Top Cryptocurrency People You Should Absolutely Follow on Twitter

4.0 | by Bobby Ong

Twitter is a fantastic place to network with people involved with cryptocurrencies. We personally found it very useful in connecting with cryptocurrency people and in finding out the latest breaking news. To help others discover the power of Twitter, we have compiled a list of top people involved with cryptocurrencies that you should absolutely follow.

This list is meant to be a live document and will be continuously updated based on suggestions. Our aim is for it to be the most comprehensive list. There are currently over 170 people listed on this list in no particular order of importance broken down into several categories such as entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, developers, lawyers and altcoin team leads.

If you think we have missed out any particular person, do write it at the comments section below or drop us a tweet @coingecko. If you find this post useful, do follow us on Twitter - Bobby Ong (@bobbyong) and TM Lee (@tmlee).

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Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

  1. Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) - Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase
  2. Fred Ehrsam (@FEhrsam) - Co-founder of Coinbase
  3. Nejc Kodri (@nejc_kodric) - Co-founder & CEO of Bitstamp
  4. Nicolas Cary (@niccary) - Co-Founder & CEO of
  5. Tony Gallippi (@tonygallippi) - Co-founder & Executive Chairman of BitPay
  6. Asher Tan (@ashertn) - Co-founder & CEO of CoinJar
  7. George Samman (@sammantic) - Co-founder & COO of
  8. Ryan Shea (@ryaneshea) - Co-founder of Onename
  9. Muneeb Ali (@muneeb) - Co-founder & CTO of Onename
  10. Matt Schlicht (@MattPRD) - Founder of ZapChain
  11. Catheryne Nicholson (@Catheryne_N) - CEO of BlockCypher
  12. Matthieu Riou (@mriou) Founder of Blockcypher
  13. Nick Sullivan (@gorillamania) - Founder of ChangeTip
  14. Derek Minter (@derekminter) - Co-founder of Honeybadgr
  15. Ryan Peterson (@RyanPeterson41) - Co-founder of Honeybadgr
  16. Josh Pelham (@jshplhm) - Co-founder of Honeybadgr
  17. Paul Benigeri (@benigeri) - Co-founder of
  18. Roneil Rumburg (@roneilr) - Co-founder of
  19. Ryan Zhou (@zhoutong) - Co-founder of CoinJar
  20. Anson Zeall (@AnsonZeall) - Co-founder of CoinPip
  21. Miguel Cuneta (@MiguelCuneta) - Co-Founder & CCO of Satoshi Citadel Industries
  22. Luis Buenaventura (@helloluis) - Co-founder of
  23. Dave Shin (@paywise_org) - Founder of PayWise Limited
  24. Jonathan Levin (@jony_levin) - Ex-CEO of Coinometrics
  25. Dan Held (@bitonbit) - Former Co-Founder of ZeroBlock
  26. Matt Slater (@MattSlater91) - Co-Founder of Hedgy
  27. Warren Paul Anderson (@warpaul) Co-founder & Head of Product of Hedgy
  28. Mark Smalley (@m_smalley) - Co-Founder & CTO of Neuroware
  29. Haseeb Awan (@ahaseeba) - Co-Founder of BitAccess
  30. Songyi Lee (@iamsonge) - Co-Founder of 37Coins
  31. Jonathan Zobro (@jonathan_zobro) - Co-Founder of 37Coins
  32. Charlie Shrem (@CharlieShrem) - Co-founder and Former CEO of BitInstant
  33. Aaron Williams (@aaronwwwilliams) - Founder of Atlanta Bitcoin
  34. Paul Puey (@paullinator) - Founder & CEO of Airbitz
  35. Ben Davenport (@bendavenport) - Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of BitGo
  36. Micah Winkelspecht (@winkelspecht) - Founder & CEO of Gem
  37. Chris Shepherd (@cshphrd) - CEO of HashRabbit
  38. Gabe Evans (@GabeEvans) - Technical Co-founder of HashRabbit
  39. Tom Ding (@tom_ding) - Founder of Koinify
  40. Fabio Federici (@fabfederici) - Co-founder & CEO of Coinalytics
  41. Josh Mohland (@mohland) - CEO of Wow Such Business / Creator of Dogetipbot
  42. Alejandro De La Torre (@bitentrepreneur) - Founder of SendChat
  43. Lawrence Nahum (@LarryBitcoin) - Founder & CEO GreenAddress
  44. George Burke (@geoburke) - Co-founder of FreshPay
  45. Andrew Lee (@2drewlee) - CEO of Purse
  46. Teemu Paivinen (@teempai) - CEO of Coinmotion
  47. Tom Hamalainen (@tomhamalainen) Co-founder & Chairman of Coinmotion
  48. Yusho Liu (@shoberrysho) - Co-founder of CoinHako
  49. Rodrigo Henrik (@rodrigohenrik) - COO/CMO & Co-Founder of Bleutrade
  50. Chris Yim (@cyim) - Co-founder of LibertyX
  51. Meg Nakamura (@megnakamura) - CEO of Shift
  52. Jesse Heaslip (@jjheaslip) - CEO of Bex
  53. Jacob Hansen (@ejacobhansen) - Co-Founder of CrowdCurity
  54. Christian Hansen (@ChrHansen) - CTO of CrowdCurity
  55. Ric Shreves (@ricoflan) - Co-founder of Coin Academy
  56. Devon Read (@blocktechceo) - Founder & CEO of Blockchain Technology Group
  57. Adam Ludwin (@adamludwin) - Founder of Chain
  58. Perianne Boring (@PerianneDC) - Founder & President of Chamber of Digital Commerce
  59. David Berger (@DavidBergerDCC) - Founder & CEO of Digital Currency Council
  60. David Moskowitz (@Coin_republic) - Founder of Coin Republic
  61. Tim Peterson (@timrpeterson) - Founder of Onarbor
  62. Morgan Rockwell (@Metaballo) - CEO of Bitcoin Kinetics
  63. Ola Doudin (@odoudin) - Co-founder of BitOasis
  64. David El Achkar (@DaveAchkar) - Founder of YellowPay

