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Top 20 Countries Most Interested in Bondee

4.4 | by Julia Ng

Top 20 Countries Most Interested in Bondee Metaverse App - CoinGecko - Chart

The Philippines is the most interested country in metaverse app Bondee, outranking all other countries over 5 times

Philippines topped the list for its population having the highest total search score of 500, for ‘Bondee’ and related terms. More specifically, Philippines outranked all countries more than 5 times across all Bondee-related search terms, including ‘Bondee App’, ‘Download Bondee’, ‘Bondee iOS’ and ‘Bondee Android’, and scored 100 for every term, which indicates maximum popularity as a proportion of total searches.

Singapore placed as the second country most interested in the new metaverse app. This may be unsurprising, as the app was created by Singapore-based firm Metadream. Yet, in absolute numbers, the city-state's total search score tallied to only 99, slightly less than one fifth of Philippines’ total search score. ‘Bondee’ and ‘Bondee App’ search terms dominated 95% (94) of its total search score.

Malaysia is the third most interested country in Bondee, and also ranked the second highest, after the Philippines, for ‘Bondee Android’, which represents 23% of its total search score. In contrast, Taiwan (Republic of China) ranked the second highest for ‘Bondee iOS’, while coming in fifth overall with a total search score of 65. ‘Bondee iOS’ made up 49% (32) of Taiwan’s search score, surpassing ‘Bondee’ and ‘Bondee App’.

Bondee has gained popularity in Asia, although has yet to prove global traction

70%, or 14 out of 20 countries in this list are in Asia – of which, 9 are Southeast Asian countries. This is testament of its popularity in the Asian region, given its launch just 3 weeks ago on January 17, 2023.

However, Bondee has yet to gain worldwide traction. Canada and the United States are the only two North American countries in the top 20, with a combined total search score of 35. Meanwhile, Australia and New Zealand are the only two countries in Oceania, with a combined total search score of 19. Europe is the continent farthest behind, with the United Kingdom and Switzerland tallying a combined score of 6.5.


The research examines global Google Trends data of English search terms relating to Bondee, namely ‘Bondee’, ‘Bondee App’, ‘Download Bondee’, ‘Bondee iOS’ and ‘Bondee Android’, from January 1 to February 7, 2023. Other similar terms were considered but later omitted from the data set due to insignificant or insufficient data.

The numbers represent relative search popularity compared across locations, for the specified term and time period. A value of 100 indicates maximum popularity as a proportion of total searches, while a score of 0 means there was insufficient search interest data. The scores for each search term were combined to derive a ‘total search score’ for each country, identifying the countries most interested in Bondee.

The study notes that the most widely used search engines for all locations may not be Google.

Top 20 Countries Most Interested in Bondee App

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Julia Ng

Julia Ng

Julia leads Growth at CoinGecko and is passionate about onboarding more women onto Web3. That said, she is generally poor at timing the market, so she DCAs for safety. Follow the author on Twitter @ngxinyajulia

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