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    How to Redeem Free Gifts on CoinGecko!

    Stephanie Goh November 14, 2020 - Posted by Stephanie Goh on Guides

    Who doesn’t want free rewards? CoinGecko offers our users the opportunity to claim Candies which can then be redeemed for cool rewards including vouchers, gift cards, and CoinGecko products such as our 'How to DeFi'book. It’s easy to claim and redeem Candies and in this article we will show you how to do so!


    1. Claiming Candies

    Firstly, you want to make sure you sign in to your account. If you aren’t already a user, it’s time to sign up! Then, just click on the Candy Jar next to your user profile. 


    Here you can see your jar as well as how many Candies you already have. Make sure to check in every day to collect your Candies. 

    Quick Tip:  Claiming Candies consecutively entitles you to more candy! 


    2. Browsing Rewards

    In order to redeem your Candies, go to the ‘Rewards’ and browse through our available options. Be sure to claim something you like as soon as possible because some of the rewards have limited offerings! 


    3. Redeeming Candies

    Once you have your selection, it’s time to redeem! Today we will be redeeming the “How to DeFi” book. Click on ‘Redeem Now’ and confirm your redemption. 


    After that, go to the ‘My Rewards’ feature which is located next to ‘Browse Rewards’. Here you will see the redeemed product and instructions on how to claim your reward. To claim our copy of the ‘How to DeFi’ book, we will copy and paste the voucher code when we check out in the CoinGecko Store




    1. Claim your Candies 

    Make sure you are logged in to your account and click on the cute Candy Jar icon to see your Candies. Here you can make your daily claims and enjoy more Candies when you claim on consecutive days. 


    2. Redeeming Candies

    Scroll down from your Candy Jar to browse through our rewards list and make your selection. Once again we will be redeeming the “How to DeFi” book. 


    When it’s been redeemed, you will receive a notification on your successful redemption. 


    3. Claiming your Rewards

    To access the reward, you will need to go back to your Candy Jar and select the “My Rewards” feature which is where you will find the book. Here, we can see the code needed to redeem the book from our CoinGecko Store . The same process applies to our other rewards as well. 



    With just a simple tap everyday, you can collect our delicious Candies and redeem them for awesome rewards. The CoinGecko team tries to update our rewards as often as possible so even if you don’t see something you like today, that doesn’t mean you won’t find it tomorrow! Follow our Twitter for updates on new rewards! 

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