Bitcoin Startup Movers & Shakers

  1. Changpeng Zhao (@cpzhao) - CTO of OKCoin
  2. Jack C Liu (@liujackc) - Head of Institutional Development of OKCoin
  3. Tim Swanson (@ofnumbers) - Head of Business Development at Melotic
  4. Richard Gendal Brown (@gendal) - Executive Architect, Industry Innovation for Banking and Financial Markets at IBM UK
  5. Marshall Hayner (@MarshallHayner) - CMO of
  6. Nanok Bie (@nanok) - Director of Communications, Marketing & PR at KnCMiner
  7. Jeffrey Smith (@jeff_smith01) - CIO of CEX.IO
  8. Alexandr Kerya (@a_kerya) - CMO of CEX.IO
  9. Adam White (@WhiteAdamL) - Business development at Coinbase
  10. Nick Tomaino (@NTmoney) - Business development at Coinbase
  11. Joe Robinson (@i8joe) - VP Product of Circle
  12. Sean R. Moran (@seanrmoran) - Product at Circle
  13. Melissa Volkmann (@mvlkm) - Design Ninja HashRabbit
  14. Faisal Khan (@babushka99) - VP Operations at CoinX
  15. Elliot Lee (@intelliot) - Developer & Product Manager at Kraken
  16. Andrew Wagner (@TheAndrewWagner) - Director of PR at Bitcoin Co-op
  17. Kate Ambash (@kambash) - Community Manager at ChangeTip
  18. Victoria van Eyk (@victoriavaneyk) - VP Community Development at ChangeTip
  19. Alexis Aiono (@AlexisAiono) - Head of Support at BTCJam
  20. Tom Kysar (@tomkysar) - Marketing Lead at Koinify
  21. Juan Llanos @JuanLlanos - EVP of Strategic Partnerships & Chief Transparency Officer Bitreserve
  22. Jon Matonis (@jonmatonis) - Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
  23. Nick Spanos (@nickspanos) - Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC
  24. Daniel Krawisz (@DanielKrawisz) - Director of Research at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
  25. Colbert Low (@sirxl) - Country Lead for BitX Malaysia
  26. Mostafa Farghaly (@MostafaFarghaly) - Bitcoin Developer at BitOasis
  27. Neil Woodfine (@nwoodfine) - Client Relationship Manager at OKCoin
  28. Tristan Winters (@tristan_winters) - Business Development at iceCUBED Bitcoin Exchange
  29. Arianna Simpson (@AriannaSimpson) - Account Specialist BitGo

