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Axie Infinity: How to Sell Axies

5.0 | by Daniel Lew

Axie Infinity has seen astronomical growth in July 2021. In the last seven days alone, the marketplace has sold approximately 300,000 Axies. A part of the Axie economy involves people buying and selling Axies. 

Some people buy Axies to build a team to play the game, while others buy Axies to invest and speculate on the value of Axies. At the same time, some people sell Axies because they may have a valuable Axie and would like to cash out on Axie Infinity’s recent popularity. 

The prices of Axies fluctuate a lot depending on the game activity. Therefore, as more players join the game, the need for Axies increases and, in turn, drives market activity. 

This guide will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sell your Axies. (Read this guide on how to breed Axies if you haven't!)

Let’s get started with this guide on selling the Axies that you have!

Connect to your Ronin Wallet

First, connect your Ronin wallet to your Axie Infinity account. Then navigate to the inventory tab. Your Axies will show up here.

After you’re in your inventory, click on the Axie you wish to sell.

You have the option of selling your Axies at a fixed price or an auction.

Fixed Price Sales

For fixed price sales, set a price, and your Axie will then be listed for sale on the Axie marketplace.

Auction Sale

In an auction, you have to decide on the start price, end price, and duration. For example, you can set the start price at 0.3 ETH and the end price of 0.5 ETH for one day. This means that the price of your listed Axie will increase over time within one day from 0.3 ETH to 0.5 ETH.

Alternatively, you could start with a higher price and end with a lower price or set them for the same price. You can also adjust the duration for how long you want the auction to last. If no one purchases your Axie at the end of the auction, it will conclude at the end price that you have set.

Once you have chosen your sale type, click “Confirm” to list it on the Axie marketplace.

* Note that every sale in the Axie marketplace has a 4.25% fee taken from the seller. For example, if you sell an Axie for 1 ETH, you will receive 0.9575 ETH. This fee goes into the Axie Community Treasury.

After completing the above steps, all you have left is to wait patiently for your Axie to be sold.

Canceling your Sale

Once you have listed your Axies for sale, you can cancel your listing if you change your mind and want to keep your Axie. Or maybe your listed sale price is too high, and no one has purchased your Axie after some time, and you would like to relist it at a lower price. To cancel, go to the Axie that you have listed and click the “Cancel Selling” button. 

You will also receive a prompt on Ronin to cancel the transaction. Click “Confirm” to finalize the cancellation.


That’s it - selling your Axie is a simple process. We hope that you find this step-by-step guide in selling your Axies helpful. If you are interested in having your Axies sell quickly in the marketplace, do research the floor price of Axies with similar traits and price them competitively when you list them for sale.


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