Atria: Structure building and upgrading information

Upgrade Altar of Atria level 2

Post Portal 

  • Used for trading goods to make coins. 

  • Tip: If you have multiple lands, you can send resources from one land to another to speed up the resource gathering process.

Post Portal: Structure building and upgrading information

Upgrade Post Portal level2

Getting Started – Resource Gathering

Axies will need to gather resources, as resources are required to build and upgrade structures, as well as produce and craft items for trading. 

  • At Level 1, you can harvest wood from trees and obtain stone from quarries in your own land.

  • You can also mine ore from the mines in neighboring lands.

  • Each resource’s information button tells you the (1) likely amount of resource gathered per cycle, (2) probability of gathering that amount per cycle, (3) number of cycles/rounds the Axie would go to the source to gather resources, from the information provided you can roughly calculate the likely yield you can get for that task.

  • Tip: If able, move your warehouse close to the resource you are gathering to cut cycle time of the Axie bringing the gathered goods back to the warehouse and then going back to the source to gather for another cycle. Click on the top/North button of the structure’s command wheel to move location. You can only move the structure to an unblocked location – ideally nearest to the resource you are gathering. 

Move location AxieGathering Wood from Trees

Gather Trees Axie Homeland

Tree – Likely Yield

Likely yield per gather trees

Gathering Stone from Quarries

Quarry – Likely Yield 

Likely Yield per level quarry

Gathering Metal and/or Gemstones from Mines

There are three types of Mines, the normal Metal Mine, the Precious Metal Mine, and the Gemstone Mine. You can gather the following from them:

  • Metal Mine: Copper ore and Iron ore;

  • Precious Metal Mine: Gold ore and Silver ore; and

  • Gemstones Mine: Amethyst ore, Diamond ore, Topaz ore, Ruby ore and Emerald ore.

You will notice that you cannot see the mines on your normal screen. You can only access the mines in other peoples’ plots. Press the “2” button on your keyboard to ‘zoom-out’. Once zoom-ed out, you will be able to see mining resources in other lands. 

Find mining resources Axie Homeland

Press the “3” button on your keyboard to zoom out even more to adventure on the Axie land maps and visit other peoples’ lands. 

Visit other lands in Axie Homeland

Press the “1” button on your keyboard to return to the home “zoom into your land” view. Press the “4” button on your keyboard to take a screenshot without the on screen toggle buttons. 

Tip: Axies take very long to gather resources from neighboring land. This is because they have to travel to the other plots then return and go back for another cycle, so it would be best to set these mining tasks at the end of your gameplay. Try to choose higher yielding mines (higher cycles with high probability of yield) to increase your gathering amount. 

Metal Mine

Metal Mine Gather Axie Homeland

Metal Mine – probability of ore at each Level based on likely yield from on Amount/Cycle, Probability and No. of Cycles

Metal Mine Likely Yield Axie Homeland

Note(1): The above table gives a gauge on which Metal ores you would likely gather, therefore if you have a particular Metal ore you want you should try to gather the Metal Mine Level with the highest probability of yielding that gemstone ore compared to the other levels. 

Precious Metal Mine

Precious Metal Mine Axie Homeland

Precious Metal Mine – probability or ore at each Level based on likely yield from on Amount/Cycle, Probability and No. of Cyclesprecious metals probability axie homeland

Note(1): The above table gives a gauge on which Precious Metal ores you would likely gather; therefore if you have a particular Precious Metal ore you want, you should try to gather the Precious Metal Mine Level with the highest probability of yielding that gemstone ore compared to the other levels. 

Gemstone Mine

Gemstone mine yield Axie Homeland

Gemstone Mine - probability of ore at each Level based on likely yield from on Amount/Cycle, Probability and No. of Cycles

Gemstone mine probability Axie Homeland

Note(1): the above table gives a gauge on which gemstone ores you would likely gather, therefore if you have a particular gemstone ore you want you should try to gather the Gemstone Mine Level with the highest probability of yielding that gemstone ore compared to the other levels. 

Do note that for all the tables above, they can only be used as a gauge of what you can expect. They are derived from the provided information, and Axie Infinity has not released their algorithm nor confirmed the above. From our sample testing, it is possible that Axies gathering at a level may not have a consistent amount/probability/cycles as the above table.

Tip: If you need a certain resource the next gameplay session  maximise offline gameplay by choosing the highest yielding level to gather before you end your session.