Bitcoin Investors/VCs/Angels

  1. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) - Co-founder & General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  2. Ben Horowitz (@bhorowitz) - Co-founder & General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  3. Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) - General Partner at Andreesen Horowitz
  4. Chris Dixon (@cdixon) - General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  5. Joel Monegro (@jmonegro) - Investment Team at Union Square Ventures
  6. Eddy Travia (@startupeddy) - Co-founder of Seedcoin
  7. Cameron Winklevoss (@winklevoss) - Principal of Winklevoss Capital
  8. Tyler Winklevoss (@tylerwinklevoss) - Principal of Winklevoss Capital
  9. Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) - Founder of Bitcoin Investment Trust
  10. Brock Pierce (@brockpierce) - Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Crypto Currency Partners
  11. Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) - Bitcoin Angel investor
  12. Roger Ver (@rogerkver) - Bitcoin Angel Investor
  13. Sean Percival (@Percival) - Partner at 500 Startups
  14. Scott Robinson (@TheScottRob) - Director, FinTech & Marketing at Plug & Play Tech Center
  15. Bastian Brand (@ICryptoInvestor) - Investment Manager at Pathfinder Capital
  16. Matthew Roszak (@MatthewRoszak) Founding Partner at Tally Capital
  17. Adam Draper (@AdamDraper) - Founder & CEO of Boost VC
  18. Brayton Williams (@BraytonKey) Founder at BoostVC
  19. Steve Waterhouse (@waterhousephd) - Partner at Pantera Capital
  20. Ryan Selkis aka Twobitidito (@twobitidiot) - Investments Director at Digital Currency Group
  21. David Lee (@davidlee) - Managing Partner at SV Angel
  22. Ben Parr (@benparr) - Managing Partner at DominateFund
  23. Michael Terpin (@michaelterpin) - Co-Founder & Chairman of BitAngels
  24. Michael Sonnenshein (@Sonnenshein) - Account Executive at BitcoinTrust
  25. Farzad Hashemi (@nestmate) - Bitcoin Angel Investor
  26. Terrence Yang (@YangTerrence) - Founder of Yang Ventures

Bitcoin Journalists

  1. Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_) - US Editor for CoinDesk
  2. Jon Southurst (@southtopia) - Asia Editor for CoinDesk
  3. Emily Spaven (@emilyspaven) - Managing Editor of CoinDesk
  4. Tom Sharkey (@tom_sharkey) - Journalist & sub-editor for CoinDesk
  5. Danny Bradbury (@dannybradbury) - Journalist at CoinDesk
  6. Wong Joon Ian (@joonian) - Journalist at CoinDesk
  7. Daniel Cawrey (@danielcawrey) - Journalist at CoinDesk
  8. Tanaya Macheel (@tanayamacheel) - Writer & sub-editor at CoinDesk
  9. Aaron van Wirdum (@AaronvanW) - Contributor to CoinDesk
  10. Caleb Chen (@bitxbitxbitcoin) - US Editor of CryptoCoinsNews
  11. Christoph Marckx (@cryptomaniacs) - Writer at CryptoCoinsNews
  12. Josiah Wilmoth (@Y3llowb1ackbird) - Writer at CryptoCoinsNews
  13. Tina Hui (@TinaHui) - CEO & Founder of FollowTheCoin
  14. Kevin Cruz (@KCruz305) - Writer at Bitcoin Magazine
  15. Maria Jones (@MariaJonesCT) - General manager at CoinTelegraph
  16. Allen Scott (@allenscottCT) - Editor at CoinTelegraph
  17. Diana Ngo (@DHQNgo) - Journalist at CoinTelegraph
  18. Ian DeMartino (@IanDeMartino) - Writer at CoinTelegraph
  19. Carlo Caraluzzo (@CaraluzzoCarlo) - Writer at CoinTelegraph
  20. Tone Vays (@tone_llt) - Bitcoin Analyst at CoinTelegraph
  21. Adam B. Levine (@GamerAndy) - Editor-in-Chief of LetsTalkBitcoin
  22. Kyle Torpey (@kyletorpey) - Writer at InsideBitcoins
  23. Jean-Pierre Buntinx (@jdebunt) - Founder of
  24. Serge Schouterden (@SergioSchout) - Founder of
  25. Ofir Beigel (@ofirbeigel) - Blogger at 99Bitcoins
  26. Sean Wince (@SeanWince) - Writer at CoinBrief
  27. Andre Infante (@AndreTI) - Journalist at CoinReport
  28. Yashu Gola (@whoisyashu) - Writer at NewsBTC
  29. Mark Hopkins (@rizzn) - Founding Editor for SiliconANGLE
  30. Tuur Demeester (@TuurDemeester) - Editor of MacroTrends
  31. Olly (@AltCoinSpec) - Writer at Altcoin Speculation
  32. Ben Isgur (@BenIsgur) - Blogger at
  33. Nigel Dollentas (@nigeldollentas) - Writer at Bitcoinist
  34. John Scianna (@johnnydoge) - Writer at Bitcoinist
  35. Julia Tourianski (@BraveTheWorld) - Blogger at Brave The World
  36. Keith Horwood (@eagle8) - Head of Performance Marketing at CoinDesk

