My Pet Hooligan (MPH)

On 199 watchlists
0.64500 ETH 3.5%
Floor Price ($1,069.69)
5,733 ETH 3.5%
Market Cap ($9,507,367)
1.53 ETH -24.2%
24h Volume ($2,537.23)
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What is My Pet Hooligan?

My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is an NFT collection. My Pet Hooligan (MPH) price floor today is $1,069.69, with a 24 hour sales volume of 1.53 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 8,888 NFTs minted, held by 3,787 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $9,507,367.

Web3 finds its heroes in the most unlikely of characters. A genesis NFT collection of 8888 Pet Hooligans – unique 3D characters that are posed to defend Web3 from the corporate overlord, Metazuckbot. Hooligans are built with a wide variety of traits on the Ethereum blockchain, and provide utility unlike any other NFT collection. Each Hooligan provides access to the AMGI Studios' suite of animation products, and are also your unique playable 3D avatar in our P2E metaverse, The Rabbit Hole - alpha release out now! Sequi Lepus.

Where to buy My Pet Hooligan NFT?

You can buy and sell My Pet Hooligan (MPH) on OpenSea, X2Y2, Blur, and LooksRare.

How many My Pet Hooligan NFTs are there?

There is a total of 8,888 unique NFTs in the My Pet Hooligan collection.

How many holders are collecting the My Pet Hooligan NFT?

There is a total 3,787 unique addresses that are holding the MPH NFT.

MPH Market Statistics
MPH Floor Price
0.64500 ETH
Market Cap
5,733 ETH
24h Volume
1.53 ETH
24h Sales
2 -33.3%
24h Average Sale Price
0.76 ETH 14.1%
3,787 0.0%
Total Assets
All-Time High
1.1 ETH -41.4%
Sep 16, 2023 (18 days)
All-Time Low
0.44 ETH 46.6%
Aug 08, 2022 (about 1 year)


Affiliate disclosures
# Marketplace 24h Volume MPH Floor Price Creator's Fee Last Updated
1 OpenSea 1.53 ETH 0.64500 ETH 0.5% 21 minutes Buy/Sell
2 X2Y2 0 ETH 1.10000 ETH 0.0% 21 minutes Buy/Sell
3 Blur 0 ETH 0.62065 ETH 0.0% 21 minutes Buy/Sell
4 LooksRare 0 ETH 0.68990 ETH 0.5% about 4 hours Buy/Sell

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