Getting Started – Building and Upgrading Structures

At Level 1, you can build three more structures that are used to expand your resource storage capacity. You also have the option to build dirt roads which can come in handy in speeding up your Axies travel time during resource gathering.

Structures to increase storage Axie Homeland

Woody Warehouse

Woody Warehouse stores wood from the trees. 

Structure building and upgrading informationWoody Warehouse upgrade*Based on recollection 

Pebble Pile

Pebble Pile stores stone from the quarries.

Structure building and upgrading information

Pebble pile storage upgrade Axie Homeland

*Based on recollection

Miner’s Mass

Miner’s Mass stores metals, ores and gemstones from mines from other land plots.

Structure building and upgrading information

Miner's Mass storage upgrade Axie homeland

Dirt Roads

Roads that allow the Axies to walk a bit faster.

Road building and upgrading information

How to build dirt roads to move faster Axie Homeland

How to Build Structures

  • Click on the ‘Build’ (hammer) icon, or keyboard “c” button, to see the Build tool belt.

  • The button opens a Build tool belt on the available structures that you can currently build.

  • For each structure the tool belt will show you how many coins and resources are needed for it to be built.

  • If resource items are in red font, it means that you have insufficient amounts of the required resource - you have to gather more of that resource before you can build it. Items in white font mean you have more than the required amount that the required resource. 

Build and Upgrade Structures Axie Homeland

Note: the screenshot above is the 'Build' structures building belt at Level 3.

  • If you have sufficient coins and resources, you can build the structure. Click on the structure name and drop the structure onto an empty plot of your land, the next free Axie will then proceed to build the structure.

  • Tip: you cannot build and/or queue an extra 'build/updrage' task if your Axie TaskBar is full.

  • Tip: If you build multiple structures at the same time, howevers Axies might get ‘stuck’ if they run out of resource - so be mindful, or have on Axies construct/upgrade and one Axie doing the gathering. 

How to Upgrade Structures

  • When you see a green picket sign in front of your structure, it means that it's ready for upgrade (img 1).

  • Click on the structure’s command wheel, the bottom/South button will show the components required for upgrade (img 2).

  • Press on the bottom/South button to select ‘Upgrade’.

  • Click on the Upgrade button to upgrade (img 3). 

How to upgrade woody warehouse Axie Homeland

Getting Started – Completing Quests

Quests are an important part of the startup gameplay as this is the primary way for you to earn coins, in order to start building more structures and to progress to Level 2 of the game.

There are two types of quests in Axie Homeland. The first one is a level-based quest, which can only be completed once, only available per player irrespective of the number of lands that you have. The second one is a recurring daily/weekly quest for each land, which you can complete regularly. Both will reward you with coins and resources that can help you with your gameplay.

Level 1 Quests

  • Research a blueprint at the Altar of Atria, send Axies to gather resources and then build the two warehouse structures to complete the Level 1 Newcomer Quest. By completing all 4 tasks you will already earn 150 coins. 

Level 1 quests Axie Homeland

Daily Quests for Level 1

  • In Level 1, Axies will only be able to do and complete the first Daily Quest, to ‘Gather 15 times (Cycles)’ with the reward of 100 coins plus some resources.

  • Tip: Upgrade the Altar of Atria to be able to complete more Daily Quests.

Daily Quest Axie Homeland Beginner

Weekly Quests for Level 1

  • In Level 1, the Axies will only be able to do and complete the first Weekly Quest, to ‘Gather 75 times (Cycles)’ with the reward of 100 coins – this quest would take at least a day to complete. I only received my 500 coins at the start of my second day. 

  • Tip: Upgrade the Altar of Atria to be able to complete more Weekly Quests.

Weekly quests for level 1 Axie Homeland

Leveling up your land and the next adventure

Now that you know the basics for Level 1 – resources, structures and quests – you will want to level up to Level 2. To do so, you will need to upgrade your Altar of Atria to Level 2 to increase your gameplay features. Altar of Atria Level 2 will open the doors to more possibilities and exploration. New structures would allow Axies to produce materials, craft items, sell items, equip and send Adventurers on adventures, join the Leaderboard, and more.

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Sarah P.
Sarah P.
Sarah is an ex-analyst who loves spreadsheets. She now enjoys non-competitive idle games and boardgames, and specializes in GameFi for CoinGecko.

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