Bitcoin Developers

  1. Gavin Andresen (@gavinandresen) - Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation
  2. Jeff Garzik (@jgarzik) - Bitcoin Core Developer at BitPay
  3. Peter Todd (@petertoddbtc) - Bitcoin Developer at CoinKite
  4. Pieter Wuille (@pwuille) - Bitcoin Core Developer at at Blockstream
  5. Matt Corallo (@TheBlueMatt) -Bitcoin Core Developer at at Blockstream
  6. Oleg Andreev (@oleganza) - Author of CoreBitcoin
  7. Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop) - Security and Distributed Systems Expert
  8. Ross McKelvie (@lead_brogrammer) Lead Engineer of Boost VC
  9. Sergio Demian Lerner (@SDLerner) - Security Auditor at Coinspect
  10. Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) - Cryptographer & Creator of "Smart Contract" Concept


  1. Brian Klein (@brianeklein) - Partner at Baker Marquart LLP and Chair of Bitcoin Foundation's Legal Advocacy Committee
  2. Patrick Murck (@virtuallylaw) - General Counsel at Bitcoin Foundation
  3. Amor Sexton (@amorsexton) - Digital Currency Lawyer at Adroit Lawyers
  4. Reuben Bramanathan (@bramanathan) - Senior Lawyer at Adroit Lawyers
  5. Andrew Beal (@ajbeal) - Associate at Crowley Corporate Attorneys
  6. Preston Byrne (@prestonjbyrne) - COO and General Counsel at Eris Industries
  7. Pamela Morgan (@pamelawjd) - Attorney at Empowered Law
  8. Ryan Gilbert (@thebtclawyer) - Associate Attorney at Dell Graham and Host of the Bitcoin Lawyer Podcast
  9. Marco Santori (@msantoriESQ) - Counsel at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
  10. Sarah I. Hody (@SHodyEsq) - Attorney at Coinbase

Altcoin Team Leads

  1. Charlie Lee (@satoshilite) - Creator of Litecoin
  2. Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) - Creator of Dogecoin
  3. Ross Nicoll (@JRossNicoll) - Dogecoin Developer
  4. Vitalik Buterin (@vitalikbuterin) - Creator of Ethereum
  5. Anthony Di Iorio (@diiorioanthony) - Founder of Ethereum
  6. Joel Dietz (@fractastical) - Creator of Swarm
  7. Jed McCaleb (@JedMcCaleb) - Co-founder of Stellar
  8. Joyce Kim (@joyce) - Executive Director of Stellar
  9. Pavel Kravchenko (@kravchenkopo) - Cryptographer at Stellar
  10. Charles Hoskinson (@nprojectcharles) - Founding Member of Bitshares and Ethereum
  11. Chris Larsen (@chrislarsensf) - Founder & CEO of Ripple Labs
  12. David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) - Chief Cryptographer at Ripple Labs
  13. Julian Martinez (@julianeon) - Support Engineer at Ripple Labs
  14. Patrick Nosker (@pnosker) - VeriCoin Developer
  15. effects (@effectsToCause) - VeriCoin Developer
  16. Andrew Vegatabile (@TheRealMage) - Litecoin Association Director
  17. btcdrak (@btcdrak) - Viacoin Developer
  18. Ahmed Bodiwala (@CryptoExpert) - Myriadcoin and Digitalcoin Developer
  19. Bryce Weiner (@BryceWeiner) - Developer of various altcoins
  20. Robert Wilkins (@rfwilkins) - CEO of Ziftr and Creator of Ziftrcoin
  21. Tatiana Moroz (@queentatiana) - Creator of Tatiana Coin
  22. Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) - Creator of Maxcoin
  23. BTCarchitect (@BTCarchitect) - Creator of ARCHcoin
  24. Jon Marshallz (@JonMarshallz) - Fastcoin Developer
  25. Julian (@jyap) - Creator of Jumbucks
  26. Judith Jakubovics (@JudithJakubovic) - BizDev & International Community Coordinator at MasterCoin Foundation
  27. Jeremy Kandah (@jkandah) - MaidSafe Board Member

We know this list is not complete and we may have accidentally missed out some names. May we request a kind favor to help us complete this list by writing in the comments section below or by tweeting us @coingecko.

UPDATE 11 January 2015: This list has reached over 200 names! Thank you for all the suggestions. We have also created a list on Twitter to make it easy for you to follow these top cryptocurrency personalities. Thank you very much. Bobby (@bobbyong) and TM Lee (@tmlee)

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