Ledger Nano X Review: Large Capacity, Bluetooth Connection And Better Security Measures

by Jolene Tan

Having a hardware wallet is crucial for any crypto coin and token holders as it helps ensure the safekeeping of private keys. We’ve got the chance to have our hands on the Ledger Nano X, the latest technology from Ledger. You can purchase the Ledger Nano X for the price of $119 on Ledger Website and Amazon. In this article, we will be discussing our first-impressions, features, and security of the Ledger Nano X. 

The people at Ledger were kind enough to send us a device for review purposes. Without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

What does it come with? 

The Ledger Nano X comes with a Type-C charging cable, 3 recovery sheets, and a keychain strap.



It is great to see the upgrade of the device that utilizes a USB Type-C as its charging cable instead of the USB Type Micro-B used by the other variants. The keychain strap is also an excellent addition to ensure you do not lose the device as it is pretty small at just 18.6mm. 

First Impressions of the Ledger Nano X

When we booted up the device for the first time, we were greeted with a Welcome message and instructions. We were able to navigate through the device by clicking the left and right buttons on both sides. Right off the bat, we’ve noticed that the information displayed is clear enough for new users to learn about the device. 

We had no issues getting the device functioning for the first time. By holding both buttons on the sides, we could access the Control Center navigation. From there, users are able to check the device’s battery percentage. Furthermore, it has options to exit the control center or switch off the device. 

Mobility with the Ledger Nano X

A new feature of the Ledger Nano X is that it allows us to manage our crypto from anywhere. This on-the-go functionality is made possible by connecting the device to the mobile app “Ledger Live” via Bluetooth. 

We had a smooth experience connecting the ledger to our mobile phone thanks to the clear instructions.

Larger Capacity for Crypto Applications

The Ledger Nano X holds a larger capacity for cryptocurrency applications. Up to 100 crypto applications are able to be stored, as compared to the Nano S which stores only 3 - 20 applications. Additionally, the Nano X supports more than 1500 different types of coins and tokens. 


Added Security Measures on Ledger Nano X

Naturally, linking our hardware wallet via Bluetooth does bring some concerns regarding security risks. Thankfully, Ledger has clarified that only public data is transported by Bluetooth. This means critical data such as private keys and seed never leave the device. And if a Bluetooth connection is hacked, the Ledger Nano X will request our consent for any action. However, you have the option to disable the Bluetooth and use the USB Type-C cable if you are still not comfortable with the wireless connection.

There’s another security feature where we can set an Advanced Passphrase Security. Essentially, it is a secret account – the new password setup provides access to a whole new set of accounts. This feature provides another layer of security, especially in the case of the Ledger being compromised (or maybe you would like to have another account for better organization). According to the website, this option is only recommended for advanced users.

Final Thoughts 

In our opinion, we think the Ledger Nano X is a great buy if you don’t mind the button navigation. It packs in a lot of great features so it’s worth considering especially if you own multiple coins and would like to store them safely. However, if you only have a few coins and do not see yourself using the Bluetooth feature as much, you can just opt for the Ledger Nano S which can be purchased for half the price at $59.

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Jolene Tan

Jolene Tan

Jolene is a digital marketing specialist at CoinGecko. She is a technophile and crypto enthusiast. Follow the author on Twitter @JoleneTWYJ

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