How To Play MyDeFiPet: A Beginner’s Guide

by Daniel Lew

MyDeFiPet is another Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT game that is an up-and-coming kid on the block. MyDefiPet is a lifestyle-based pet game that reminds us of the days when gaming on Facebook was a thing. The game revolves around pets that you can raise, breed, evolve, battle and trade and are currently based on the Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

MyDeFiPet Gameplay


Pets are the bread and butter of this game. There are eight pets that you can potentially obtain from eggs. Each pet has traits that consist of the main body and different parts. Your pet may or may not come with an additional body part. Each body part has probabilities attached to them that depict its rarity.

Left: Incubator area, Right: Eggs cost 3 DPET tokens. 

There are two ways to get pets - self-born and bred pets. Self-born pets are bought from an egg, whereas bred pets are when two pets mate in the happy forest. Your pets provide your source of silver. They are your golden goose!

The incubator is where you can buy an egg to acquire a self-born pet. You will need 3 DPET tokens for an egg. You can swap for DPET tokens using BNB over at PancakeSwap. Once you have bought an egg, it will be in the incubator, waiting for you to transfer it over into a cage. 

MyDeFiPet has kindly provided an in-depth guide on how to buy eggs.


This is a feature in the game where you will see your pets develop. Your pet will change in appearance, experience a stat boost, and potentially gain a body part or two in the evolving process. For your pet to evolve, it needs to reach Level 10 and require 3 DPET tokens.

Left: Evolving cost 3 DPET tokens, Right: A pet after it has evolved


There are three resource types in the game. First, silver is used to purchase and upgrade structures such as cages, farm plots, and seeds. You can gain silver from your pets. Next, food is a resource type grown from plant seeds to feed your pets. Finally, we have gems. Gems are a rare resource that you can use to speed up wait times, such as building or growing downtime. Leveling up your personal level is one way of earning gems.

Gems can be used to speed wait times in the game.

Leveling system

This game has two leveling systems: pet and personal levels. Personal levels unlock structures while pet levels allow your pet to grow and evolve. You gain personal levels when you conduct actions like feeding your pet or harvesting your crops. At the same time, your pet levels up when it is well fed. 

Left: Pets require food to level up, Right: Personal level up bonus.


Your pets need a place of shelter. Cages are where you will care, nurture and feed your pets. There are various cages available as you gain more levels. Each cage is upgradable and has various qualities, such as build time, how much silver it holds, and pet capacity. You are provided with a cage to start.

Left: Some cages available in the shop, Right: Upgrading a cage.

Left: White box - In the cage, select a pet to feed. Blue box - Collect silver that your pets have earned. Right: Feeding pets require food 

Farm plots

Farm plots are where you grow food to feed your pets. In the beginning, you are limited to a few seeds to plant. As you gain more personal levels, you will unlock a wider selection of seeds—the more expensive the seed, the more yield you can harvest from your fully grown plants.

Left: Farm plots available in the shop, Right: Selection of seeds

Players can use silver to buy seeds and plant them on top of farm plots. The seeds can be harvested after a cooldown or harvested immediately using gems. Gems are hard to come by, so use them wisely. 

Happy Forest

This is where the magic happens. To breed new pets in the game, you will need two Level 10 pets and 5 DPET tokens. This will take some time, so be patient and grow your pets well. Once you have met the requirements, the happy forest will allow you to choose which pets you want to breed together. The pets inherit parts from their parents that will result in a new unique pet.

Choose two pets to breed them together. Here we have not yet met the requirements.

Pet hotel

The pet hotel is temporary housing for your pets. If your pet cages are full and you want to hatch a new egg, you can move a few pets that you are not tending to currently to the pet hotel and have them stay there until you make more room in your cages. Pets will not be able to earn silver if they are not in their cage.

Left: Pet hotel area, Right - Pet staying in the hotel

Future Developments

The game has many exciting features in the pipeline to offer in the coming months. This will create a rich ecosystem for players to enjoy, improving the existing gameplay along with introducing its much-awaited play-to-earn system. Refer to this tweet for an estimate of when these will arrive.


The marketplace allows players to trade pets with other players. Pets can fetch a high price if they have rare parts such as an outline or an aura.

Staking Center

MyDeFiPet will let players stake DPET tokens into pools that yield returns such as new items, eggs, and more tokens.



Ever want to know your pet origins? This place contains all the lore of the DPET world.

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

The most important aspect of the game is play-to-earn. This will feature battles, campaigns, world bosses, and more. 

Although you can only grow your pets for now, it has a lot going for it in the coming months, we can only continue to keep a lookout at the game’s development and wait for those changes to take place. We hope that this guide has provided you with a basic understanding of playing the game by introducing you to its features and what you can currently do in it.

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