CoinGecko After Party Featured Guest: Nullzero (DJ)

by Stephanie Goh

CoinGecko will be hosting our very first After Party in conjunction with our 7th anniversary on April 8 @ 10 PM EST. We would like to give a shout-out to Vandal and DAORecords for collaborating with us on this exciting event! 

One of our featured DJs is NullZero who is one half of the music duo Sense You All Live. 

Read on to get to know NullZero better!

1. Can you share a bit about yourself?

Firstly, thanks for having me here to speak a little and for having Sense You All, NxM Live, and Dao Records take part in your 7th Anniversary. I am one half of Sense You All Live, and I like to be barefoot and ride bikes. I’ve been a voracious reader of everything for life - and that curiosity extends into my pursuits. Sense You All Live is a passion project that was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, between me and an old friend. It is directly out of the love for music we have and combines both music and technology. Our day jobs live somewhere around there. 

I’m hugely passionate about the intersection between technology and how it can be used to tap into our humanness rather than be exclusively exploitative or a way to escape the deeper joy that comes from moment to moment experiences.

2. What inspired you to get into the crypto space?

If I’m totally honest, I was a sceptic in the early days. I mean, I owned small amounts of crypto but I wasn’t sure if certain hurdles could be overcome (As a product person, and not an engineer - I’m just not great at predicting the future of technology. 

Though the ideological basis for a decentralized world is completely sound, and exciting in my humble opinion, what has been lacking until the last number of years felt, to me, like the ability to apply the technology to the larger of the real world problems. 

Limitations in scalability, diverse applications (pre Smart-Contracts, and ultimately the lack of practicality put me off. 

Little did I know brilliant people were working day and night to get those problems solved. It was discovering the capabilities of the technologies being worked on by  the brilliant Engineers in the space -  and working with friends on a Data Privacy business concept that got me excited.

3. Are there any current projects you’re working on that you can share?

Sense You All is an obvious one. We’re using a creative approach to live performance in light and sound. That’s mostly for the love though.

I was recently working with a team on using blockchain based “DIDs” in order to login to any service. It was a fantastic experience and the team’s depth of experience and passion was inspiring. During my time with them I realized that the applications emerging from the Distributed Ledger Tech community were incredible. As a lifelong music fiend, I couldn’t help but cast my eye on that world. Having a technically brilliant collaborator in Hédonism really made it easy to go from concept to application. 

Prior to learning about these, my collaborator and I spent a huge amount of time “whiteboarding” (literally and metaphorically) on ideas that we saw as being useful to musicians and artists everywhere. How to create the means for someone to use their base units of musical instruments (stems) to collaborate across the world. 

Right now, we’re working towards the future with an awesome community of musicians, technologists, promoters, community builders, and beyond. It’s early days but the future is bright and the excitement from the community is unbelievable.

4. What are your thoughts on the future of music and crypto?

Digital Rights Management is ripe for a new approach. Hédonism helped me to understand the plights of an artist as well as a project working with a Regional Arts Group to solve the distribution issues. NFTs are hot right now but I see a future in which the ownership of data associated with the use of that music is put in the hands of the rightful owners. This includes Artists, App Developers and the Ecosystem itself. It really is an exciting concept. There are issues with economies of scale that I think technology will also step in to solve. On a personal level I hope that worldwide collaboration on an individual level brings us all closer together as a species because we need it.

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Stephanie Goh

Stephanie Goh

Stephanie is a Public Relations Specialist at CoinGecko who is enthusiastic about food, animals, and learning more about the cryptoverse. Follow the author on Twitter @StephanieGoh7 Follow the author on Twitter @StephanieGoh7

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