How to Connect BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to MetaMask

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How to Add BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to MetaMask

  1. Open and sign into MetaMask
  2. Click Add Network
  3. Select BNB Smart Chain (BSC) or add BSC network information
  4. Transfer BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

Binance smart chain BNB BSC metamask

Adding BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to your MetaMask wallet lets you switch from Ethereum or any other supported blockchain to BSC, access DeFi apps, and trade on DEXs like PancakeSwap

MetaMask is an open-source Web3 wallet with more than 10 million active monthly users. It has grown to support the whole Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem by enabling users to hold and swap digital assets and host Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps, NFT Marketplaces and facilitate blockchain games. 

BNB Smart Chain was previously known as Binance Smart Chain, and it maintains its previous abbreviation of BSC. It is currently the second biggest smart contract network after Ethereum and has gained significant market traction as an Ethereum alternative because of its low-cost gas fees and high settlement speeds. Furthermore, it has EVM and smart contract features that support NFTs and other DeFi use cases. 

Let’s explore how to add BNB Smart Chain to MetaMask.

Installing and Setting Up MetaMask On Your Device

MetaMask can be downloaded as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Opera. It can also be downloaded as an app on iOS and Android. Once you've downloaded MetaMask and followed the installation steps, it'll prompt you to either create a new wallet or import an existing one using your seed phrase (secret recovery phrase). If you choose to create a new wallet, remember to record your seed phrase physically (ideally on crypto steel), and store it offline. Your seed phrase will grant access to your funds, even if you've forgotten your password. 

Seed phrase MetaMask

How to Add BSC to MetaMask: Step-by-Step Guide

If you are using a web browser, you can add BSC to MetaMask automatically through BSCscan or manually through MetaMask.

Adding BSC to MetaMask via BSCscan Automatically

This is the easiest method of adding BNB Smart Chain to MetaMask. Below are three steps you should follow:

Step 1: Open BSCscan 

Visit BSCscan’s website

Essentially, BSCscan is a blockchain explorer for the BNB Smart Chain, just like Etherscan for Ethereum.

Step 2: Click “Add Network” 

After visiting BSCscan, scroll to the bottom of the web page. You will see a MetaMask icon adjacent to the tab “Add BSC Network” on the left side of your screen.  

 Add BSC to MetaMask through BSC Scan

If you're not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in after clicking the button.  

Step 3: Apptove the Connection Request

MetaMask requires its users to approve all connection requests – if you find the continuous approvals tedious, you may want to find out more about Account Abstraction.

Approve Connection Request MetaMask

Once you've approved the connection, you can press the “Switch network” button to allow the BSCscan to change your default MetaMask wallet to BSC automatically. 

 metamask switch network to BSC

That’s how easy it is to add the BNB Smart chain to MetaMask through BSCscan!

Adding BSC to MetaMask Manually By Entering BSC Address

You can also add BSC to MetaMask by entering its RPC details, or by selecting it from a preset list of networks within MetaMask itself.

Step 1: Open MetaMask Browser Extension

Open the MetaMask browser extension by pressing the MetaMask icon on the top right-hand side of your screen. 

Step 2: Click Add Network

After logging into your MetaMask account, visit the network selection menu on the upper left side of your screen. 

If it's your first time switching networks, you'll see that you're on the Ethereum Mainnet. To add a new network, click it to access a drop-down menu and hit the "Add Network” button to proceed to the next step. 

add network metamask wallet

Step 3a: Select BNB Smart Chain

You can add BNB Smart Chain from the list of popular networks by clicking "Add", and approving the request once it pops up.

Add BSC to MetaMask directly

Step 3b: Enter BSC Details Manually

You can also select the option to add a network manually.

Add BSC to MetaMask manuallyAfter clicking the “Add a network manually” link above, a new window will open.

add a network manually metamask wallet

Enter the BNB address below into their relevant fields: 

  • Network Name – Smart Chain

  • New RPC URL - https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

  • Chain ID – 56

  • Currency Symbol – BNB

  • Block Explorer URL (Optional) - https://bscscan.com

Tip: To eliminate typing errors, you can copy and pase the above details into their respective fields. 

Step 4: Click the “Save” Button

After filling in the fields accordingly, the “Save” tab on the bottom of your screen turns blue. Press it to add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask wallet. metamask wallet save button

You will realize that your mainnet network has turned into “Smart Chain.” 

Network changed MetaMask

If you wish to change back to the Ethereum network, simply press on the “Smart Chain” menu on the top. 

Adding BSC to MetaMask Mobile App

Connecting to BNB Smart Chain using the MetaMask mobile app differs from the BSCscan and browser extension options. Also, BSCscan lacks the option of interacting with the MetaMask mobile app. 

Here is a step-by-step process of adding BSC to the MetaMask app.

Step 1: Open Your MetaMask Mobile App

Navigate to the MetaMask App on your smartphone, and open it. If you don’t have the app yet, visit the Play Store or iOS to download it. 

Step 2: Click the Network Dropdown Menu

After opening the app, tap on the network dropdown menu, then select "Add Network" at the bottom of your screen.

 Add BNB to MetaMask app

Step 3a: Select BNB Smart Chain

This opens a new window, and you can select BNB Smart Chain from the different popular networks.

Select BNB Network


Step 3b: Enter RPC Details

Alternatively, you can select Custom Networks to add the BNB Smart Chain network.

Like in the browser extension, a window with five empty fields will appear.

 custom networks metamask wallet

Copy and paste the details below into their relevant fields:

  • Network Name – Smart Chain

  • New RPC URL - https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

  • Chain ID – 56

  • Currency Symbol – BNB

  • Block Explorer URL (Optional) - https://bscscan.com

Step 4: Save Changes

After pasting the details appropriately, press the “Save” tab at the bottom to add BSC to your MetaMask wallet. 

Your Mainnet network menu will now read “Smart Chain.” 

Again, you can switch back to Ethereum by clicking the network menu. That’s it!

Funding Your MetaMask Account

After successfully adding BSC to MetaMask, you need to fund your account with some BNB tokens. You will use the tokens to pay for transaction costs, swap for other tokens, or hold them as an investment. 

To fund your MetaMask account with BNB:

  • Copy your BNB wallet address on the top middle section of your screen.

  • Log into the source of your funds and paste it into the “Withdrawal Address” field

Remember to select “BSC (BEP20)” in the network field and avoid sending funds to the wrong network. 

You can also send other BSC custom tokens to your MetaMask account. However, you must manually add the tokens for them to reflect in the “Assets” section. 

Import BEP20 Tokens Into MetaMask

You can also import other BEP20 tokens into MetaMask.

Import Tokens With CoinGecko

The easiest option is to search for the token's page on CoinGecko, and click the Metamask icon next to the token contract.

Add to MetaMask through CoinGecko

Update: If you haven't added BNB Smart Chain via the above methods, adding the token will also automatically add BNB Smart Chain to your list of networks.

Manually Enter the Contract Address

Step 1: Click the “Tokens” tab, and then select "Import tokens".

import tokens to metamask wallet

Step 2: Visit CoinGecko's token pages to find the token you want to add to MetaMask.

Add USDT to BNB Chain

Go back to MetaMask and paste the contract in the “Token contract address” field. The MetaMask engine will automatically fill the other two fields. 

After that, click on the “Add Custom Token” to complete the process.

add custom token metamask wallet with token contract

Congratulations, you have successfully added BSC to MetaMask and funded it. Now you can start swapping tokens, holding NFTs, or interacting with various dApps at low transaction fees.


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